For your professional external power supply, a v mount battery charger is an indispensable accessory in your photography kit. In this blog, we will talk about how to choose the right one  by considering the types, size, and suitable voltage and current.
  • Choose the type of AC D-tap charger for your v mount external power source
  • Pick a portable v-mount battery charger pack with the right size
  • Identify what output voltage and current is suitable for your v-lock power supply
  • Frequently asked questions about using a v mount battery charger
    V mount battery and charger is the crucial part of camera rigs of photographers. They can provide stable power for your devices, such as shooting equipment, LED lights, etc.

    Choose the type of AC D-tap charger for your v mount external power source

    Based on the main search results, we can simply divide them into several categories. In the following, we will talk about their features, pros, and cons.

    1. Charger with v mounting lock

    • Pros: The universal dual v mount battery charger is designed with a handle so that you can easily pick it up or place it on the ground for charging at any time. It has the advantage of being able to provide power to multiple batteries at the same time. This kind will be able to charge a camera battery through a pure copper connection. Both sides will have a power button, various outputs, indicators, and so on.
    • Cons: Its disadvantage is that it is heavy and not easy to carry. And because of the high current output at the same time, if the heat is not timely, it is easy to cause overheating. And since the locks position is fixed, the dual v-mount battery charger and power supply high DC out can only
    While MP 99 has LED indicators to show charging status, Moman Power 99 Pro 99Wh v lock battery has a OLED screen to display the charging process during replenishment.

      2. AC charger cable with D-tap

      • Pros: This simple adapter cable is very easy to use and it is relatively cheap. The label on the top is marked with detailed input/output information, providing a secure and constant current. The AC charger cable for v-mount batteries is usually designed with LED lights for status indication. D-tap charger is not only common for v-mount batteries, it is also widely used for gold-mount power supplies, digital cameras, and other photography gear.
      • Cons: For some products that do not support D-tap input, it is somewhat limited. And one charger cable doesn't charge multiple v-mount batteries at the same time.

      3. Type-C charger for fast replenishment

      • Pros: Not only are more and more mobiles or camera devices now supporting USB-C, but v-mount camera batteries are also adding Type-C input/output ports for charging or being charged. Here is the table of the interfaces of Moman v-mount batteries, which shows that Type-C charger is increasingly enjoying a wider compatibility.


      Power 70

      Power 99

      Power 99S

      Power 99 Pro

      Power 140

      Power 420

      USB-C Input





      USB-C Output





      What is the best among the three kinds?

      To summarize the three types of v lock batteries and chargers, we would recommend the type of AC d-tap charger cable. This is because it has the highest usage rate and is of a very suitable size and price. In terms of charging performance, it is also of high quality and can ensure a stable and efficient output to make sure your V-mount batteries can be filled up in time.






      AC 100-240V, 1A(Max)


      DC 16.8V, 3A(Max)



      LED indicator


      UL, UKCA, CE standards

      Gimpro Tap 50 is a v mount battery charger with D-tap. And it has US/UK/JP/EU plugs as options. It has an output of max. 3A direct current.

      With the best budget price of US $29.99, Gimpro Tap 50 d-tap battery charger offers four plug options, including the US, UK, JP, and EU. This is made to charge li-ion batteries with a D-tap socket for charging. DC output for it is 16.8V at max. 3A. A built-in protection circuit on it guards against overcharging, overvoltage, and overcurrent problems. Buy Tap 50 video camera battery charger with the v mount li ion battery Power 99, 99S, or 140 at Moman PhotoGears Store, you can get a discount total price.

      Pick a portable v-mount battery charger pack with the right size

      Size on the one hand refers to the dimension, it needs to be portable and small enough for you to take it on an airplane to shoot remotely or to shoot on the go on a regular basis. On the other hand, it refers to the power and capacity of the v-lock power supply being charged. The V-mount battery and charger you use should also be compliant and stable.

      When buying outdoor power supplies, photographers in the pursuit of large capacity at the same time will require small size. Like Moman Power 420 has a 420Wh high capacity while in the dimensions of 10*15.4*8cm, and weighing 2.071kg, which is no more than heavier than a dual-channel v mount battery charger. The need for a portable charger is the same, it can facilitate off-site shooting and travel filming missions.

      Moman Power 140 v mount video battery can be charged through the USB-C input port of 45W(Max) and D-tap of 16.8V 3A.

      Identify what output voltage and current is suiatble for your v-lock power supply

      Can I charge v mount battery with any charger? The answer is no. You should read the parameters carefully before buying, and make sure the main specifications can apply to your batteries, like the voltage and current. If the charger is not used properly, even the best v mount battery charger can easily destroy the cable and also damage the external power source. So like the Gimpro Tap 50 has a set of its own defense system is very necessary. If you pick the wrong voltage or current, it may cause two possible situations:

      • The gadget may operate, albeit intermittently, if the voltage on a charger is lower than that of the device but the current is the same. The gadget will probably switch down when it senses an overvoltage if the v mount battery charger has a greater voltage but the current is the same. If it doesn't, the gadget can run hotter than usual, which might limit its lifespan or result in instant damage.
      • You won't have any issues if its current is more than what the device input demands while it has the appropriate voltage. However, if the device input is more than the rated current, this might result in overheating or failing.
      Moman Power 99 v-lock li ion battery can be powered up by the Gimpro Tap 50 D-tap camera battery charger.

        Therefore, choosing a 99Wh v mount battery with an OLED screen like Moman Power 99 Pro is necessary. It is built with a smart battery management system, which effectively avoids the issues of over current/voltage, short circuit, and other problems thanks to the BMS.

        Frequently asked questions about using a v mount battery charger

        How to charge v mount battery properly?

        It's crucial to use the right charger while charging your V-mount battery. It can be damaged and set on fire if it is used with one that is not intended for that purpose.

        1. Learn about the polarity and check the indicator and connector

        Before putting an AC adapter into the v mount battery charger, be sure the adapter is connected to an outlet that has the right voltage. When it is correctly plugged in and the battery is ready to be charged, watch for the indicator light to turn green. Remove it from the battery and the outlet, then put it away until you need it.

        2. Avoid overcharging it or overnight charging

        This might potentially result in a fire and reduce the battery's lifespan. If you're using a v mount battery plate charger supply with a DC input, make sure the positive lead is attached to the relevant positive terminal and the negative lead is attached to the right negative terminal. Check the ports and connections if your v lock battery isn't charging.

        What’s the difference between battery charging and maintenance when using a v-mount charger?

        • Battery charging refers to the process of fully recharging a flat or dead battery.
        • Battery maintenance refers to just keeping the cells topped out.

        For instance, battery maintenance is preferable to battery charging if you're keeping a v-mount power supply that you only use sometimes but want to make sure it's ready to go on a sudden shooting mission. Trickle charging is a common term used to describe this. Both duties are carried out by every v mount battery plate charger supply, thus it's critical to understand each charger's limitations.

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