How to charge a camera battery may be the next point to follow in how to use the camera to take pictures. Good charging habits and proper methods are closely related to your user experience, therefore, It is a crucial concern for every photographer. Read the three parts below and you will know more about charging and keeping your camera power supply.
  • How to power up the inbuilt battery in the camera?
  • Can you charge a camera battery with USB?
  • How long does a camera battery take to charge?
Moman Power 99 v-mount camera battery can charge the inbuiltt type of Canon, Sony, Panasonic and video digital cameras of other brands.

    How to power up the inbuilt battery in the camera?

    The most common charging way for camera rechargeable battery is extremely simple, and even the writing steps are only four steps:

    1. Turn off the power.
    2. Open the rubber cover of the camera output port socket.
    3. Use the cable with the compatible plug to attach to it.
    4. Plug the charging cable into a wall socket.

    According to the remaining capacity or the charging circumstances, the charging time may vary. Even when it is not completely exhausted, it can still be charged. Remove the battery pack or unplug the cord from the camera and then re-insert it to recharge if the charge lamp flashes while it is not completely charged.

    Can you charge a camera battery with USB?

    Futher reading - Charge camera battery with USB

    Yes. By using the USB cable, you can charge your inbuilt camera battery pack with an external power source like a v mount battery. It might be challenging to recharge when you're out shooting or while traveling. When there isn't a nearby wall power outlet, you will need a high-capacity extra battery.

    99Wh v lock mount battery Moman Power 99 has BP port, D-tap, and USB output interface. It can charge for DSLR, BMPCC, camcorder, and so on.

    Two types of external power sources: v-mounts and grips

    • V mount battery

    This is a camera battery that is commonly used for photography and video production. Its features include compact, durable, versatile, and high-capacity. They feature kinds of different output ports of BP, D-tap, and USB-A, and some of them are designed to have a Type-C interface. They are capable of supporting the camera's long-term power consumption needs, as well as charging the camera light, wireless transmission, stabilizer, and other devices in the photography setup. They can also charge other devices in the setup.

    This type is ideal for charging camera batteries in the field. Take the Moman Power 99 99Wh v mount battery with Dtap for example, it has three outputs with different voltage and current ranges, just find out the voltage and current supported by your camera battery and charge it with the corresponding cables.

    Mini external camera battery of v-mount type Moman Power 99 has four output ports, including a d-tap port, a BP interface, and two USB outputs.

    • Camera battery grip

    They are usually designed to fit your camera in a size that doesn't overburden the body, keeps it balanced when shooting handheld, and provides a few more hours for continuous operating. However, for those who first get in touch with it, they may be a little confused about how to use it. Steps can be divided into the following:

    1. Shut off the camera and remove the contact covers and battery compartment lid.
    2. Ensure that the electrical connections are clean and connect the covers to the battery grip stuck on camera. If the error notice appears, follow the directions in the message. Reinstall it and restart the device if it loses power.
    3. Slide the lever to release it and then pull the cover off by going through the attachment process backward.
    4. Insert the grip, spin the release dial, and start charging.

    Details you need to pay attention to when using external batteries

    • Turning the camera off is always the first and most important step. Whether it is charging cameras with external power supplies or the wall power outlet, it may not be able to charge if the device is ON.
    • Confirm that the compartment door is closed properly. The camera could not detect the presence of a battery in the compartment if the section lid is not closed securely.
    Moman Power 140 can be the strong power souce of your photography setup. It is capable of powering up the shooting device, camera-mounted light, and other devices.
    • Use the proper cable for the connection. Typically, this is the original cable that was included with your camera product package. And you can use any other wires or universal camera battery charger suggested in the user manual or on the manufacturer's website. Check if the voltage and current of the cable fit, then you can buy yourself another one.
    • Make sure the alternative or external camcorder battery is the right kind for your shooting device. Other batteries besides the ones that came with certain cameras when they were new can be used with them. Some of these batteries, nevertheless, might not work with in-camera USB charging.

    How long does a camera battery take to charge?

    A totally discharged original type of Canon, Sony, Panasonic cameras, like the LP-E6, NP-F battery, may be fully recharged in about 2 hours. The ambient temperature, battery health, capacity, and charger type all are factors that affects the outcome. One of the maintenance activities takes place when you charge the battery. To ensure that it receives the right amount of power, you must know how long a camera battery lasts or how long does it take to be replenished.

    Moman Power Max Series external camera batteries are portable, easy-mounting, versatitle, stable for charging videography tools like cameras, gimbals, etc.

    Conditions that affect how long it takes to charge

    The following variables have an impact on the powering time:

    • Capacity and power: Depending on the capacity and current state, the charge time varies considerably. The camera charging time is longer with a higher capacity type, like Like the Moman v mount battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, while the one with a lower capacity will fill the space faster.
    • Battery self-discharge: As lithium-ion batteries get older, their ability to recharge becomes less effective. An increase in internal resistance over time is what causes older lithium-ion ones to degrade. The older may require more time to completely charge because of their increased internal resistance.
    • Accessory quality: If you use a camera battery charger cable from the same manufacturer of your shooting device, it will be high efficient compared to using a low-quality charger. Additionally, the cable's quality plays a part. Quick charging will benefit from a high-quality cable, and vice versa. And you should be aware that utilizing a wireless charger is slower than using a standard wired one.
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