The broadcast teleprompter is arguably the least visible but most crucial piece of equipment for a live stream or video production out of all the behind-the-scenes technology utilized in studio and field operations. This is because the most effective and precise approach to presenting a news story is to make direct eye contact with the audience. The efficient transmission of a message may be impeded by the absence of a prompter. 

If you are looking for this practical tool, this blog is an ideal buyer guide, listing the three best picks at Moman PhotoGears for you and telling the tips for choosing.

  • Best broadcast teleprompter for sale at Moman PhotoGears
  • What to look for when buying a prompter device for live broadcasting?
  • How to read the teleprompter for broadcasting like a pro?
  • FAQs about the prompting equipment for live broadcast
Moman MT12 broadcast teleprompter has 12-inch tempered glass for high-definition display, providing a 15-inch wide reading range.

    Best broadcast teleprompter for sale at Moman PhotoGears

    When it comes to selecting the first teleprompter you want to purchase, you have a lot of options these days. Here are three best picks with great versatility and budget-friendly prices for you at Moman PhotoGears Store.

    Moman MT12 professional large-screen teleprompter for broadcasting at $149

    Moman MT12 professional teleprompter can be used in broadcasting, live streaming, and video production.

    Moman MT12 is intended for professional broadcasters who must operate in the field or a studio with speed and efficiency. It is compact and robust, featuring a 12-inch HD display for a wide reading range of 15ft/4.5m. Moman MT12 is made of metal one-piece construction with no-ghosting beam splitter glass. The foundation is a 15mm Rod base system with a folding glass frame that makes it easy to set up and transport. It also allows for basic height changes.

    Moman MTRX Live stream prompter with RGB ring light at $95.99

    Moman MTRX live stream teleprompter with RGB ring light is perfect for YouTubers and TikToks. It makes the speakers read naturally and look great in front of the camera.

    Moman MTRX is a popular teleprompter system for DSLR cameras, tablets, and smartphones since it is designed to have a unique LED ring light for a better look in front of the lends. It incorporates remote control and variable speed control functions. With the base being adjustable, you can effortlessly select the ideal angle for you to record at. 

    Moman MT2 portable teleprompter for phone broadcasting at $79

    Moman MT2 portable teleprompter for YouTube broadcasting is desigend to work with smartphone and mid-sized camera.

    Moman MT2 is a tiny, lightweight teleprompter made for small to mobile phones and mid-sized cameras. It has a 10-inch screen for reading and a coating beam splitter mirror for a clear display. It also includes options for brightness, text speed adjustment, and a remote control. 

    What to look for when buying a prompter device for broadcasting?

    When it comes to selecting the first broadcast teleprompter you want to purchase, you have a lot of options these days. For larger situations, you can select a prompter like Moman MT12 with a big screen. And for YouTube news and live, you can choose the MT2, which is a compact tool.

    Here are three things to think about when buying a prompter device that is appropriate for your broadcast studio and other specific project.

    Moman MT12 news teleprompter has a wide compatibility for broad use. It is compatible with cameras, camcorders, smartphone, and pads.

    Screen size: Can the teleprompter for broadcasting offer a convenient and comfortable user experience?

    You should decide the size of it for a better reading experience. For some use scenarios where you'll be near the teleprompter, smaller displays are ideal, such as broadcasting on the online platform at home, or taking the smartphone and prompter outdoors for on-the-go live streaming. Portable broadcast teleprompter like Moman MT2 benefit from comfortable carrying and flexible moving.

    However, they have drawbacks as well since they are smaller and harder to read unless you have excellent eyesight and can position the camera a few feet away from your face. You'll need a larger teleprompter with a wide reading range if you're doing an official or professional newscast. Broadcasters may set the device farther from the speaker in the studio if you choose a bigger one. As a result, you have greater room to position cameras and get a variety of unrestricted viewpoints.

    • How to decide what size of broadcast teleprompter you need?

    The distance between the prompter and the on-camera presenter should be taken into account initially. This will assist in determining the necessary teleprompter size. A 17-inch display is required for someone sitting up to 6m/19ft, whereas a 10-inch one is needed for someone up to 4m/13ft.

    Glass quality: Can it reflect the broadcaster prompter script?

    Most qualified teleprompters use a specially coated beam splitter glass. As a result, the broadcasters may see the scripts on one side of the glass while a camera positioned on the other will observe the speakers without seeing the text. You should look for a prompter with high-quality glass that has ideal reflecting ratios and no-ghosting features.

    Glass compositions come in 60/40, 70/30, and 50/50 ratios. The light transmission/reflectance is represented by the numbers. The amount of light that reaches the camera via the glass is shown by the first number. The quantity of light reflected onto the glass by the tablet or monitor so that it can be seen by the reader is represented by the second number.

    Mounting compatibility with tripod and camera: Is it suitable to be used with the existing equipment?

    Is there enough payload capacity in your tripod head to support the added weight of the chosen device? The adaptability of broadcast camera tripod and teleprompter is a crucial factor to consider. A lot of new purchasers who use little cameras and tripod heads discover that their tripods cannot hold the weight of a live prompter. To ensure the device can be safely mounted and placed, find yourself a lightweight prompter for broadcasters and study tripods.

    The second consideration about compatibility is whether the camera and lens can be mounted behind the glass or hood such that the presenter's eye line is facing straight into the camera. This will rely on the particular camera and lens being used, as well as how adaptable the prompter's mounting arrangement is. To function successfully together, the camera, lens, tripod, and broadcast teleprompter should all be around the same size.

    Many broadcasters use camera prompter devices to help with the news reading, live streaming, and so on. The tool makes everything more effective.

    How to read the teleprompter for broadcasting like a pro?

    There are a few things to be cautious about while utilizing teleprompter for on-air broadcasting, even if they can be a useful tool for natural news reading and podcasting:

    Get familiar with the broadcast teleprompter and make proper adjustment

    To ensure you are acquainted with the prompter device, practice using it before your on-air broadcasting or other live streaming. Adjusting the equipment setting according personal habits of the broadcasters can make things easier.

    • Formatting and text size: Make sure your content is formatted and has the right font size for the screen on your broadcast teleprompter software. Long paragraphs and complicated sentences that might be challenging to read while speaking should also be avoided.
    • Pacing and speed: Modify the broadcasting teleprompter pacing and speed to correspond with your speaking cadence. The text may confuse you or disturb your rhythm if it moves too rapidly or slowly.
    • Lighting: Verify that the screen on your device is viewable and not obscured by direct sunshine or harsh lighting. Make the necessary adjustments to your lighting configuration to make the text simple to read.

    Keep a lively expression and make eye contact with the audience through the teleprompter

    Maintaining eye contact with your audience is crucial while reading from a broadcast teleprompter. Although it might be alluring, reading straight from the screen can give the impression that you are not engaged with your audience.

    Act like you are talking instead of simple news reading

    Reading a news article and acting as though you're talking to a buddy about it will help you practice. Talking informally is okay as long as you don't wing it or alter the phrasing, which can be more formal than you usually say. Sounds natural are vital while reading the news, but it might be challenging if you're also attempting to speak more slowly or pronounce more clearly. After all, viewers could just ask Siri to read the day's headlines if they preferred to hear the news in a monotone.

    Moman MTRX prompting device with RGB ring light is a best-budget live stream setup. You can attach the monitor and microphone to it.

    FAQs about the prompting equipment for live broadcast

    Why do you need a broadcast prompter device?

    It might be difficult to keep on track while utilizing a camera to capture oneself for a vlog or story post. With a TV broadcast teleprompter, the anchors or presenters can be preoccupied with how they appear or sound rather than what they want to express. Even on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, using a script might assist, but turning away from the camera to read looks unprofessional. A teleprompter is what you need, and there are applications for that.

    What other applications can you use a the teleprompter?

    For films with speeches and educational material, podcasting teleprompters are frequently used by makers. The tool may also be used to do comedy sketches, sing songs, and deliver the news. There are countless alternatives. Whether it's for a quick shot for our social media like Youtube or TikTok, or doing a presentation in Zoom online class or conference, we tend to spend a lot of time speaking to cameras. And that’s where the broadcast teleprompter can serve.


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