The teleprompter App for iPhone is software for displaying scripts and giving hints to speakers. It turns your mobile into a simple and low-cost auto-cue tool, which can be downloaded from the website and used for video production, online class, broadcasting, and other applications. You can use it for video production, online class, etc. Read for the full introduction, recommendation, and the using guide below.
  • What is a teleprompter App for iPhone and why do you need it?
  • Can you turn iPhone into a teleprompter for video recording?
  • Is there a teleprompter App for iPhone versatile and free?
  • Steps to make your smartphone or tablet become a mini prompter
Moman MT2 video teleprompter for iPhone can use smartphones and small tablets as prompting monitor. You can down the teleprompter App for iOS and make it show scrolling scripts.

    What is a teleprompter App for iPhone and why do you need it?

    • Prompter App meaning: An prompting Application for iPhone or other mobiles can show scrolling scripts on the screen, and enable you to read lines while recording or live streaming. Some will use it to turn mobile phones or tablets into simple teleprompters directly, and some will use it as the prompting monitor in an actual device for reflecting contents, like the Moman MT12 teleprompter for iPad.
    • Applications and benefits: You may read from a script as you shoot videos using teleprompter software. The best teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone offers a simple approach to keep your speech on topic since it automatically scrolls so you are always up to date with what you need to say. Teleprompter technology gives you the security and confidence you need to shoot instructional tutorials or business speeches. You can practice your speech in advance and follow along while you watch the content if you have your script ready at hand.
    Moman MT2 smartphone teleprompter is compatible with cell phone and camera recording. It can be used in conferences, presentations, Youtube video recording, etc.

      Can you turn iPhone into a teleprompter for video recording?

      Yes, with a video teleprompter App for iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC, you can make your device into a teleprompter for video making, live podcasting, or Zoom meeting. It's a bit rudimentary compared to the finished equipment sold on the market, but it meets most people's needs. It allows for portability and mobility while shooting.

      You can make professional, well-produced videos and movies using teleprompter software without spending a thing. Simply write your script into phones or computers, and watch as your words advance across the screen. In this manner, you may read the screen while appearing to stare right into the selfie camera. The final recording won't contain the text you see on the screen, so your viewers will only witness a professional at work.

      Is there a teleprompter App for iPhone versatile and free?

      Yes, nowadays you can download a lot of good software for prompting on the internet. They have different functions, some of them can be downloaded and used for free, while some of them with multiple functions may require a fee. We'll introduce you to one of these apps, which is the Moman Prompter App.

      Moman Prompter App is a teleprompter for iPhone, iPad and Android phone. You can download it for free, using it to edit text size, color, and display speed.

      Moman Prompter App teleprompter App for iOS and Android Free

      You can download Moman Prompter App for free and enjoy its versatile functions. This app is customized for a phone or tablet that acts as a prompting monitor in an actual one-piece device, like the Moman MT1 small teleprompter for iPhone. Once you've set up the phones or pads to display sliding captions, clamp them to the front of the teleprompter glass so that it reflects the image. However, you can also use it simply as a simple mobile prompter. Here lists three features of it.

      • Content import and edit
      Moman Prompter App free teleprompter App for iPhone not only supports uploading text via text. and pdf files, but also it supports the paging of text and pictures and the same time. At the same time, it supports adjustments about text size, color, font size, and so on.
      • Text display and scrolling speed control
      The teleprompter App for Android and iOS has a countdown feature that allows you to cut in at a precise pace and launch your recording or speech smoothly. As for the sliding speed of the text, you are free to adjust it on your phone.
      • Remote control

      This feature needs to be used with Moman teleprompters. A remote for the mode switch and other adjustments is included with the purchase of the device. Of course, there is a teleprompter App for iPad with iPhone remote or features voice control.

      Moman teleprompters are packed with a remote for controlling text speed and switching modes.

        Steps to make your smartphone or tablet become a mini prompter

        • First, select and download a prompter App that works with your operating system and script specifications.
        • Upload your script, then edit the text to the appropriate size and color.
        • Organize your recording tools, such as a camera and microphone.
        • Make sure your teleprompter is simple to see and read by paying attention to how it is placed and set up.
        • Start recording your information after turning on your teleprompter. Stop filming and halt your teleprompter when you're through.


        Different using scenarios will have different needs. Both the actual device and teleprompter App for iPhone have supported experts in content creation and video production for years. Hope you can convey the message while preventing forgetting your lines by using the helpful tool.


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