The addition of a motorbike Bluetooth headset to your helmet is one of the simplest methods to enhance your riding experience without making a significant financial commitment. This blog will tell you why you should get it instead of simply using the existing earbuds.
  • What features does a motorcycle headset have to make your ride better?
  • What are the benefits of using a motorbike helmet Bluetooth headset?
  • Why choose wireless headsets instead of earphones?
Moman motorbike Bluetooth headset supports music streaming, taking calls, and using the GPS.

What features does a motorcycle headset have to make your ride better?

The headsets offer a lot more than just sound. They are really basic, simple to use, multi-purpose items that can improve your ride's enjoyment and, more significantly, make it safer.

1. Bluetooth phone headset for motorcycle supports calls, GPS, and music

The majority of them on the market are Bluetooth kits that are comparable to those for cars in terms of functionality and features. You may simply switch between various devices by pushing a button, and they can be securely attached to your cell phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your smartphone, GPS, MP3 player, etc. So you can make phone calls with a waterproof motorcycle Bluetooth headset like Moman H4 Plus while wearing your helmet, and ask your GPS for directions.

2. The intercom function helps in communicating with friends or in groups

If you're traveling in a pack, you can use an intercom with a headset or microphone like Moman H1, to talk to the other riders. You should verify the specifications to determine if this is possible because not all headsets enable this capability. The majority of Bluetooth communication kits come with built-in microphones and voice prompts, so you don't need to stop driving to make a call or set your GPS. You only need to speak after pressing the button.

Moman H1 enables stable and clear communication between two riders within 800-meter long distance. It is versatile, compact, and waterproof.

What are the benefits of using a motorbike helmet Bluetooth headset?

So how can it help with your daily riding or cycle racing with the functionalities mentioned above?

1. Increase your safety when you are dealing with necessary phone calls

It is extremely risky to answer a call while riding on a high-speed motorbike, especially if you are using your phone rather than headphones or a headset, no matter wired or wireless. It is completely hazardous to even consider checking your phone while operating a motorbike. A Bluetooth headset with a mic for a motorbike helmet is a lot better, more practical, and safer alternative to anything else if you must answer or make calls while riding. The only alternative that is safer is to never make or take calls while driving without the motorcycle helmet communication systems like intercoms or headsets.

2. Support convenient operations that are specifically designed for riders

The ability to associate a headset for a motorbike with many Bluetooth-enabled devices at once, including multiple phones, GPS units, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Take Moman H4 as an example, you can quickly use it based on your needs for one and another fantastic feature. The most practical solution for listening to music while riding is a motorbike wireless headset. Alternatively, some genuinely wireless earbuds would work, but it is unpleasant when they are worn with the helmet.

Moman H4 helmet headset is designed to use the Bluetooth 5.0 tech and EDR. It can connect to your mobile devices within 10 meters.

3. Ensure clear communication as motorbike helmet Bluetooth headset for rider to rider

If you enjoy riding in a pack, some of the Bluetooth motorbike helmet headsets let you talk to the other riders in your group. This capability, known as the intercom, typically makes use of radio waves or a Bluetooth connection. If you require an intercom, be sure to choose a headset that can be used as a motorcycle 2 way communication carefully and examine the specifications list.

It also has some disadvantages that you should know as well

To use the intercom feature of the motorcycle Bluetooth headset for open face helmet, everyone in your group must purchase the same kind of it or Bluetooth-enabled helmet or at least the same brand. It's unfair, but there's little you can do about the manufacturers' attempts to force you to purchase their helmets and remain a part of their industry.

Moman H4 features a long runtime thanks to the 180mAh li-ion battery. It can work for 5 hours of continual use after a 2-hour full charge.

Why choose wireless Bluetooth headsets instead of earphones?

The primary reason why bikers use earbuds or equip their helmets with motorbike Bluetooth headsets is probably to listen to music while riding. You can receive voice navigation from your GPS device, take phone calls, listen to music, and more with a Bluetooth connection system. A set of earphones will essentially only be used for listening to music and potentially for some communication if the earbuds have a very strong microphone. Even yet, compared to Bluetooth communication technologies, they are typically less useful or practical for a motorbike.

Wireless earbuds are uncomfortable and can cause your helmet to malfunction. The most practical answer you could discover is to use a device that was specifically created for the motorbike helmet, which is the wireless Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles. That's the primary justification for purchasing it.

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Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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