When using wired mics, speakers may feel constrained. They may perform whatever they wish with the freedom provided by cordless type since the sound is transformed into radio signals via a digital wireless lavalier microphone system, While giving you greater flexibility and mobility, a wireless microphone is typically more expensive than a wired one. Today’s blog will tell you how to choose the right one.
  • What is digital wireless microphone?
  • How do digital wireless microphones work?
  • What does the best wireless Lavalier microphone for filmmaking like?
SYNCO G2(A2) wireless collar clip microphone system is of two-channel and a display screen. It utilizes the 2.4GHz transmission.

What is digital wireless microphone?

A cordless digital microphone, as defined by Wikipedia, is not physically connected to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is related and uses the wireless transmission of digital.

Handheld type for stage performance

There are many different types of wireless microphones, each with a distinct use. However, the handheld one is the most popular. Transmitters are necessary for a wireless one to function in order to convey audio signals that will be broadcast as live sound.

However, since the transmitter for this kind of digital wireless microphone for church is already present, they do not require a separate transmitter. A wireless system also requires a receiver in addition to a transmitter. The technical equipment known as receivers is what takes a radio signal from a transmitter and transforms it into real-time audio that can be heard through a sound system.

Lavalier type for video recording

It is used to be fastened to a man's body or underneath their clothes. They are made to be stealthy and light and just need a tiny transmitter pack, which is generally hooked onto a person's belt or kept in their pockets. Like the handheld one, the lapel mic also has a transmitter and a receiver. Some kind like SYNCO G2(A2) dual channel lavalier wireless microphone system is equipped with two TXs since it can support two-speaker talking and recording at the same time. It is perfect for two-actor filmmaking, one-to-one interviewing, and so on.

You can use SYNCO G2(A2) compact rechargeable microphone system of wireless digital for video chatting, Youtube video and Tiktok shorts production.

A sound mixer may regulate and modify the audio feeds that wireless lavalier microphones provide through radio waves to a receiver. Although there are many different types of lav microphones, the best ones will produce audio that is on par with a typical boom type.

How do digital wireless microphones work?

How can choosing the best system for you be aided by understanding how they operate?

UHF vs digital wireless microphone, how to compare them?

  • UHF

Digital systems can operate more channels in the valuable UHF region than their analog counterparts can in a limited amount of spectrum. This is due to the fact that using numerous wireless channels at once results in a lot of system interaction. Digital UHF wireless dual lavalier microphone system distributes intermodulation interference across a wider frequency range even if they actually produce more of it.

Moman CP2 wireless phone microphone for iPhone and Android is small, and packed with a quick charging case.
  • Digital

It will always be digital if a wireless system operates at 2.4GHz. Almost all of the wireless lapel phone microphones sold at Moman PhotoGears Store use this 2.4 digital system with less signal interference. However, even though they might cost more, they might be worthwhile.

This kind of transmission of the digital wireless microphone system for camcorders is currently used by many systems. Because the signal needs to be compressed less, this generally offers better audio quality than analog systems. Intermodulation is also far less of an issue because a front-end signal is used. In this situation, there is less risk of interference while running numerous systems. Additionally, the audio is of much higher quality. So choose a digital system if you want almost perfect audio.

SYNCO P-series lavalier microphone system for smartphone are all designed to have great audio quality, plug-and-play feature, and light indicators.

Are digital wireless microphones more resistant to interference?

If you desire clear, noise-free sound, podcast phone microphone of digital type are typically preferable. This is due to the fact that their transmitters convey audio signals over the air using digital encoding, which is then delivered from a transmitter to a receiver, who subsequently delivers them to the sound system. Additionally, it preserves the entire dynamic and frequency range of the incoming audio signal when it is decoded by the receiver.

What does the best wireless Lavalier microphone for filmmaking like?

Which system is best for you is entirely up to you. A thorough examination of the many specifications offered is worthwhile. Except for the audio quality, what other features do we need to look for?

You can connect the lav mic to SYNCO G2(A2) Digital camera DSLR lavalier microphone, and hide it in your clothes for a video recording or interview.

It should be compact yet versatile for different applications

Portability might not seem like a benefit if the users intend to remain static. But what about scenes when they are moving about a room, rushing down a street, or standing far away from one another? There will be too much for a single boom operator to keep up with or capture. Here, pre-blocking and scene-setting will help determine how to record the audio in the most effective manner.

It should have a strong battery and convenient charging methods

Since the wireless Lavalier microphone system for video camera runs on batteries, be ready to swap out and recharge them at inconvenient moments. To lessen the inconvenience when a battery dies, make sure you have spare batteries ready and properly charged. Like SYNCO G1 Pro wireless microphone system for camcorder is packed with a quick charging case, which enables it to be fully recharged in 2 hours and run for another 8 hours.

Just plug the receiver of SYNCO P2L to your iPhone through the lightning port, and clip the transmitter to your collar or tie, then you can start speaking and filming.

It should be small enough to be hidden during video production

The ability to conceal a digital Lavalier microphone is one of its main selling points. This implies that in almost any situation, it is feasible to record clear audio directly from the performer. Furthermore, just because it's called a lapel mic doesn't mean that's the only place it can fasten to a jacket.


The freedom to walk about freely without worrying about tripping over mic wires and cables is the most obvious advantage of wireless technology. They offer a considerably clearer sound compared to wired ones, which is another advantage. The best course of action when it comes to a digital wireless Lavalier microphone system is to make an investment in a solid system since you'll be sure to get a far better sound.

Wireless microphones

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