What is a Bluetooth intercom headset? They are digital wireless communication systems that are usually used among motorcycle riders. They use basic types of connectivity, for short-range networking technologies using radio waves for communication. They enable convenient and safe conversation among riding gang members.

  • What can a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom headset do?
  • What kind of wireless Bluetooth intercom headset do you need?
  • Bluetooth vs Mesh, which kind of tech is better?

What can a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom headset do?

  • To interact with other cyclists in your group or talk with your passenger rider, such as to point out something particularly noteworthy or warn of risks.
  • To place calls using the Bluetooth helmet kit on your motorcycle while your cell phone is connected via Bluetooth.
  • By the Bluetooth connection to your phone or using a built-in radio receiver in order to stream music from your intercom headset.

What kind of wireless Bluetooth intercom headset do you need?

Moman, as a mature and experienced Bluetooth intercom headset manufacturer, has developed and sold H-series motorcycle helmet intercoms that are now available in Moman PhotoGears Stores at low prices and have been well received. Next, we will recommend two useful products for you.

Moman H4 wireless earphone for motorcycle riding

Moman H4 Bluetooth motorcycle headset uses BT5.0+EDR. It features voice prompting, music streaming, and FM radio.

Bluetooth Version


Frequency Range


Transimission Distance


Charging Time

2 Hours

Standby Time

160 Hours

Continuous Working Time

5 Hours

With a price of US$25.99, Moman H4 is useful and professional enough for most motorcyclists. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and supports music streaming, phone calls, and GPS use. But Moman H4 can not be used for wireless communication between helmet devices. Though, it can connect to your mobile phone and provides high-quality stereo thanks to smart noise reduction and two-phone pairing at the same time.

Moman H3 Bluetooth headset intercom system

Moman H3 2-way intercom supports a communication between two-riders within the distance of 2000 meters. Also, it can wirelessly connect to your smartphone.

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Protocol


Transmission Range


Connection Distance with Mobile


Frequency Range


Working Time

30 Hours

Standby Time

500 Hours

The H4 does not support communication between two devices, although it does support making and hanging up calls. If you want a wireless communication system, we recommend the Moman H3 intercom packed with a boom mic. H3 enables you to talk to your teammates within 2000 meters. Your group can use it for daily riding or serious racing. And it is designed to have a convenient one-button control, being really suitable for hands-free calling and volume control, and FM radio selection.

Bluetooth vs Mesh, which kind of tech is better?

Bluetooth is the wireless technology that most people are familiar with, and most helmet Bluetooth intercom headsets are now using advanced Bluetooth version 5.0 or above. However, there is another option called Mesh on the market, so which one is better?

What is Dynamic Mesh?

In a dynamic mesh Bluetooth system, each device acts as its own hub with links to all other accessible units that have access to the same network, forming a network with many distinct connections between each unit.

What could it do?

  • The benefit of dynamic-mesh technology's network range is that it can sustain connections with other dynamic-mesh Bluetooth devices from more than a mile away. They can accommodate up to fifteen riders in each group on average, while some modern models may accommodate 24.
  • You may frequently establish a password for your network on a Dynamic Mesh system of dirt bike helmet communication, if you're searching for more protection. No one else would be able to overhear your private discussions as a result.
Moman H1 motorycle helmet intercom uses the Bluetooth tech of 5.1 verson and supports a transmitting distance of 800 meters

In general, a dynamic mesh communication system in helmet to helmet intercom overcomes all of the drawbacks of the daisy chain and is regarded as the standard for Bluetooth intercoms and communication.

These systems function by simultaneously linking ALL riders within a certain range. In this manner, if a rider ever left a pack, it wouldn't sever their link with the others. When a small group separates from the main group, they may need to reunite once they are back inside the network's coverage area. However, the entire communication system would never be dependent on a single person.

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