For studio lights suchlike high-drain devices, once the shooting time is longer than expected, it will inevitably consume power fast and need the power to maintain a long time of work. This article will introduce v mount battery for LED lights from three aspects, what, why, and how.

  • Get to know what is v-mount battery first
  • Why do we choose them to charge our lighting setup?
  • How can I use a v battery to charge LED lights?
Moman Power 140 has several output ports for charging different devices or lights at the same time. The Type-C interface can supply power to CL60 suchlike studio light quickly and stably.

Get to know what is v-mount battery first

V-mount battery is also called v-lock battery. It's a portable power supply for photography lighting that can be recharged and is designed to fit a particular mount on photography and video equipment. The locking plate which is utilized to secure it to objects or stands is what gives it its name. It has a V-shaped form. The V-mount, which was initially created by Sony, has evolved into a standard and is now present on a wide range of non-Sony equipment, powering cameras, microphones, displays, lights, and other gadgets.

Why do we choose them to charge our lighting setup?

V mount battery can charge almost everything related to filmmaking or photo-shooting as an all-in-one power supply, not just supporting your dying lights, but also your cameras, monitors, wireless transmission system, etc. It’s strong enough to handle ultra-high output demands and has enough ports to charge various devices at the same time. Here’re three features a best v mount battery for led lights should have, and the reasons you choose them as well.

1. High capacity and multiple outputs for charging different devices simultaneously

V-mount batteries is designed to be a mighty external power source for photo shooting and filmmaking. They are made to provide power through a variety of outputs. Take Moman Power 140 for example, it has a BP output slot, two d-tap slots for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or other shooting equipment, a USB-A, and Type-C for your studio LED lights or camera-mounted fill lights. It is readily capable of holding more gear than the standard 98Wh items, such as a 65W COLBOR CL60R RGB video lighting kit for studio photography. Power 140 could perfectly handle these high-drain devices in a relatively safe and fast situation.

Moman D-tap battery with v-mount for LED studio lights Power 140, enjoying a capacity of 140Wh, is made to charge high-drain devices in photography activities.

2. Compact body and universal mounting lock for easy connection

Modern lighting setups require a lot of electricity, so carrying a v mount battery pack for studio lights can add significantly to our burden. Furthermore, when people are hesitant about gold-mounts or v mount batteries, I would say the latter is a bit better. Because it is more common and universal to install this way in a majority of places in the world, suitable for more photographers' needs. This means it’s easier for you to borrow or buy a new alternative in emergency and more choices in choosing the fittings. And whether it's a v mount battery plate or holder for connecting it to the studio light pole or the camera, the accessories needed are cheap and affordable.

3. Build quality and internal protection system for safe using

The v mount battery for led lights was made to withstand abuse and to be used by those who aren't particularly careful. Ports are protected from dirt and dust entry by rubber plugs on the exterior, which are made of durable, fire-resistant polycarbonate. Of course, noted that however that they don’t have waterproof feature. They can operate in temperatures between -10°C and 45°C, which provides them with a lot of outside versatility. The interior details of v mount battery are equally crucial. By soldering the cells with a specially designed nickel slice, the voltage drop is reduced, the heating is dissipated, and the assembly intensity is increased.

How can I use a v battery to charge LED lights?

Powerful things are often also dangerous, so we need to use and store v mount battery for led lights properly to get the most out of it. Here’re some tips and things you should notice when using it to charge your lights for more than the safety and your v-mount battery's health, and the convenience and smooth processing of your work as well.

Moman compact v-mount batteries for studio LED lights Power 140 has a lightweight body to be installed on the camera gears. It can works in wedding video recording, photography shooting, etc.

1. Watch out for the payload capability in case of damaging the battery

In general, V-Mount batteries are completely secure. As safe as any other lithium-ion battery, at least. But be cautious about the batteries you use with your equipment and double-check that all the voltages and pin assignments are correct. Pay attention to the input and output payload capability and be careful not to overload it. A compatible charging cord is a key how to connect led lights to 12v battery, or other higher voltage output v-mounts.

2. Use the proper mounting method to make charging easier

There are two ways to make charging your v-mount more convenient, one is to mount v-mount batteries to light stand with a v-mount lock and adjust its position on the pole according to the length of the cord. This type of mounting is solid, and there will be no excess wire randomly scattered on the ground and tripping over others. Instead, attach it to your camera, use the rig assembly to mount it below, above, or behind the monitor screen, and use it to charge your panel RGB light.

3. Buy necessary and qualified battery accessories to aid the use

If you buy a battery with a v mount to use as your mobile power, then accordingly you need a charging cable, charger, or also need to a converter or video light v-mount battery converter plate to suit more devices. If you are not quite sure what you need and what is missing, you can refer to this article: Four selected gears in your v mount battery kit

V mount battery

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