Buying a teleprompter for video is beneficial for your recording when you plan to start a personal channel on shorts production platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, and more. Or, it could be helpful to apply to live-streaming, interviews, etc. Today’s blog will tell you why you need it from the following four parts.

  • Do popular Youtubers use teleprompters for their videos?
  • What’s the difference between using a teleprompter for videos and not?
  • Why do you need a video camera teleprompter?
  • Which type should you choose for video production?
Moman portable teleprompter works with mobile phones and tablets. After mounting it in front of the camera lens and you can start recording YouTube videos.

    Do popular Youtubers use teleprompters for their videos?

    Since scripting requires time and lowers productivity, very few YouTubers record videos with a teleprompter. The production can be sped up by winging it rather than using a topical list of bullet points. However, most YouTubers will use a teleprompter when producing commercial content, such as video courses. This guarantees that the information is accurate, brief, and on topic. While not all YouTube vloggers and creators utilize teleprompters, a sizable percentage of them do.

    What’s the difference between using a teleprompter for videos and not?

    Using teleprompters or not has an impact on three aspects, including the shooting process, producing time, and video effects.

    • Process: After using prompter, Your paradigm for producing videos will change a bit. Previously you may not have had a plan for the content of your video, or you may have had a general outline but not determined exactly what to say. And now you need to write your text in advance. This model is great for producing videos in bulk, you can prepare several short videos of content at once, and you don't have to spend a long time memorizing them with a teleprompter for youtube videos, just in advance until they flow.
    • Time: You need to spend time adapting to the use of a new tool, adjust your state of shooting, and learn skills in handling it. But these efforts will allow you to reap the rewards in the post. It is simply quicker to read from the rolling text of a prompter than to try to memorize and speak a script. It almost always takes more time to get it perfect while trying to memorize lines. As a result, fewer scenes can be filmed in a single day, and what ought to be a simple process can turn into a tedious one.
    • Effects: Even while you may think that you're pretty skilled at speaking "off the cuff," there are occasions when depending solely on your wit or your recall is insufficient, such as when precise terminology is required or particular statistics need to be mentioned. A home video teleprompter can be a savior in such situations, ensuring great pictures and content it shows.

    Please note that if you decide to purchase a teleprompter for your videos, make sure you are patient enough to learn how to use it. If you don't use it properly, a teleprompter can go from being a useful tool to a liability. Using it without practice is often counterproductive. You might have the chance to appear a wooden face with a fish-eyed glare because of don’t know how to control your eye movement naturally when reading from it. Here’s a further reading for you: How to use a teleprompter.

    Why do you need a video camera teleprompter?

    There are many benefits to using a teleprompter, and here are some points on why you should get this useful tool for improving your video production.

    Moman camera-mounted teleprompter can be utilized in home video production, and post it on online platform like Youtube for sharing.

    1. It reduces the possibility of having to reshoot

    Speaking on stage facing a large live audience is not the same as speaking in front of a camera. Spending half an hour discussing a topic in detail is also different from trying to convey the same message succinctly in three minutes. The audience on the spot may be more tolerant of strange "emm" "uhh" "ah" and other inflections, our expectations when watching online videos are often very different. Especially in the age of shorts, where many people spend their time on YouTube or TikTok, it's easy to lose viewers when you have less substance in your videos. Without a pre-prepared script and doing iPhone video recording with a studio teleprompter, you have some flexibility to freestyle but are more likely to interrupt the recording due to forgetfulness, nervousness, and other unexpected situations, resulting in a re-shoot especially recording on the go, facing kinds of potential emergencies.

    2. It enables longer and more fluent takes.

    You'll see another distinction when you watch the unscripted video bloggers we've previously mentioned on YouTube. For video editing, they frequently employ a technique known as "jump cutting." That's wonderful if that's the presentation style you choose, but more formal presentations typically don't follow that pattern. Without a screenplay, trying to capture pictures swiftly results in the need to take notes on random papers to serve as a temporary cue card. As the speaker struggles to recall smaller fragments of dialogue, scenes are virtually always split into smaller chunks. This may result in the requirement for more behind-the-scenes videos and numerous extra cuts.

    Which type should you choose for video production?

    Teleprompter for youtube videos is usually divided into three types stand, presidential, and camera-mounted. The first two are for live stage speeches, while the on-camera prompter is the perfect and only choice for shooting or live streaming before the lens, which commonly features a compact body, being flexible and portable for your recording activities.When we select, we should pay attention to its size, because we sometimes need a lightweight photography setup that allows us to focus more on the effect of shooting, rather than the pain in the shoulder and the burden on the hands, just as we choose the v mount battery and choose wireless microphone for phone video recording.

    Moman professional teleprompters for video recording and live streaming, is compact and sturdy.

    1. Small phone telepromter for outdoor recording

    Moman MT2 with an affordable price of US$69.99 could be your ideal option for starting a personal channel on a short video platform like Youtube or TikTok. It’s budget yet professional, featuring a lightweight and compact body built of plastic and glass.

    2. Large camera teleprompter for wide reading angle

    Moman MT12 has a big clear beam splitter glass for projecting rolling script. It ensures a comfortable reading experience thanks to the wide-scale glass, and it is compatible with a variety of recording activities since this teleprompter for video can work with both big phones and tablets as prompters. And this professional device only cost you US$139.99.


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