It's crucial to understand how long a V battery ought to function. Several things impact that, but before we figure out that, let's talk about what exactly affects the battery life and what is the right way to use and charge it. Today we will introduce three parts below:

  • What is a v battery and what is it used for?
  • Three things you should know about rechargeable v-mount batteries
  • How can we extend the battery life for longer use?
  • FAQ: How to tell my v lock battery is dying?
Moman v mount li-ion battery Power 99

    What is a v battery and what is it used for?

    V battery is short for v mount battery or v lock battery, which is a rechargeable li-ion type of power source with a specific mounting lock of the “V” shape. They feature compact yet powerful for charging your cameras and kinds of photography equipment, such as studio lights, LED camera lights, microphones, audio mixers, and so on. You definitely would not want to travel in the wilderness with dead shooting devices and no backup power source.

    Three things you should know about rechargeable v-mount batteries

    Knowing the fundamental ideas can help you get the most out of your v lock battery, regardless of how long you've had it or whether you just got a brand-new deep-cycle one.

    1. What is a charge cycle in a battery?

    When we talk about v mount battery life, it refers to how many charge cycle one has. It gradually loses the ability to replenish itself as you use it and recharge it. The number of charges and discharge cycles it may go through before losing efficiency is referred to as its life cycle. Every time it is used to power a device and is drained, a charge cycle is performed on it, which was charged before usage or purchase. The recognized method of measurement for measuring rechargeables' cycle life is the number of charge cycles it can sustain before performance decreases. Performance metrics for rechargeable batteries include the number of charge cycles, voltage, and battery life. Depending on its capacity, a charge cycle may consist of a full charge followed by a full discharge or a succession of partial drains. The number of charge cycles and life varies significantly depending on the kind of rechargeable v mount battery for bmpcc or other kinds of cameras. Additionally, if some rechargeable types, such as nickel cadmium, are not fully drained before recharging, they have a memory effect that shortens the life of subsequent charges.

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    2. What’s a battery self-discharge?

    Discharge that occurs more or less swiftly without any electrical consumers attached is referred to as self-discharge. Which portion of the initially stored capacity, which is the charge amount, may still be utilized after storage depends on the rate of self-discharge. Battery charge level, type, ambient temperature, charging current, and other variables all affect how quickly a self-discharge.

    3. What causes battery life to decrease?

    The life cycle is influenced by some things in addition to the type of v mount video battery you have. Its life cycle is strongly influenced by how much you drain each cycle. Furthermore, it's crucial to fully recharge it rather than doing it in stages. It might go through a conditioning phase if you let the recharging cycle complete.

    How can we extend the battery life for longer use?

    1. Select a qualified v battery at the very beginning

    When you want to have a solid building, you first have to prepare a compacted foundation, otherwise, you don't even have the chance to build upwards. So it is important to choose a good quality power supply at the beginning. For example, most of the batteries on the market only have 300-500 recharge cycles, while the Moman Power 99 14.4 v lithium ion battery has about 1000 cycles. It is already ahead of its competitors from the very beginning. It is also important to have a complete protection system.

    Moman Power 99 is a sturdy and strong external v mount battery with charging ports of USB-C and d-taps.

    2. Pay attention to the moderate temperature

    Utilize your v battery when mounting on a photography setup in a moderate environment as much as feasible. Naturally, this might not always be feasible. It should be stored, charged, and discharged at or around 25 °C. Thus, storing batteries at cooler temperatures slows the pace of self-discharge and maintains the battery's remaining energy.

    3. Master the appropriate retention and charging range

    Simply insert the USB Type-C cable into the PD mini cube and the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K with the other end, then plug the high-capacity v-lock batteries into any wall outlet to start charging your cameras or other gadgets at the fastest possible rate.

    FAQ: How to tell my v lock battery is dying?

    • Leakage: If full leakage is evident, stop using your v mount battery for charging immediately and dispose of it properly before discarding it.
    • Swollen: It is essentially a chemical process contained inside a container. As with any chemical process, things can go wrong sometimes. When it is exposed to very hot or cold conditions, the sides of its casing may bulge.
    • Fast draining: When a v-mount camera battery drains very quickly, originally for a high-powered studio light to continue to work for several hours but become only an hour, or a few minutes, which means that its capacity is not enough. After trying to discharge and self-discharge, its capacity has become very small, can not continue to support your shooting activities.
    • Rapid heating up: Generally speaking it will generate some heat when charging and discharging, you can feel a slight temperature rise, but if you use it to charge, it becomes hot in no time. That means that the chemical reaction inside the v battery is happening very fast and its self-protection mechanism against overheating is failing.
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