In comparison to small chargers for mobiles or power stations for camping, there are two types of external power supply that are best suited for photographers. One is the external v mount battery for USB charging, and the other is the dummy battery charger for wall outlet. This article will introduce our top picks and give tips to choose the best one.
  • Three kinds of external power solutions for various usages
  • Three external camera power supplies recommended for photographers
  • Four factors to consider when choosing a video camera external battery
Moman Power 140 external power supply of v-mount type has a high capacity of 140Wh. It can charge for Red Komodo, Canon C300 cameras, etc.

    Three kinds of applications need different power solutions

    The reasons for purchasing and using an external battery can be categorized into three: charging your mobile devices on the go, powering up your devices for photographic needs, and dealing with emergencies in the event of a power outage.

    Power bank for charging for mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptop

    Nowadays, it's hard for a cell phone battery to support a whole day's outing, so many people have a poker-sized power bank when they go out.

    External v-mount power supply for powering up cameras, studio lights suchlike photography gears

    Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, as long as you are involved in video production or photo shooting activities, then a power backup like a DC power external battery of v mount type for charging a complete set of camera rigs is essential.

    Power station for dealing with temporary power cuts or outdoor camping

    House-use power stations surpass the mini power bank for portable laptop chargers in size, weight, power, and overall toughness. This type is used for tasks like working in a remote area of your house or going on a camping trip with plenty of technological equipment.

      As you can see, the three situations are different, and the power sources used are different in terms of type, size, and power level. This article mainly focuses on the second point, i.e. power source for photography to develop recommendations, elaboration, and explanation.

      Three external camera power supplies recommended for photographers

      In this section, we will recommend three useful products for you, which are v mount batteries Moman Power 99 Pro, Power 140, and D-tap battery charger Tap50.

      Moman Power 99 Pro: V-lock mount external battery of ideal 99Wh

      Moman Power 99 Pro is an external camera power supply with OLED screen display and D-tap. It is suitable for product photography, video producing, filmmaking, and so on.

      As one of the hot sellers in the Moman PhotoGears Store, the best thing about the Moman Power 99 Pro of 99Wh is its moderate capacity and size. It has almost 30Wh more than the Power 70 of 70Wh, which can greatly expand the charging range. It can go from powering up wireless cameras, laptops, and stabilizers, to powering complete camera rigs, or more powerful video shooting devices with ease.

      Moman Power 140: High-capacity external power supply with USB-C output port

      Moman Power 140 of 140Wh is a powerful external battery for camera rigs. It is compact, sturdy, and has various output for charging kinds of devices at the same time.

      The capacity level of the Moman Power 140 is a step up from the Power 99 Pro. It can be an external power for LED lights and can be used for high-power camcorders. It has two D-tap outputs, a BP output port, a USB-A, and a USB-C interface for diverse types of rigs. However, it should be noted that in some airline regulations, lithium-ion spare camera batteries over 100Wh cannot be checked with luggage and there is a limit to the quantity.

      Gimpro Tap50: Dummy battery charger for wall power

      Gimpro Tap50 is one of a power solution for photographers as a power supply. It can produces stable and efficient electricity from a wall outlet.

      In general meaning, an external battery power charger cannot be considered a source, but only an accessory or a solution. Gimpro Tap50 can provide suitable and stable current and voltage. It has four types of plugs, including US, UK, EUR, and JP pug at a budget price of US$29.99. It has a high charging efficiency, greatly reduces charging time, and is suitable for a wide range of cameras and devices.

      Four factors to consider when choosing a video camera external battery

      The best type of external USB power supply should feature great portability, ideal outlook, and settings, appropriate capacity rating. And furthermore, it’s better to be built by a reliable brand and have a warranty.

      Portable size for easy carrying and mounting

      An external power source has to be portable and light, making them simple to carry for the duration of the day in your case. And its weight affects his mounting position in the camera kit and the overall balance. So the smaller, lighter, and more compact the battery, the better.

      Moman Power 140 and Power 99 both are mini v mount battery of a palm-size for easy carrying and mounting.

      Durable construction and various output ports for handy using

      Each high power external battery pack weight and surface roughness were noted. We thought about how simple and clear its features—like the power buttons, charging-status indicators, built-in cables, fold-out AC outlet, or flashlight—were to operate.

      Suitable capacity, voltage, and current for compatible charging

      You can generally estimate how much power an external power for DSLR camera can contain by looking at its capacity rating. The ones with higher capacity tend to be bigger, heavier, and more expensive. You need to keep an eye on whether its interface voltage and current range are suitable for your camera, which determines whether it can deliver power to you safely and consistently.

      Established brand and product warranty for safer powering

      When it comes to prompt customer service, extensive availability, and the capacity to maintain models in stock, you should give preference to brands that is reliable like Moman v mount battery manufacturer. Although extended warranties are obviously always better, a year is more than enough time to utilize your external power supply and ensure it is functioning correctly.

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