Bicycle to bicycle intercom is a useful communication device for cyclists. It supports two-way speaking in a long distance, and enables you to enjoy music streaming, picking up hands-free phone calls, and getting directions with GPS service. This blog is a buyer guide to choosing the best one according to types, applications, and other factors.
  • How to choose a bicycle to bicycle intercom among various types?
  • How to choose the best rider communication system for different applications?
  • What else do you need to consider before buying an intercom for bike riders?
Moman H2 helmet to helmet motorbike intercom is designed to have a knob control. It offers easy operation for communciating during high-speed riding.

How to choose a bicycle to bicycle intercom among various types?

There are several variations of these intercom systems. Here we will make comparisons of intercom vs headset and wireless vs wired, listing the pros & cons, and choosing tips.

Intercom or headset, What’s the difference between these two bike to bike communication systems?

Though Bluetooth intercoms and headsets for bikers are quite alike, they are different. Intercoms support communication among devices while headset can only connect to mobiles and be used to talk in phone calls. Here we will take Moman H2 wireless intercom and Moman H4 Bluetooth headset for half helmet as examples, and make comparisons in features and usages.

From the information below, we concluded the differences between Moman H2 and H4 helmet devices for cyclists into a comparsion table.


Moman H2 intercom

Moman H4 headset

Bluetooth tech

Wireless communication

Connect to mobile

Music streaming

Phone calls

FM radios

GPS service

Smart noise reduction

Battery requirement

Compatible with half helmet

  • Moman H2 bicycle helmet intercom: This two-way intercom for cyclists for sale at US$89.99 of 2-rider kit. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and supports real-time communication within 1000 meters for two bikers. Its inbuilt DSP and CVC noise suppression system ensures a high-quality sound transmission. It is compatible with open-face, modular, motocross, and retro helmets, but can’t be mounted on a half-helmet. Moman H2 motorcycle intercom bike to bike device is perfect for biking, motorcycle racing, parachute jumping, skiing, and other activities.
Moman H2 motobike two-way intercom can be used in off-road riding, racing, jumping, and so on. It is designed to have a convenient knob control for operation even with thick gloves on.
  • Moman H4 Bluetooth headset: This bicycle to bicycle helmet headset uses BT 5.0 and EDR tech. And it only cost US$25.99 at Moman PhotoGears Store, which is more budget than the Moman H2. It can wirelessly connect to your cell phone and supports music streaming and controls with high-quality stereo. It features voice prompting and assistance for picking up and hanging up phone calls. Most important, the Moman H4 bicycle intercom headset can attach to various helmet types including the biker half-face helmet.

Moman H4 bicycle Bluetooth headset can connect to two smartphones at one time. It can be used to enjoy songs, picking up phone calls, and reciving GPS.

Bicycle intercom wireless vs wired, what are their pros and cons?

Some employ Bluetooth technology for wireless connection, while some are linked to the rider's helmet for hands-free communication.

  • Wireless intercoms: Choose this type if you wish to communicate with other riders on the road without physically connecting your communication device to your helmet. It combines the enhanced flexibility of wireless technology with the stability and dependability of two-way radio communication. With no unsecured wire, this type of bicycle intercom system can fit into your existing helmet with ease. Bluetooth and Mesh both offer reliable wireless connection and transmission.
  • Wired communicators: A retro radio is sometimes preferred by motorcyclists over Bluetooth communication devices. The frequencies used by these systems are FM, FRS, or GMRS. You can speak and listen while driving hands-free because the radio is usually attached to the helmet, but you'll need to connect the cables before you get on the bike. Typically, the system is permanently linked to the bicycle.


Wireless intercom

Wired intercom


1.    It use dependable and tested modern technology. It is simple to use, featuring easy installation and operation.

2.    It lets you enjoy music streaming and GPS directions after connecting to smartphone.

3.    It support Bluetooth group communication. You may add up to multiple riders via Mesh communication system.

1.    It is usually more budget.

2.    It can connect to your smart helmet or bike and be charged directly without external replenishment.

3.    Wired walkie-talkie is more stable for communication over short distances compared with wireless connections.


1.    Its operation may be impacted by obstacles like walls, people, trees, and other elements.

2.    There might be a lot of electromagnetic interference.

3.    Its inbuilt battery needs recharges, which can cost electricity shortage concern.

1. Some of them might be not compatible with the latest types of helmets or bikes.

2. Most of them only support two-way talking, and can be used in group communication.

3. The wires and cables affects the using and viewing.

Moman H2 wireless bicycle two-way intercom has a transmission range of 1000 meter. Its inbuilt noise reduction system uses DSP and CVC tech for getting clear and crisp sound.

How to choose the best rider communication system for different applications?

This simple rider communication solution will keep you in touch without interfering with your ability to drive. But different applications may have various needs for the intercom devices. Here we divide it into two types of biking and motorcycling and talk about what to care about when choosing an intercom.

Moman H3 dirt bike intercom has a Bluetooth sharing distance of 2000 meter. It offers reliable and stable communication during off-road riding and racing. It is robust, versatile, and budget.

Consider the compatibility and comfort of the cycling intercom for communication

The bicycle to bicycle intercom should make it simpler and safer for bikers to converse with one another. It needs to be able to be mounted on your helmet, which is usually the half-face helmet. Many of today's intercoms can only be mounted on open-face helmets or other types. With the detachable clips, Moman H4 wireless headset can apply to that.

Bicycle riders need to care about the size and weight of the bicycle intercom system because these two features mainly decide whether its wearing is comfortable or not. Speaking while riding is already difficult, especially when your pedaling effort is above-average pace. A compact and lightweight bicycle to bicycle helmet device can help you enjoy your riding.

Focus on audio quality and noise reduction features of motorcycle riding Bluetooth device

Intercoms for motorcyclists will have higher requirements for sound quality. Because they ride faster, the corresponding wind noise plus engine noise will be louder. Whether it is a street bike or dirt bike helmet intercom, the intelligent noise reduction system that comes with them is an important plus point. For example, the Moman H2 has a DSP and CVC smart tech for filtering unwanted sound during high-speed riding. But there are also cases where this won't stop the noise. Many riders also use sponges in the speakers to make the sound clearer.

Moman H3 bicycle to bicycle intercom is small and lightweight. It supports 6 riders having real-time communication and can be used in cycling, motorbike riding, skiing, and so on.

What else do you need to consider before buying an intercom for bike riders?

Before deciding on a bike-to-bike communication system, consider the following short list of issues.

1. Battery life: What’s the continuous working time of the wireless helmet intercom?

While more recent Bluetooth systems may operate for more than a day, a radio device that is plugged in and attached to the bike does not require charging. It might be challenging to recharge the battery. When on a lengthy drive or behind the wheel for a long period of time, the fact that radios don't need to be charged can be a lifesaver. If Bluetooth is your preferred method of communication, check sure the battery will survive the entire journey.

Moman H3 bicycle intercom has a long battery life that features a continuous working time of 30hours. It supports quick charging through the Type-C port.

2. Transmission range: What is the communication distance of the bicycle Bluetooth intercom?

Bicyclists frequently follow one another when riding, which makes it difficult for them to converse with one another. Thus when buying a bike-to-bike communication, the range is one of the most crucial considerations. Remember that if the other cyclist is no longer in your line of sight, certain radios may disconnect you. As a result, you will need to close your following distance in order to maintain contact.

3. Durability: Is the bike to bike intercom built of robust and waterproof materials?

In some way, the helmet to helmet intercom for bikes will be exposed to the weather. Make sure your radio, speaker, or headset can survive some wear and tear because of this. To prevent moisture from getting inside, the system must be entirely waterproof.


Like with any pricey bike accessory, do a few rides without it to see whether you actually need a bicycle to bicycle intercom. Once you've determined that you do, conduct your research to determine which system is ideal for your needs.

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