To use a fantastic microphone and get high-quality audio! Every streamer is aware that a successful live stream depends on the stream's quality. This blog will tell you how to choose a microphone for live streaming and achieve better audio. And three diverse types of practical streamer mics are recommended.

  • What to look for in a microphone for live streaming?
  • Which type is the best microphone for streaming live?
  • How to improve microphone audio during a live stream?

What to look for in a microphone for live streaming?

If you want to capture sound in greater, you'll need a special microphone with a powerful head and excellent sensors that can pick up the sound even in silent environments and provide high-resolution audio.

1. The sensitivity of the live streaming microphone is one of the key factors in sound quality

An output signal intensity per unit of sound pressure is indicated by the device's sensitivity rating. The output ratings are frequently expressed in millivolts AC (mV) or decibels relative to 1 volt (dBV). Though some older kinds have their sound pressure stated in dyne/cm2, the Facebook live stream microphone nowadays is normally expressed in decibels or pascals of sound pressure level of dB. A stronger sensitivity is beneficial sometimes, while a lower sensitivity one is better other times. For capturing loud, isolated sounds, low sensitivity works well. For recording ambient, silent noises, high sensitivity types are typically preferable.

2. Zero latency is an important live stream audio microphone feature that affects the spectator experience

Zero-latency monitoring, as well as direct monitoring, involves diverting the audio signal directly back to the monitors or headphones. This implies that there won't be any audible delay and that you'll hear your speech unaltered by any processing or enhancements. For example, Moman wireless microphone for live streaming CP1 Series has this capability. With the use of this audio capability, you can hear your speech over the earphones. It makes sure you can determine if you are speaking too loudly or softly without shouting since you can hear your speaking earpiece. Even the pitch may be changed to appear more funny and professional as you want. Additionally, you'll be aware of what's happening and feel more at ease and secure when doing live streaming because you can hear what you're saying.

3. One-touch mute is a helpful design to prevent live broadcast accidents

The feature of the one-touch mute design makes it possible for users to mute their good cheap microphone for live video streaming without deactivating the settings, even if they already begin the live broadcast on the platform. This feature is useful for handling unforeseen circumstances. By giving live streamers the chance and flexibility to mute their audio, hosts will provide their live streaming experience more freedom, as the new capability can assist lessen the pressure of making a specific sound when live streaming.

Which type is the best microphone for streaming live?

Except for the specifications mentioned above, there’re also the polar pattern, frequency response, self-noise, and more, that we need to take into consideration. Choosing the inexpensive one with poor sound quality and proper connection is insufficient. Get the greatest gear you can afford for your particular purpose if you care about professional audio quality. Here are three different types of professional microphones for you.

Table: Comparison of three live streaming microphones at Moman Store from price to specs 


Moman EMR

Moman CP1(A)




Sale price: $39.99

Regular price: $49.99



-38dB+3dB (0dB=1V/Pa, at 1KHz)


(0dB=1V/Pa, at 1KHz)


Polar pattern




Frequency response

20 Hz to 20KHz

20 Hz to 20KHz

50 Hz to 12KHz


Electret Condenser


Electret condenser

Moman EMR retro USB microphone for live streaming 

Moman EMR Retro USB Microphone can work with smartphones, tablets, computers for live streaming

USB microphone for PC is one of the most common types of live streamers nowadays, as many live streaming activities are done in front of the computer, including youtube or TikTok live stream, online classes in zoom meetings, and a major part of video games live streaming on twitch, and so on. When you are playing some battle games, you can hear your enemies’ footsteps through the delay-free sound transmission to call your teammates and fight back in time. And when you want to sing live, the EMR PC gamer streaming microphone which has a 16mm large-diaphragm condenser smart chip and enjoys a wide range of frequency response from 20 Hz to 20KHz, is capable of delivering your natural and authentic vocals to the audience. And you can make adjustments in time with real-time audio checking.

Moman CP1(A) wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone

Moman CP1(A) clip on wireless microphone for iPhone is small and lightweight, taking a plug&play design

Moman CP1(A), mini yet mighty, could be the Bluetooth microphone for live streaming which features a lightning interface. Clip the transmitter on your collar and plug the receiver into your IOS devices, and you can start your phone live streaming immediately. The mute button is more visible and robust. When managing different duties, the built-in LED indicator light that shows the working and silent state helps you be more effective. If you are using an Android phone or another type of mobile, we also have a CP1(C) microphone for iPhone live streaming with a Type-C port for your requirements. It is suitable for on-the-go streaming types outdoors by freeing your hands and no cable-tripping accidents. As well, this kind is also suitable for sports or dance YouTubers. The small structure enables it not hinder the large range of large movements they perform. In addition, when you are considering two or more people, a wireless microphone with a dual channel is your preferred option, such as Moman CP2 and so on.

SYNCO U3 shotgun mic for live streaming

SYNCO U3 unidirectional shotgun microphone is perfect for camera recording, vlogging and interviewing

Since a modern long distance microphone of shotgun type is typically used to record sound from far away, it is attempting to pick up weak signals. Because of this, it has to have a higher sensitivity than those designed to capture close sources. A shotgun mic for DSLR is necessary when using a camera for streaming. The SYNCO U3 with real-time monitoring enables you to check the audio output and make any adjustments.

How to improve microphone audio during a live stream?

1. Position the live streaming microphone properly

Another typical issue is vocals that sound distant and flat, almost as if they were recorded in a washroom. Fortunately, this situation is readily resolved by adopting an appropriate positioning. You may capture more of the voice you are speaking and less of the background noise by bringing the youtube live stream microphone closer to your lips. Try keeping your mouth between 6 and 12 inches from it and tilting it at a 45-degree angle towards your lips if you hear any "plosives," or popping noises brought on by the sounds of "p" and "t". By doing this, it can record the sound of your speech without being disturbed by large air bubbles.

2. Avoid raising too much bass

Sometimes the sound transferred from the microphone is like an underwater sound. The issue is that adding too much bass can make a recording sound muddy or muffled. Lower frequencies tend to occupy a lot of headroom in recordings. Clarity degrades when there is an excessive amount of bass because there are too many tones fighting for the same amount of auditory space. So when you are setting a mic, you need to adjust it to a proper volume and keep it on the appropriate bass.

3. Take advantage of noise suppression accessories

A sound white noise or light background noise that could be present in any of your audio sources can be eliminated with a suppression filter. It’s a delightful solution besides the professional microphones for live streaming. This can be quite successful at lowering things like computer-inbuilt fan noise or other background noises, but it normally isn't very efficient at reducing ambient sound in big volumes.


The finest live streaming microphone helps you sound like a pro. The greatest one not only sounds crystal clear and rich, but it's also simple to use—you don't need a degree in audio engineering to get the most out of it. You may now begin recording your lovely vocals after plugging them in and turning them on. Great types are produced by a ton of audio businesses, but each one has advantages and disadvantages. All in all, which microphone for live streaming will you choose, it's your specific needs that matter.


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