High-performance digital camera the Blackmagic Design creates amazing dynamic cinematic video. They have wonderful features, but if you want to video for a while, battery life may be a concern. Here we will focus on Moman Power 70, Power 99 Pro, and Power 140, and list four things to think about when choosing a BMPCC v mount battery.
  • Battery capacity: Choose the ideal BMPCC v mount battery to support your device
  • Output ports: Make sure the connection, voltage, and current are compatible
  • Portability: Select the right size for easy-mounting and travel-friendly
  • Durability: Consider based on its sturdy structure and inbuilt self-protection system
You can use compact v mount battery for BMPCC to charge other photographic devices as well. It applies to powering external monitor, wireless transmitter during video shooting.

    Battery capacity: Choose the ideal BMPCC v mount battery to support your device

    What battery does Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Battery use? If you ask for the original kind, the answer could be the inbuilt LP-E6. But in most situations, even five pieces of LP-E6 are insufficient for a full day of shooting. That’s why we are looking for a mighty solution of external power supply as BMPCC 6K Pro v mount battery.

    Moman Power 70 features a slim body and 70Wh capacity. It is ideal for Blackmagic Pockect Cinema Camera 4K and 6K, and other small digital shooting equipment.

    70Wh Moman Power 70 for gimbals, wireless transmissions, monitors

    At Moman PhotoGears Store, Moman Power 70 is the smallest capacity and thinnest and lightest v-type external power source available, and as a v-lock battery, it can be considered in the small to medium capacity area. However, when charging some small cameras, such as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras 4K, mirrorless cameras, etc., it can still support long-time photography and filming work perfectly. Meanwhile, this v mount battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K can also be used for some photographic equipment with a moderate power consumption level. such as stabilizers, external camera monitors, wireless transmissions, laptops, and so on.

    Moman Power 99 Pro is a budget BMPCC solution as a v-lock external camera battery. It can carry on plane, being portable and travel-friendly.

    99Wh Moman Power 99 Pro for BMPCC 4K suchlike digital cameras

    For most professional photographers, video producers, and filmmakers, batteries approaching 100Wh are the most affordable and suitable option. Moman Power 99 Pro can charge the BMPCC 4K and 6K while utilizing other interfaces to power the on-camera panel LED light, lavalier microphone, and monitor screen display in the photography setup. It's the best in size, capability, and price level for both beginners and pro photographers.

    Moman Power 140 is the best v mount battery for Blackmagic Design Camera 6K. It can be used with high-power LED studio light, camcorder, etc.

    140Wh Moman Power 140 best v mount battery for BMPCC 6K Pro

    Moman Power 140 is a step up in existence from the Power 70 & 99 Pro. This means that it is suitable for camcorders, video cameras, high-power constant studio light, high-consumption Blackmagic Design Camera 6K, 6K Pro, and even 8K. With it, you can comfortably go outdoors for up to With this camera, you'll be able to shoot outdoors for hours at a time. If that's not enough, you can buy a Blackmagic Design v mount battery plate of dual mounts like Moman DVBP, for two models of Moman Power 140.

    Moman BMPCC v -mount batteries like Power 70, Power 99 Pro, Power 140, have four kinds of output ports for charging. There includes the BP, D-tap, USB-A, and Type-C interface.

    Output ports: Make sure the interface, voltage, and current are compatible

    What interface can you use to charge your BMPCC? Unlike the NP-F series or LP-E6 this kind of small inside cell pack, using v-mount batteries is equivalent to charging the camera battery with USB, you need the appropriate excuses, charging cables, or also adapters. Generally, BP and D-tap are common charging slots, but nowadays more and more devices are pursuing high-efficiency quick charging from USB-A to USB-C. So Type-C interface is also appearing on the body of the new style v-mount power, and the usage rate is not low.

    What kind and how many output ports on the v mount battery solution for BMPCC do you need?

    Output Interface

    Power 70

    Power 99 Pro

    Power 140

    BP Port

    100W/8A *1

    14.4V 15A(max) *1

    150W/12A *1

    D-tap Port

    100W/8A *1

    14.4V 15A(max) *2

    120W/10A *1

    USB-A Port

    10W,5V 2A *1

    5V 2.1A *1

    10W,5V 2A *1

    USB-C Port

    65W(Max) *1

    65W(Max) *1

    65W(Max) *1


    As can be seen from the table above, these three Moman v-mount power supplies are all designed to have four kinds of interfaces, including BP, D-tap, USB-A, and USB-C. Four to six ports are considered the most common, and most appropriate, arrangement. Not too few, resulting in the inability to charge multiple devices at the same time. Nor too many, leading to rapid power consumption, as well as wire clutter.

    Moman Power 140 and Power 99 are both designed to have palm-size dimensions. They are compact, lightweight, and powerful for videography rigs.

    Portability: Select the right size for easy-mounting and travel-friendly

    Different v-mount camera batteries vary in size and weight depending on their capacity. However, some battery manufacturers, such as Moman, use high-density materials, making it possible to achieve a significant increase in power in the same volume as competing products. It comes out with the small yet powerful functions of the Moman Power 70, Power 99 Pro, and Power 140, all of which are only palm-size, very convenient to install on one Blackmagic shooting device or a complete set of gears combined with rods and mounts.

    Can I bring my v mount battery for Blackmagic Cinema Camera on plane?


    Power 70

    Power 99 Pro

    Power 140

    Dimensions (mm)








    Carry on Plane


    Check with Luggage


    Airlines have strict regulations on the power supply carried by passengers, especially rechargeable lithium-ion camera batteries. Although the rules and regulations vary from company to company, basically, according to the announcements made by the FAA, it is certain that batteries of less than 100Wh you can pack in a safe package and put in your carry-on baggage. in your carry-on luggage. The Moman Power 140, on the other hand, needs to go the check-with-luggage route.

    Durability: Consider based on its sturdy structure and inbuilt self-protection system

    Today's batteries are designed to be strong, and the charging ports have waterproof and dustproof rubber plugs on the mods, but you still need to avoid dropping them from a high place by mistake.

    Furthermore, determining how long a BMPCC 6K Pro v mount battery last depends on the lifespan. On the other words, that means the recharging cycle. It's generally in the 1000-3000 cycles range. It is generally in the range of 1000-3000 cycles, consuming its own lifespan in charging and discharging over and over again.

    Thanks to the Smart Battery Management System(BMS) built-in Moman BMPCC v mount battery, the Power 70, Power 99 Pro, and Power 140 prevents over-charging, over-discharging, and over-heating. They ensure comfortable, safe, stable, and long-lasting use.

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