V mount battery and charger both play a crucial part in your photography kit. Being a strong power backup, they promote various continuous outdoor activities, such as filmmaking, field photography shooting, and so on. Follow this beginner guide and learn more about them.
  • What are the v mount battery and charger?
  • Two ways to power up a v mount battery with charger: D-tap and USB-C
  • Two kinds of chargers to charge a v-lock power supply
  • What should you pay attention to during the charging process?
Moman Power 99 USB-C v mount batteries are used to charge Blackmagic cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, etc.

      What are the v mount battery and charger?

      V-mount battery is a type of high-capacity external power supply, which includes several smaller lithium-ion cells inside that are connected to create the total capacity shown on the label. The mounting method that batteries utilize to connect to the devices they power is known as a "v mount or v lock." V-mount batteries are employed to power top-of-the-line cameras, LED lights, monitors, microphones, and other compatible equipment.

      Since the v mount li-ion battery is rechargeable for 300-1000 cycling times of use, the charger is used to recharge it for the next use.

      Two ways to power up a v mount battery with charger: D-tap and USB-C

      V-mount power batteries are designed to have various ports for output and input, and you can find them in the parameter table on the product page. The input slots refer to the charging ways that the v-lock batteries support. Here we will talk about the most common two ways:D-tap and USB Type-C.

      1. D-tap is a wide-compatible charging way for stable delivery

      Gimpro Tap50 D-tap battery charger works with external power sources like v-mount batteries and gold-mounts.

      You can see a lot of v mount batteries with d tap for sale at online stores or video rental houses. This is the type of connection that almost all v-locks have. D-tap or as someone calls it "P-tap ", is the most common type of data transfer or charging port for devices in the photography and videography area. Not only v-mount batteries, but devices like gold-mount external power supply, BMPCC, camera screen display, etc. also support D-tap charging.

      2. USB-C is a new quick charging method for higher efficiency

      USB Type-C is a modern type of interface, not only cell phones, tablets, and laptops are gradually reformed to apply this way, but camera batteries like v-mount and gold-mount are no exception. Since USB-C PD can deliver more power than typical wall chargers, it is particularly helpful for quickly recharging v mount battery with USB C. Many new arrivals of v-locks like Moman Power 140, are designed to have Type-C input.

      Moman Power 140 is designed to have four various output ports for charging different devices at the same time. It includes the D-tap, BP, USB-A, and USB-C slots.

      Two kinds of chargers to charge a v-lock power supply

      Using the wrong charging accessories can damage your power source or camera device, so be sure to pick them carefully. Here are two different v mount battery chargers:

      1. Charger cable with dummy battery: Plug in the wall outlet directly

      A charger cable with two plugs to connect the v mount battery and wall power slot is the most budget and simple charger you can buy on the market. All you need to do is look for the right socket for your area and check the applicable voltage and current written on it to find the right style.

      If you are worried about choosing the wrong one, then the easiest way is to buy the v mount battery pack recommended by the stores according to the recommendation. This kind of combination is usually not wrong, and the price is relatively cheap. For example, the bundle pack of Moman Power 99 v mount battery and Gimpro Tap50 D-tap charger only cost US$148.99 in total (Regular Price US$178.99).


      Moman Power 99 for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store is a 99Wh v mount lithium battery for cameras, camcorders, etc.


      2. Dual or multi-bay v mount battery charger: Power multiple v-locks simultaneously

      Another type of charger is not just a cable with plugs but has two or more v-lock jacks for replenishing multiple external power supplies at the same time. Usually, it comes with a handle for easy lifting and carrying and has v-locks for installing the batteries, a charging slot for cable connection, a cooling fan, an LED indicator, etc. It is suitable for photographers who have more than one v-mount battery, which can increase the charging efficiency and shorten the time for replenishment greatly.

      What should you pay attention to during the charging process?

      Three suggestions on how to charge the v-mount battery correctly are listed below. Knowing the right ways and techniques to use them can make your photography work more efficient and safe.

      1. Charge at the right temperature and humidity

      Temperature and humidity are important factors in charging efficiency. Whether it is the charging process or the storage of the v lock battery and charger, it is necessary to ensure that they are kept in a dry and mild environment. Generally, the suitable temperature range for use is indicated on the product page, but it is only a value that has been tested to prove their durability, we still recommend not to use them in extreme environments.

      Moman Power 99 has three kinds of charging ports, which are the D-tap interface*2, BP port, and the USB-A output slot.

      2. Take care that the charging time should not be too long

      For the health of your battery, we recommend that you don't drain its power bank while using it, and we also recommend controlling the charging time by not keeping the v mount battery charger connected when it's full. Charging it overnight can easily lead to accidents such as overheating and explosions, and if there are no dangerous accidents then it will most likely have an impact on the battery life as well. Whatever you do, don't let your v-mount power supply overcharge.

      3. Monitor the status and heat of the v mount battery and charger

      For large-capacity batteries, the charging process can last for hours, so make sure you keep an eye on it every once in a while. For safety's sake, check v mount battery and charger in time for things like leakage, overheating, expansion, chemical leakage, and so on.

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