V lock battery is a kind of rechargeable li-ion power solution. On one hand, it powers up cameras, LED lights, microphones, and a wireless transmission system, on the other hand, it also needs to be replenished. This article will give you a better understanding of how to charge v mount battery, which will not only help you learn to take care of it for longer life but also help you avoid detours dealing with this strong yet compact case.

  • Learn some basic concepts first: voltage, current, power
  • Master the right way makes charging efficient
  • Select the suitable helpers for easier charging

With the v mount battery adapter plate, we can install the Moman  v lock external battery on our camera as a essential memeber in a photography setup for power supply the devices on location

Learn some basic concepts first: voltage, current, power

Volts for voltage and Amperes for current

The primary distinction between V and A, which is the batteries and DC generators and AC generators and mains electricity, is crucial to understand. Both are measured in volts and amps, but the method of measuring v mount battery voltage and current are different, making it occasionally hard to find a one-to-one match. Note that DSLR batteries only work with DC electricity.

Remember the formula: Power (W)=Voltage (V) x Current (A)

People always think it's not important to know the theory, but it can save you a lot of problems charging v mount battery. The rated power is usually stated clearly in cameras. Some take into account the additional power that gadgets like LCDs and lenses need in addition to the basic camera body. Simply because a particular power rating is listed doesn't guarantee the camera will consume that amount of power consistently.

Depending on how you're using the camera, the current changes. The low current rating will be used while the shooting device is in "standby" or "idle" mode, every circuit in the camera using the peak current is active at once.

Master the right way makes charging efficient

How many devices can the battery supply power for how long, and how long it takes to fully charge one? Especially if photographers are outside, find out how to charge v-batteries on location. They can be recharged or replaced before an emergency.

Figure out what kind of input your battery supports

In some forums recently people are asking: Can I charge v mount battery with any charger? The answer, of course, is "no". While most of them on the market allow d-tap charging, for example, Moman Power 99 and Fxlion Nano One all have a d-tap interface. But don’t buy without thinking. You need to make sure you know what input is actually supported by the batteries you have since there’s maybe a better choice.

Moman Power 140 and Power 99S Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery can be charged not only with the d-tap but also with USB-C input. This is a new and faster way and we can expect to see more charging options for the v mount battery shortly.

Replenish v mount batteries in time before it’s completely self-discharged

To increase the v mount battery life, you must understand how and when to charge it. Of course, you'll recharge it when it's dry or the indication lets you know you're low. When batteries won't be used for more than a month, we advise keeping them at 20–30% capacity. Every few months, be sure to monitor and maintain the charge level.

Grasp the frequency of powering the battery according to the charging time

How long to charge v mount battery? They may be charged for 3 to 4 hours on average before they are fully charged. Avoid cutting the charging time in half because doing so will reduce the lifespan of a good power source. The v-mount camera battery's ability to quickly drain is, however, significantly impacted by a few factors.

Get to know the life cycle of the v-mount camera battery for selecting the suitable one

Most manufacturers can't give the exact figures on the side of conservatism when estimating how long they will last since v mount battery output often falls into the region of from 300 too 500 cycles. This is because cycles are so hard to forecast for a battery out in the wild. Some vendors may additionally indicate the product's end of life with a date stamp. Because cycles are not taken into consideration in this technique, batteries can live much longer with minimal use and proper management.

Moman Power 140 is a hot sale product of power solution for bmpcc 4k, 6k, 6k pro

Select the suitable helpers for easier charging

Charging other devices using v-locks has previously been covered, it is also important to describe how to fast recharge the batteries inside the devices themselves. 

Gimpro Tap50 v mount battery charger for external camera batteries

A charger with good quality guarantees safe and high-efficient replenishment. A power supply like the Tap50 is not only compact into to be packed in your v mount battery kit, it can be used with any kind of external battery pack that charges v mount with d tap, not just v-lock or not. It has an LED indicator on it. When the red light lights up, it indicates charging. When the green light lights up, it means it is already fully charged.

Moman VBP battery panel as well as an adapter plate

When you want to shoot while charging, you need a clamp to attach the v-mount to your photography rigs, your camera, and the pole of the LED studio light. Why not try killing two birds with one stone if the clip happened to be a panel that could charge the v mount battery? Moman VBP v mount battery plate charger supply has ports for USB and D-tap, ideal for power diverse devices. It can be used as a backup option when your battery runs out of power.


Rechargeable mount camera batteries are often the most affordable option because you may use them for a prolonged period. The best alternative is to get a suitable pack of v mount battery and charger that meets your specific needs. Learning how to charge v mount batteries, makes your investment have a higher rate of return, and also lets the photography work easier.

V mount battery

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