Can you bring camera batteries on a plane? Most photographers and videography will come across this problem. Whether it be for your camera, personal devices, or other battery-powered gear. TSA and the FAA collaborate closely on potential aviation safety and security issues, and they set regulations. Today’s blog aims to solve some frequently asked questions.
  • Are lithium camera batteries allowed on airplanes?
  • Are there any rules on carrying battery accessories on flights?
  • What to do with lithium ion camera battery on plane?
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Are lithium camera batteries allowed on airplanes?

Yes, but there are types and quality limits. To avoid fire-related catastrophes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set safety regulations for batteries being transported aboard aircraft. TSA security agents are trained to recognize possible safety and security battery-related concerns in carry-on and checked luggage. Here is a list of the types of batteries that may be safely packed in carry-on and checked luggage, as well as some packing advice.

What restrictions about spare li-ion batteries like v-mount you should know?

Metal, lithium ion, and polymer type of spare camera batteries on planes are all forbidden in checked baggage. People in the photographic industry now carry bigger batteries for manufacturing. How many of them are you allowed to bring on the plane? According to TSA, it’s four of them. And the answer would be four to six or eight according to various carriers. You won't experience any issues with four to six the 99 Watt power source like Moman Power 99 when you are flying with v mount batteries. If you have eight or ten of them, you'll probably start to run into issues. So there is no doubt that you can carry four of these without any issues.

Moman Power 99 is a travel-friendly spare lithium-ion battery that you can carry it in your flights. Just make sure it is well pack.

What other types of power solutions can fly with you?

  • Alkaline Batteries: As the most fundamental types, If you have old, commonplace batteries like AA, and AAA, they can go in your carry-on, and can also be inserted into gadgets. You are allowed to bring as many of these as you like on a flight.
  • Lithium-ion internal camera batteries: Almost everything rechargeable we use is lithium-ion type. To start, lithium ion camera batteries on planes that go into and are in cameras can be left in the cameras without causing any sort of issue. And this means NP-F series are fine to be taken on flights.

What kind of batteries are explicitly prohibited?

Except for powering a scooter or wheelchair, vehicle batteries, spillable types, or wet types, are not permitted in carry-on or checked luggage. You must inform the airline operator if you need to bring a spare one for a wheelchair or scooter so that it can be prepared for air travel.

You are allowed to take camera battery charge on plane. The Moman D-tap dummy battery charging cable is safe and secure.

Are there any rules on carrying battery accessories on flights?

Camera battery charger on plane is permitted in both checked and carry-on luggage, such as the d-tap dummy battery charging cable for v-mount batteries. Ensure that the charger's electrical cable, if it has one, is firmly wound around the device. And remember never put standard ones in a charger for rechargeable ones. Non-rechargeable types are not designed to be recharged, and putting them in a power charger makes them dangerous.

What to do with lithium ion camera battery on plane?

For advice on packaging spare power sources securely, see the Department of Transportation's spare battery packing suggestions website. For more details on approved and permitted ones, visit this webpage from the FAA. But here we will give some tips about packing digital camera batteries on plane for a safe flight.

Moman Power 140 is a high-capacity external v mount battery for cameras, camcorders, even laptops, and other devices. You can take it on plane in its original product box.

Put each of the power supplies in a safe and windtight box

Consider putting each of them in its secure box, plastic bag, or box if you're traveling with extra camera batteries on plane in addition to the ones inside your gadgets. Alternatively, you might use tape to separate the terminals from its contacts. Hazards from short-circuiting are prevented by isolating the terminals.

Label the box with the name, type, and capacity of the battery

Labeled it with the words on it. For example, “Moman Power 210 v mount lithium ion battery of 210Wh”. Write some necessary information clearly to avoid you closing the box and forgetting what kind is inside, but also to facilitate the staff's inspection and inquiry when passing the security check.

Ensure that battery-powered devices do not turn on accidentally

If you must put a battery-operated item in your luggage so it won't unintentionally switch on during the journey, please do so. Tape the safety switch or on-off switch in the "off" position if one is present.

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