When riding in a pack, communication for motorcycle riders is key to enjoying the greatest experience possible. There are a few skills that can improve the experience and prolong the life of your device. In this blog, we'll go over some tips about how to install, use, and take care of it.
  • How to install communication devices for bike riders to have comfort wearing?
  • How to improve the audio quality and reduce the wind noise as more as possible?
  • How to take care of the rider to rider motorcycle communication for a more lasting use?
Moman H1 two way Bluetooth helmet communication provides freely share adventure happiness with other riders in daily riding trip or races.

    How to install communication devices for bike riders to have comfort wearing?

    The installation process with text to explain may not be clear enough, It will be clearer to see the instructions or YouTube video tutorial. But here are three tips to make you feel more comfortable after mounting the Bluetooth communication system in your motorbike helmet.

    1. Check whether there is a place in the helmet for putting the intercoms

    Many helmets incorporate circular cutouts, so that you may attach your speaker of motorcycle bluetooth intercom flush with the sidewall. In other cases, it's recommended to use your finger to feel around and determine where your ear strikes before positioning the speakers appropriately. Fortunately, most two way communication for cycle riders affixes speakers using hook-and-loop tape, sometimes known as Velcro, which allows for some adjustability after applying the sticker. For me, lowering the speakers a little bit, toward the chinstrap, has helped to bring them nearer to my ears.

    Moman H1 is a rider-to-rider motorbike intercom of wireless connection and simple control. It supports hands-free calls, music streaming, etc.

    2. Use the soft foam spacers for padding the speaker

    The foam discs that come in the package with most systems might aid the fit even more now that the speakers are over your ears. These work as shims in your helmet to move the speakers closer to your ears and lessen wind noise. At the same time, filling in the gaps, it will make your helmet more stable to wear, making it safer while maintaining a soft texture that is skin friendly.

    3. Organize your wires and try to secure and hide them

    Be careful while installing cables of the two way communication devices for motorcycles and how you tuck and conceal them beneath your comfort and impact foam. Any bunched-up wires beneath only cloth or softer cushioning can result in sore places of pain during a lengthy ride. Spend some time hiding cables in crevasses before putting the helmet on to test whether you can feel them. A little tape may be used to hold wires in place and prevent them from moving or falling out while you ride.

    Moman H2 is a two-rider communication offering clear sound transmission. It can run for 20 hours constantly with single charge.

    How to improve the audio quality and reduce the wind noise as more as possible?

    To communicate with other riders, make and receive phone calls, and enjoy songs, many riders now wear communication devices for motorcycle riders in their helmets, however, occasionally the sound quality isn't perfect. But we can find some methods to improve that.

    1. Find the right communication and set it up properly

    It's better to find an intercom device that has noise reduction from the start than anything else. Like the Moman H3 best motorcycle communication for group rides, it has a DSP noise suppression technology that can effectively block road noise, wind sound, and engine roar. This makes it able to ensure stable and clear conversations among six motorcyclists within 2000 meters. In addition, a smartphone will frequently contain an equalizer that can enhance the sound but may also lower the volume, which means it can equalize the volume of both loud and soft music. This means you won't need to adjust your Bluetooth volume.

    Moman H2 bike communicator can withstand severe weather conditions. It is designed to be IP65 waterproof.

    2. Bring the speakers close to your ears

    A poorly situated motorcycle group ride communication will gather wind noise and transmit it to the rest of the group, making voice instructions and communication impossible. For optimum sound, the speakers should be directly above your ear canals. Therefore, unless your ears are in a perfect position, helmets with built-in speakers aren't appropriate. By getting your ears closer to the speakers., you may limit the area where wind noise can accumulate and improve clarity of Bluetooth communication for helmet.

    3. Add earbuds for filtering the noise

    Do your ears ring, particularly after a long drive while listening to music? Deafness is a sure sign when music is added on top of wind noise. Then, even if you don't listen to music while driving, you should always have earplugs in. Even the loudest exhaust systems pale in comparison to wind noise, which is far louder and more harmful.

    Moman H3 wireless motorcycle communication can supports conversations among six riders. It features a sharing distance of 2000m for stable real-time contact.

    How to take care of the rider to rider motorcycle communication for a more lasting use?

    Your communicator will work for a long time if you keep it in excellent shape. You may take a few steps to ensure that you are properly maintaining it.

    • Avoid using intercoms in the rain or other bad weather if they are not weather-resistant. This is one of the criteria for choosing the right communication tool. The Moman intercom series, including the Moman H1 motorcycle rider to passenger communication, all feature IP65 waterproof performance.
    • Remove all of the attachments from your modular helmet before storing it for an extended amount of time, and be sure to keep them away from harsh weather conditions like heat or dampness.
    • Keep your headset off of the charger for long periods. Remember to take the battery out of the charger after it is completely charged to prolong its life.
    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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