When doing a news broadcasting that speakers have to read from a script while staring straight into the camera, a news reporter teleprompter is an apparent must-have production item.

  • Do newscasters read from teleprompters?
  • What kind of teleprompter do news anchors use?
  • How to use teleprompter for news reading?
Moman news reporter teleprompter MT12 features adjustable mirror for different reflect angles. It provides a easy reading.

    Do newscasters read from teleprompters?

    Yes, it's true to say that most newscasters use a teleprompter as a vital helper. Official or more formal TV stations that cater to a larger audience group usually have a teleprompter, so the newscaster is sometimes called a news reader. It is rare to not use this tool, but there do exist such kind of circumstances. For example, a reporter of live outdoor newscasts needs to organize his or her language according to the situation on the ground and the changing conditions.

    Why do they need to use this kind of device for news reporting?

    • Ensure accuracy: A newscast is an act of relaying facts, of maintaining an objective and accurate relay of an event, like a copy and paste. News broadcasts are usually about half an hour long, and it is difficult to perform such a task from memory alone without making mistakes such as forgetting details or misordering words. Every word you utter is scrutinized, chopped, and diced, and it has the power to stir up a lot of controversy and commotion. You may utilize a broadcast teleprompter in this situation to ensure that you don't make any blunders.
    • Guarantee efficiency: As mentioned above, if you don't rely on a news reporter teleprompter, you'll have to rely purely on your memory, which requires a lot of time to remember things and details. In the case of recorded news transmissions, it may be necessary to start over and over again for mistakes and keep NG until you can speak smoothly. For news sessions that are very time-sensitive and require authenticity, a teleprompter is indispensable.
    For news anchors, Moman studio teleprompter is compatible with professional broadcasting and podcasting on digital platforms like YouTube.

      What kind of teleprompter do news anchors use?

      There are three common types: the presidential one and the floor one for public speaking, and the camera-mounted type for pre-recording or live streaming in front of the lens. And news anchors usually use the last one of the tv news teleprompter, because they are not doing speeches or presentations in front of the general public, but relaying and delivering information in front of the camera.

      Moman MT12 professional teleprompter with HD 12-inch mirror

      MT1 and MT2 small sizes are more suitable for digital platforms to do news media youtube news teleprompter, while Moman MT12 such a large size, can be used for a channel or personal online news report, but also can be utilized for professional studio work. MT12 can be applied to the shooting equipment Many devices are available. This includes video cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers, and some of the more massive pro equipment. It is made of metal one-piece construction with a 12-inch beamsplitter glass, being durable and easy to use.

      Moman MT12 weighs 1800g and has the dimension of 340*270*96mm. It can be used in live streaming, news reporting, video filming, etc.

      How to use teleprompter for news reading?

      We will then move on from device installation to help you better manage this tool.

      How to set up the teleprompter?

      • Mount it on a stand or place it on the table: The first step is to mount the news studio teleprompter on the tripod, monopod, or gimbal, a handheld grip, and so on, via the dock. Ensure that it is mounted on a sturdy tripod that can support the combined weight of the teleprompter and the camera, and make the entire rig as balanced as you can.
      • Install the shooting device: They come in varieties on the market. While some are more specialized and only work with certain cameras, others are more all-purpose. For instance, MT1 and MT2 are packed with different sizes of lens for camera mounting, while MT12 with the cloth shroud, is compatible with kinds of shooting devices including mobile phones and cameras.
      Moman MT12 of one-piece construction design, is made of metal and beam splitter glass. It is durable and easy mounting.
      • Place the prompter: You can use your tablet or phone as a prompting device and attach it to it with the corresponding clamp. Some teleprompters come with their own monitor screen
      • Edit the news script: Download an app on your prompter device and upload the news teleprompter script for editing. Moman Prompter App customized for the Moman teleprompters, supports text size and color editing, rolling speed, and so on.
      • Adjust the mirror angle: As the plane you are directly reading on, the ability of the glass to clearly project the text will affect your reading experience and performance. You will need to constantly adjust the glass back and forth to the right angle.
      When using Moman teleprompters for news readers, you can control the text rolling speed by a remote, which is packed in the product box.

      How to arrange the proper distance between the reporter and the device?

      The news reporter teleprompter should be set up such that the anchors can easily read the script while facing the camera. The size of the screen and the camera lens affect the distance between the prompter and the camera. A variety of distances should be tried until you locate the one that works best for you.

      But be careful not to get too near to the teleprompter. Otherwise, the news anchors will read the lines with some undesirable eye movement, which would seem strange on your recordings. To make final tweaks and address minor framing and lighting concerns, always shoot a few test shots.


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