Once you get a v mount battery, it means you have a strong backup for various photography or videography shooting activities away from interruption caused by a lack of electricity, such as on-the-go vlogging, wedding lives to film, and so on. But one battery is not enough, it needs some auxiliary accessories. This blog will list four sets of must-have equipment in the v mount battery kit, tell you why you need them, and offer some nice options and discounted bundles.

  1. V mount battery
  2. V lock battery mount plate
  3. External camera battery charger
  4. D-tap power supply cable
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1. V mount battery is the core of the v lock battery kit

There is no doubt that the it is the protagonist of the whole kit, and all the other v-lock  accessories are to serve it. A good v mount battery should come with a compact construction of diminutive size for easy carrying, a powerful capacity for powering up an entire photography rig, various interfaces for being compatible with diverse devices, and a smart protection system against overhearing, short circuit, and over-charge problems. Performance measures for rechargeable batteries include the number of charge cycles, voltage, and battery life.
Moman Power 99 is a compact yet strong v mount battery for power supplying photography setup
Moman Power 99 is a typically high-quality v mount battery, which contains eight 18650 grade A inbuilt cells and possesses an amazing capacity of 99Wh, a voltage of 14.4V, and an available recharge cycle over 3000 times, which is far more than any other common v-mounts having only 500 times in average on the market. It weighs only 0.53kg but supports a max. the power output of 200W. The contrast is fascinating. When compared to the F500 battery, Power 99 bmpcc v mount battery’s capacity is nearly 3.5pcs of it, which is stunningly strong. Consequently, it has sufficient power to charge 200 Watts of multiple devices simultaneously while you are filming with a maximum continuous current rating of up to 15A, including DSLRs, RGB studio lights, and monitors with v-mount battery plates.

2. V lock battery mount plate is used for secure installment to cameras rig, light rod, and stabilizer

Using a v mount battery plate, the v-mounts power supply can tightly attach to the studio light stand pole

The v-mount battery adapter is considered to be an essential member as the bridge between the v-mounts and the photography setup. It allows v lock batteries to firmly attach to devices like bmpcc cameras or grasp tightly to the studio lights pole. The ideal option is a v-lock battery plate that can accommodate any standard size or most popular size v-mount batteries. Let me introduce to you two distinct kinds of mount plates.

Mini v mount battery plate, as well as a battery panel, can be an extra layer

The COLBOR VBS and Moman VBP can be attached to a tripod, support rod, camera rig, light stand, and video stabilizer. VBS has a maximum width of 1.66"/42mm. It also features a D-tap output. Monitors, DSLR cameras, camcorders, video lights, etc. may all be powered using a D-tap, DC, or USB wire that is not provided in the package.

V mount battery clamp of crab shape for rod and stands offers a simple attachment

The crab-shaped Moman VBC v mount battery clamp may expand to a maximum diameter of 4.2 cm (1.65 in). Because it is made of an aluminum alloy, it is sturdy and long-lasting. Built with a traditional v-shape mount, it secures the v mount power supply securely and firmly, enabling charging while shooting.

3. An external camera battery charger with high performance helps to replenish it in time

The v-mount is a kind of removable power source that provides power to various devices, but it is also a rechargeable lithium-ion cell that needs to be fueled up back. The D-tap connector is the most usual charging access, which is also common for gold-mounts and np-f series. Some types also have other options, such as the Moman Power 99S and Power 140. They have a d-tap input as well as a USB-C charging choice.

V mount battery charger with dual channel

Most of the common v-mount chargers today feature a dual channel, being able to charge two high-capacity v-mount batteries simultaneously. There are also chargers with three or more channels, but only if you have so many and you have the need to charge them at the same time. Generally speaking, a photographer will have one or two batteries for use and replacement. One of them runs out and you will bring in another backup in the v mount battery kit to do the replacement. At this time you can give the rest of the one charge. This depends on your situation.

D tap battery charger for not just v-locks

Gimpro tap50 external battery charger is suitble for diverse battery kinds those have a d-tap input, such as v-mounts, gold mounts, etc.

Another typical type is the d-tap charger and they are more universal and affordable. Gimpro Tap50 is an important v lock battery gadget as a d-tap charger for external camera batteries. It can be used not only for v mount batteries but also for other batteries and devices that are designed with d-tap input. A d-tap cord plays an important role in a Blackmagic pocket 4k v mount battery setup since it has a high-performance output of max, 1A alternating current at 100 to 240V, and input of max, being safe and reliable.

4. D-tap power supply cable provides a stable input or output connection for devices and batteries

If you are a photography beginner, then do not forget to choose a v-lock power cord of d-tap when buying initial preparation equipment and accessories. This is not usually included in v mount battery products, but many devices that use for charging, as well as many types including its own, np-f dummy batteries, etc., support d-tap input. Now you got the power source and the device or battery lacking power, a cable that connects the two and provides strong output, as well as stable current, is what you need. Moman DF550 uses a looped cable design to maintain your d tap v mount battery and setup charges in order. What’s more, its compatibility covers a wide range. It can work with real-time monitors, professional studio lights, wireless transmission systems, and more.

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