The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera power supply is without a doubt one of the single most crucial elements in effectively capturing photos and movies. Your work will not go well if you don't have a good, dependable supply of power for the duration of the photo session.
  • What battery does Blackmagic Camera use?
  • What equipment do you need to buy with the power source?
  • What Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery issues you may come across?
Moman Power 99 v mount battery has a capacity of 99Wh, being travel friendly and widely compatible with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 6K, 6K pro, and 8K.

    What battery does Blackmagic Camera use?

    The power supplies for BMPCC can be divided into two kinds.

    Built-in standard battery cells like LP-E6, NP-F series, third-party ones

    • Pros: The advantage of these batteries is that they come from the same manufacturer as the camera. Brands like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc. all come with a stock battery in the factory camera. They have a standard voltage and current that fits directly into your device. And they are not very expensive compared to the high-power external types. And they are small and lightweight, being the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K portable power supply, they won't put a big burden on your long shooting sessions.
    • Cons: This type can not support long and high consumption of shooting, easy to be completely exhausted after an hour or two hours. And if you need to prepare another piece of spare for replacement, it does not solve the most fundamental problem. For timelapse photographers, this is quite difficult because they need additional power to record for long periods of time.
    Moman Power 140 is more suitable for high-end video cameras. But it is perfect for charging for high-definition shooting devices like BMPCC 8K, DSLR, and so on.

      External battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera like power bank, v-mounts, and grips

      • Pros: The biggest advantage of this extra power source is its high capacity, which can support ultra-long shooting time. And like the Moman Power 99S v mount battery with various output ports, it can power up more than just your Blackmagic Camera, but also your wireless transmission, A wall plug power supply can be your best choice if your shot is within a reasonable distance indoors. But if you want to film outside, you'll need a portable power source like v-mount, gold-mount, or Blackmagic Design Pocket Camera Battery grip.
      • Cons: How to keep all of your equipment charged without weighing down your rig excessively is one of the major issues while shooting video on location, especially when you need to be mobile for a lengthy amount of time.

      What equipment do you need to buy with the power source?

      The rechargeable lithium ion camera battery is the most basic part, but there are some accessories that can not be missed in your power system.

      Moman Power 99 external power supply for Blackmagic Cameras, has a compact size and a light weight. You can install it in you photography rigs with a mounting plate and hot shoe mounts.

      Charger, charging cable, or an adapter for charging

      AC adapter, USB cable, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Battery charger should be compatible with your BMPCC device. If possible, it is better to buy accessories from the same manufacturer as the BMPCC batteries allowed on flights if possible. The functionality of accessories from third parties cannot be guaranteed. Just like the v-mount batteries now sold by Moman, they are also recommended to be purchased at a discounted price together with the dummy battery cable.

      Mounting plate, rods, or rails for installing

      The built-in type can be put directly into the exclusive slot in the camera. The accessories required for this kind of installation, such as hot shoe mount, cold shoe mount, 15mm rails or standing rods, etc., are only for the external power supply that is mentioned in some way. Different photographers have different arrangements, and considering the arrangement of the wires, the monitoring position of the monitor, the balance of the whole setup, etc., the battery installation requires the right accessories for installation.

      What Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery issues you may come across?

      In the process of using you may encounter some battery problems, next we have compiled three frequently asked questions and answers to solve your doubts.

      Moman Power 99 has indicators to show the current battery status for in-time replacement or recharge. And it has BP port, d-tap, USB-A output ports for kinds of devices.

      Why is it not charging?

      First, you can see how much power is left in the battery. Some v-mount batteries usually have indicators to show how much does it left. Some with a screen display will also show the percentage of power directly.

      If there are no issues, then you need to see if the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera power supply, the camera, and the wires are connected well. If there is something to block, like smudges, fingerprints, or water damage, it will affect the connection. Clean the battery's terminals with a dry cloth before recharging it.

      If the temperature is high after a long shot or the outside temperature is outside the range of 10°C to 30°C, let it cool down. The appropriate charging may be hampered by high temperatures.

      Why does my camera drain batteries quickly?

      If your Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Battery life is draining unusually fast, then this could be one of the signs that it is dying. If you have some experience using a digital camera like BMPCC, mirrorless, or DSLR, you will be aware that a freshly charged battery will only last for a few hundred photos before it runs out of power. But it may dramatically decrease if it has had several discharge and charge cycles.

      Generally speaking, as the number of uses increases, the capacity decreases, resulting in faster and faster consumption at the back. But if the speed suddenly plummets, it means that it may have been damaged.

      Why does it die so fast?

      Generally, when you buy a power supply, its parameter sheet will state the basic discharge times, a Moman v mount battery for Blackmagic Cinema Camera has 1000-3000 times recycle times, if used for daily use of photography rigs, it can probably be used for several years. If it is discharged within a few months, then there is a problem with the way you use or store it.

      Store it in a dry and cool place to avoid water coming into contact with the charging port and causing a short circuit. Also, do not put the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K power supply in a place where the temperature is too high, it is easy for internal damage to occur, become swollen, or have liquid leakage. After ruling out the above possibilities, you can see if there is a problem with the accessories or if there is an abnormality in the power consumption of the camera.

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