How many ways can you convey a message to others when riding on the road? Gestures would be too dangerous and the inconvenient eye interaction may lead to misunderstanding. As technology advances, motorcycle riders may now keep in touch with their group through the Bluetooth helmet kit.
  • How many methods can you use for communicating with other motorcyclists?
  • What are the advantages of using a motorcycle Bluetooth helmet kit?
  • What to consider when choosing a Bluetooth helmet speaker kit?
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    How many methods can you use for communicating with other motorcyclists?

    On a motorbike, there are primarily five ways to interact with other motorcycle riders. So what are their characteristics and pros and cons?

    1. Motorcycle’s light and horn

    This is the most common way to convey information in traffic, but it only indicates simple and basic information.

    2. Making eye contacts

    This only functions when riders are in direct line of sight and demand that they look at each other, which is dangerous and inconvenient. When your helmet is a full-face type, the glass on it may block your eye contact. That’s when you need a full face helmet Bluetooth kit like Moman H1. It supports two-way speaking and provides high-quality audio with the DSP noise reduction tech.

    Moman H1 Bluetooth helmet kit as a intercoms with packed speakers and microphones, can be used in motorcycle riding, MTB, skiing, and suchlike intense sport.

    3. Doing hand signals

    In the days before wireless tools were developed, the gesture was a very popular way to send a message, including indicating a left or right turn, picking up speed or accelerating, etc. But unlike the Bluetooth helmet kit, doing hand signals meant that only one hand remained on the handlebars, which was very challenging for those who were not skilled in the field.

    4. Smart helmet inbuilt communicator

    Some modern smart helmets are designed to have in-helmet headsets or intercoms. But they have great limitations, such as the possibility of not sharing a system with a new acquaintance, the cost of replacing them being too high and removing and reinstalling them being too much of a hassle.

    5. External Bluetooth helmet kit

    The majority of motorcycle enthusiasts utilize Bluetooth intercoms or motorbike helmet headsets to talk wirelessly to other riders on the road or on their mobile devices. On a bike, it's the safest method to communicate. Without taking your hands off the handlebars, you can maintain eye contact with what is going on in front of you. Riders can be linked through Bluetooth, a cellular network, or direct radio frequencies.

    Moman H1 Motorbike Bluetooth helmet kit features easy mounting and simple using. It can be installed in full-face helmet, motorcross, or modular type.

    What are the advantages of using a motorcycle Bluetooth helmet kit?

    By analyzing the different types above, we can know that the most used and the best way to communicate is Bluetooth intercoms. Next, we will talk about its advantages.

    1. It’s safer and more specific than the gesture and eye contact

    Riders used to communicate in the past using hand signals and lights, which wasn't always successful. The traditional method of hand signals, which requires no equipment or technology, is eventually supplanted by the Bluetooth hands-free helmet kit. Intercoms provide considerably clearer communication that is not obstructed by other vehicles on the road and does not demand the rider to divert their attention from the road. Using a communication for motorcycle riders instead of hand signals reduces the chance of miscommunication since the verbal way is more accurate.

    2. It’s more convenient and budget than the smart helmet inbuilt intercom

    It is crucial to be able to talk to each other whether traveling in a group or even simply with another passenger. Maintaining the exchange of information with the rest of your group enables everyone to watch out for one another more and coordinate when your riding plan has to be altered. And the system built into the helmet can be limited and not as flexible and versatile as the external type of modular helmet Bluetooth kits.

    3. It’s versatile for more than just talking, but phone calls, music, GPS, and so on

    In addition to having clear talks with the other motorcyclists in the group, motorcycle Bluetooth kits enable riders to connect to their mobile phones so they can make calls and listen to music while riding. Most kits can play music as well, and some even have FM radio receivers built in. The most popular method for these devices to connect to your mobile phone or more recent versions of MP3 players and play music is through a Bluetooth connection.

    With a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth kit dual pack like Moman H2, you can have conversations freely. If you buy a single pack, you can use it for music, radios, and receiving GPS as a useful tool.

    Moman H2 with four color options can transmitt a stable and clear sound within 800 meters. You can connect it to your mobile phones for calls, music, GPS.

    What to consider when choosing a Bluetooth helmet speaker kit?

    Not every headset kit is made equally. Avoid spending money on a motorbike Bluetooth system unless it has all the capabilities you want. Otherwise, your group won't be able to communicate.

    1. Simplicity and convenience of using and mounting

    If your equipment is difficult to use, it won't be effective. To avoid having to physically interact with the gadget while riding, make sure it has speech recognition technology. If it doesn't, you risk endangering both yourself and other passengers. Your helmet shouldn't have any cables protruding from it, obstructing your vision of the road in front of you.

    2. Functionalities except for the simple two-way speaking

    You might be able to utilize your Bluetooth headset while engaging in other leisure activities like skiing, snowboarding, or dirt riding since the helmet communications can be a Bluetooth ski helmet kit as well. The equipment needs to be adaptable enough to perform in a variety of settings with various helmet types. To make it simple to transport the receiver wherever you go, it should clip onto and off of the helmet.

    Moman H2 Bluetooth wireless communication features a special knob design for convenient control. You can adjust volume, change songs, pick up phone calls while wearing a motorcycle gloves.

    3. The sound quality that is clean and stable within a long distance

    The caliber of the audio should be one of the first things taken into account. Speakers should be snug enough to cover your ears while yet allowing you to hear everything around you. On the road, hearing might be difficult, especially if your bike is equipped with a loud pipe. Without yelling or trying to comprehend garbled audio, you should be able to converse with your fellow passengers.

    4. Endurance for long-time usage and resistance to different weather

    Technology may make travel challenging. The durability of your Bluetooth helmet kit for two way radios must match that of your motorbike helmet. It must have a strong casing that can endure normal wear and tear and be totally waterproof. Additionally, it must be securely fastened to the helmet to prevent loss when traveling at 70 mph.

    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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