One of the most well-liked entertainment fads in recent years is ASMR. This kind of YouTube video prickle feelings like no other videos can, whether they're cutting soap or sand, eating food, or whispering. But for this, you'll need a microphone for ASMR with great audio quality to arouse the audience's sensations and emotions.
  • What type of microphone is used for ASMR?
  • Top three picks at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • What should be considered when choosing an ASMR mic?

What type of microphone is used for ASMR?

The fact that ASMR doesn't require a particular mic is fantastic news for anyone who wants to capture it. A big diaphragm condenser would typically be the preferred option. Read for three common type for ASMR.

For Youtube beginners, USB condenser microphone like Moman EM1, EMP, or EMR, are perfect for ASMR video producing. They are budget yet sound good enough.

1. Shotgun or USB type for hands-free ASMR

Both styles are popular choices for ASMR YouTubers because they are easy to fix while having good sound quality. The shotgun type can be directly connected to recording equipment through the interface, and the USB type can also be set up through the boom arm or stand. In addition, most shotgun ASMR mics use the cardioid pick-up pattern, which can greatly improve the accuracy of audio. These two are ideal for hands-free operation, such as tearing open food bag packaging, folding, crumpling, using latex gloves on paper, and so on.

2. Lavalier microphone for ASMR for flexbile operation

Contrary to the above two types, the wireless lav mic is suitable for more flexible and versatile operations. When using this type for speaking, vlogging, having online classes or meetings, interviewing, or other things, the speaker will pin it to the collar, but when it is used for ASMR, the producers generally hold it in their hands. Since common objects may enter an entirely new dimension in ASMR, you will need this mini mic for scratching, tapping, gliding, etc. For instance, the sound of stirring in foam or fingernails tapping on the transmitters may be absolutely soothing.

SYNCO wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone P2L can be used for filming, onling meeting, daily vlogging, and even ASMR.

3. Binaural microphone for ASMR for stereo recording

Utilizing a binaural type will enable you to record audio that accurately replicates the way your ears normally perceive sound. They are therefore ideal for ASMR, filming live music, or just improving the audio in your films. Some ASMR video creators employ binaural recording methods to imitate the acoustics of a three-dimensional space for fondling and whispering. It gives listeners the impression that they are close to the vocalist.

Top three picks at Moman PhotoGears Store

Here we will introduce three options of microphone for ASMR videos for you.

Specification table of SYNCO D2, G2 Pro, and Moman C2, C2X




Moman C2/C2X



Regular price$259.00

$129.00 for 1-to-1

$169.00 for 1-to-2

$99.00 for 1-to-1

$159.00 for 1-to-2






Back Electret Condenser



Polar Pattern






1dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz


(±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)


(±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)

Frequency Response




Output Interface


3.5mm TRS Mic Output

3.5mm TRS Headphone Output

Type-C Output

3.5mm TRS Mic Output

3.5mm TRRS Mic Output

SYNCO D2 shotgun-type high definition microphone for ASMR

SYNCO D2 XLR shotgun microphone for ASMR is of high-sensitivity and low self-noise. It uses hyper cardioid polar pattern for pure sound capturing.
  • Pros:
  1. Hyper cardioid polar pattern of SYNCO D2 gains high sensitivity for the tiny voice
  2. Resistant CNC brass metal body provides high-level anti-interference
  3. A frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz ensures a pure and clear sound
  4. 80dB SNR effectively reduces background noise and keeps low self-noise
  • Cons:
  1. XLRM output interface limits the compatible shooting device
  2. A bit expensive, but it's now on sale with a 35% discount

SYNCO G2 Pro wireless lav mic with quick charging case

SYNCO G2 Pro lapel microphone with dual channel option, features a one-press muting mode, 8-hour extended working time, 2.4GHz wireless transmission, and a quick charging box.
  • Pros:
  1. One-press muting mode and TX & RX auto pairing for convenient usage
  2. 150Hz optional low-cut and 0-5 level gain control for noise cancellation
  3. 3.5mm port supports real-time checking of G2 Pro audio microphone for ASMR
  4. Clear TFT screen for current status display and in-time adjustment
  5. 8-hour long operating time and packed with a wireless fast-charging box
  • Cons:
  1. Its omnidirectional pattern doesn't capture sound with the same precision as the D2.
  2. Compared to ASMR video production, it is more suitable for conferencing, vlogging, teaching yoga classes, and other applications.

Moman C2 or C2X mini microphone for ASMR with a budget price

Moman C2 1-to-1 and C2X 1-to-2, are designed to have a TFT clear screen display, 5-level gain control, and a 3.5mm headphone port for real-time monitor.
  • Pros:
  1. Mini size of 52x42x17mm and light weight of 39g facilitate easy carrying
  2. Digital 2.4GHz band supports a stable wireless transmission in 150m (LOS)
  3. The low-cut filter of Moman C2 ensures the clarity of ASMR sound
  4. Same features as G2 Pro: Monitor output, TFT screen display, dual-channel option, 8-hour battery life, compact dimension, etc.
  • Cons:
  1. Same disadvantages as G2 Pro.
  2. The wireless transmission distance is only 492ft, not as good as the 656ft of the G2 Pro.

How to pick the right one for your specific recording needs?

You can select the best microhone for ASMR at Moman PhotoGears Store. Here we have shotgun type and lavalier type with budget price and high performance.
  • According to the direction and type of your video production, you can first make a choice between shotgun type and lapel type.If you use your phone more for video recording, then the G2 Pro and C2 series are preferred. They come with multiple adapter cables in the package and can be used with iPhone, Android, and types of digital cameras. camcorders or pro cameras.
  • If you are a newcomer to this kind of video and need to consider the input cost of channel construction or budget, it is recommended to buy the Moman C2 ASMR microphone for Android with one transmitter and one receiver. A sale price of less than US$100 will not cost you much. If the budget is sufficient and has high requirements for sound quality, we recommend buying the most professional SYNCO D2, which can provide the purest and clearest sound.
  • The difference between SYNCO G2 Pro and Moman C2 lies in audio performance. In addition, G2 Pro has one more wireless charging case than C2. Not only can it provide two additional charges to ensure long-time recording, but it also acts as a durable storage box to protect the TX and RX.

What should be considered when choosing an ASMR mic?

There are always some factors that we need to consider when buying a recording microphone, and we will elaborate on the next three aspects.

SYNCO G2 Pro is of a portable size as a mobile phone. It is ideal for ASMR youtube video recording, filmmaking, online sports class, and so on.

1. The budget determines the range and style of your microphone for ASMR

Depending on your budget, you can discover a number of excellent solutions throughout this page. If it is sufficient, the film professional-level shotgun mic and studio recording vocals-level USB is certainly the first choice. However, if you don't want to spend extra money on an audio interface, XLR cable, stand of microphone placement for ASMR, pop filter, etc., an inexpensive Lavalier or USB type would be a great option that sounds good enough for this recording method.

2. The choice between condenser vs dynamic decides the applicable direction

The condenser microphone for ASMR is typically preferred for recording ASMR audio owing to its enhanced sensitivity. They perform best with quiet sources since they are considerably better at picking up sonic details, which is a common rule. The fact that phantom power supplies 48v to the capsule and amplifies the resultant sound is strongly connected to this.

Dynamic microphones, which can withstand the strain of high volume, are typically the best choice for loud sources. They are excellent in isolating undesired noises, hence it is fairly usual to see them on stages. They are less warm and sensitive, though.

3. Microphone parameters affect the audio quality and ASMR effects directly

There are many angles and parameters to evaluate the performance of a mic, but here in ASMR, there are some that we don't need to pay much attention to, such as its wireless transmission distance and portability, after all, most the ASMR video is done in a quiet room. There are some features that are important to help us do a quick screening, such as sensitivity and polar pattern.

  • Sensitivity

Generally speaking, you should only utilize of ASMR microphone for iPhone or Android that is suitable for recording voices exclusively. And that’s why we need to look into the sensitivity parameter and choose a sensitive ASMR microphone that can pick up low-level sounds in great detail.

  • Polar pattern

A microphone's pattern reveals how many sides it can use to record sound. Not every pattern works well for ASMR recordings. The most appropriate mode for this would be Cardioid, which eliminates as much noise as possible from behind and focuses on the sound in front of it. Omnidirectional is also suitable. This type operates by recording sound in a 360-degree field of view, picking up all the little details.

SYNCO D2 condenser ASMR microphone adopts the hyper-cardioid pick up pattern. It focuses the voice of the speaker, and filters away the backgrond noise.

Image Source: SYNCO


Being successful with the triggers you're chasing is the purpose behind the recording. Remember that you may always start off by using only one microphone for ASMR to refine your skills as you go. Never allow your creative ideas or enthusiasm to be stifled by technological difficulties.


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