Written scripts or movie lines are displayed to the presenters or actors via a studio teleprompter. When the subject wants to recite lines from a screenplay and the topic is too extensive to memorize, it is quite beneficial. But there’re shortages as well. This blog will tell you its pros & cons, types, and useful tips.
  • How many types of studio teleprompters are there?
  • Pros: Why do you need it?
  • Cons: How can it affect your videos?
  • How to avoid shortcomings when using a video studio teleprompter?
Moman MT12 video studio teleprompter can support a 12-inch HD display. It means it can use big cell phone and pad as the prompter.

How many types of studio teleprompters are there?

According to the type, it can be divided into three types, including camera-mounted type, presidential, and on-floor type, but we can simply classify according to the common application scenarios. This will make the explanation clearer and more clear.

TV studio teleprompter for news reports and programmers

Studio prompters for TV are fundamental during news, weather reports, sports programs, live shows, and so on. They allow the host or journalist to easily read the prompts without looking away from the camera. They are managed by professional computer software and are able to support large cameras and camcorders in a wide range of sizes.

Moman MT12 is a one-piece studio teleprompter for conference, which is made of sturdy metal and glass. It has a budget sale price at US$149.99.

Home studio teleprompter for making videos or online meetings

Nowadays, more and more people have the need to shoot their own videos at home, such as using vlogs to record their daily lives and post them on short video platforms for sharing; or to conduct online meetings, presentations, record client videos, live streaming, podcasting, broadcasting, etc. This type is usually compact and easy to use.

For example, a Blackmagic studio camera teleprompter like Moman MT12, which can work with smartphones, big tablets, cameras, camcorders, and other types of promoting and shooting devices, is a very necessary and budget tool for video producers. Through the video below, we can clearly understand how a professional teleprompter for home use is constructed, and how it is installed and operated.

Pros: Why do you need it?

There are several advantages for you and your production crew when a teleprompter is used on set.

1. It can make you calm and maintain interaction with the audience

The technology frees speakers from having to recite their lines verbatim, allowing them to remain composed in front of the camera. News hosts, Youtube video producers, and interviewees may concentrate on being endearing and competent while maintaining constant facial expressions, like eye contact, with the listeners.

Youtubers can use a compact studio teleprompter at home for video recording, online zoom meetings, live streaming, and other applications.

2. It can ensure the correct content and save your time

Speakers will make fewer mistakes and refrain from using filler words while utilizing a studio camera teleprompter. It should be included in the list of essential video equipment for aspiring content makers on online shorts platforms like Youtube and Tiktok since they may save production time and expenses by allowing the presentation to be filmed in fewer takes.

3. It can help you keep on topic for an effective process

A studio teleprompter for speech can assist you to keep on topic and stay within the time given to you during live events and conferences. You may avoid obvious repeats and make sure that precise details, such as technical specs and financial data, are given appropriately by having your speech displayed on the studio teleprompter for Youtube.

Moman big view teleprompters for studio, enjoy HD display, stable mounting, and adjustable angles for easy reading.

Cons: How can it affect your videos?

On the other hand, using a teleprompter while filming has disadvantages.

  • You'll need to practice your scripts and know ways of operating studio teleprompter for recording in advance. To seem like you're speaking spontaneously as opposed to reading off the reflecting glass frequently requires a great deal of effort.
  • Your eyes will also be moving back and forth if you are reading from a screen that is in front of you while shooting. It will be obvious to spectators if you are reading from a script if you are too near to the teleprompter glass mirror.
  • Because they only show a few lines of the script at a time, you'll need to mentally prepare the following few lines as you speak.

Even while utilizing a teleprompter for speech, zoom meetings, and other applications, may require a lot of practice and instruction before you get the hang of it, once you do, it will give you the power to dominate your talk and suprise your viewers.

How to avoid shortcomings when using a video studio teleprompter?

Moman MT1 is a small-size teleprompter for phones. It has 8pcs lens packed in the box to adapt kinds of prompting devices.

1. Build up your confidence

Believing in yourself is the best way to seem natural in front of the camera and large studio teleprompter device if you're the presenter. If you mess up with the scroller, deviate from the plan. Since you are familiar with the speech's context, it shouldn't be difficult to rephrase what you previously stated as you attempt to get back on course.

2. Use some casual body language

If you are stiff and deliver a repetitive monologue, it will be obvious that you are using a studio camera teleprompter. Use your hands and smile to break up the monotony and to put your audience at ease. However, this should not come across as a conscious effort.

3. Adapt the studio teleprompter kit to your habits

Let it adapt to your usage, instead of you getting used to using it. You may select the backdrop and text color, font size, and scrolling speed through a teleprompter app like Moman Prompter (Customized for Moman teleprompters) because it is a piece of software so you can read it comfortably. The video camera is closely capturing you and all of your facial expressions, so it would be difficult if you utilized the person's settings and had to strain your eyes to see better.


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