While video image is vital, audio is just as crucial since it frequently distinguishes between amateur and professional content. Because of the pursuit of high-quality sound, more and more people are using long distance microphone, especially the shotgun type of it for video production. And in this blog, we will talk about what is it, why you need it, and list three products for you to consider.
  • What is a long distance microphone?
  • When do you need a shotgun mic for long range?
  • Three best microphones for long distance recording at Moman
Wireless long range microphone like SYNCO U1L or U1P is mini yet powerful. This kind is ideal for YouTubers and TikTok bloggers to shoot video with a good audio.

    What is a long distance microphone?

    Commonly, a long distance microphone can be divided into two types to explain, which are the shotgun kind and the parabolic kind.

    • Long distance shotgun microphone: It has a specific direction. It has a single, extended tube, which you must direct at the intended sound source. Also, it has a lesser range but is far more compact and unobtrusive since it lacks a parabola.In this blog, we will focus on the shotgun mic and discuss it.
    • Parabolic mic: It has a reflector that aids in concentrating and capturing sound from a distance is usually applied to football games and other athletic events. Although it’s more sensitive at long distances than shotgun microphones, they don't always provide the best sound.

    How far away the long-distance shotgun microphone can pick up sounds?

    The normal pickup range of a shotgun long range wireless microphone is four to ten feet. First of all, we have to know the three pickup patterns frequently seen in it, including the ultra-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and supercardioid. The most typical is the third one. The sound is more sensitive in front of it in each of these pickup patterns. They are therefore the best choice when there is distracting background noise. Everything depends! Compared to a regular type, a shotgun mic is substantially longer. They are rebuilt as shotgun-shape because of this. The most crucial aspect to take into account when selecting one is its practical range.

    A directional microphone long distance of shotgun kind often does adequate booming and voice detection. It has superior off-axis high-frequency rejection than a hyper-cardioid one, although being less directional than its longer brothers. More off-axis audio will be rejected by longer tubes, but their size makes them more challenging to deal with. As this microphone is very sensitive to location and necessitates a fixed recording source or a trained boom operator, moving it even slightly off-axis would attenuate the sound source. This is frequently the best choice in noisy settings.

    Small shotgun microphone can be mounted on the camera and records in a distance, being still rich and natural for live streaming, podcasting, etc.

    When do you need a shotgun mic for long range?

    Long distance shotgun microphone, also known as an interference tube mic, is made to reject sound coming from the sides and pick up sound coming from the end. They are frequently utilized in movies and videos where it is difficult to employ on-screen ones and there is a worry about background noise.

    • Videography: Due to the better radio and effective background noise elimination, a small long distance microphone is often used for outdoor professional run-and-gun filmmaking, which will not affect the picture like a lapel mic while still maintaining good sound quality. Also, there are budget and tiny ones, like SYNCO U1L&U1P, that are also ideal for on-the-go phone recording, and video shooting with cameras.
    • Instrumental recording: Because of its excellent sound quality thanks to tube design, it can obtain a clean and flawless sound that is perfect for songs or instruments recording, and more.
    • Podcasting: As they are built for voice recording and streaming, they are also the best podcast phone microphone. They are also excellent mics for various situations in which you might require an external recording tool.

    Three best microphones for long distance recording at Moman

    How do you go about picking a good gun mic? Below is a list of three products that may suit your different needs. Through the table, you can not only have a good understanding and clear comparison of them but also clearly see that there are some parameters that you need to pay attention to when buying.

    Specification table of SYNCO U1P, D2, and D30 for comparison





    Price (USD)




    Regular price$199.00



    Back Electret Condenser

    Back Electret Condenser

    Polar Pattern


    Super Cardioid

    Hyper Cardioid

    Frequency Response




    Signal to Noise Ratio


    82dB(1KHz at 1Pa)

    80dB (1KHz at 1Pa)

    Sensitivity (1dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)

    -35dB at 1KHz



    Max SPL

    (T.H.D≤1% at 1kHz)


    124 dB



    (at 1kHz)


    16Ω (Headphone);

    300Ω±20% (Line out).




    Aluminium Alloy


    Output Interface

    3.5mm TRRS


    Type-C to 3.5mm

    1. SYNCO U1P: Long range microphone for smartphone and tablet


    SYNCO U1L is made to have a 3.5mm TRRS output interface for smartphone usage. It features plug and play design, which makes it simple to start recording.


    It's extra special compared to the other two. It is only as small as a finger and weighs 20g. It has a price of just under $30. Although not as professional and comprehensive, but featuring a plug-and-play design, polar pattern of cardioid, and 90° rotatable construction to adapt to the camera for recording, already enough to meet the daily videography use.

    Being one of the SYNCO U series, SYNCO U1P is made to work for mobile devices with a 3.5mm TRRS port like the Android phones. And the SYNCO U1L, which is for sale at the Moman Store as well, comes with a Lightning plug for iPhones or iPads.

    2. SYNCO D30: On-camera mic with dual soundtracks protection


    SYNCO D30 is a durable and versatile long distance microphone of shotgun type for camcorders and digital cameras like BMPCC, DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and even daily mobile devices like laptops, pads, and phones. Featuring 70Hz/150Hz low cut mode and overdrive protection mechanism, the stepless analog gain control dial on it allows adjustments in the linear range of -10dB to 15 dB.

    3. SYNCO D2: long range XLR condenser mic with a brass body


    SYNCO D2 XLR condenser microphone for long range recording, is a shotgun type audio device for filmmaking, vlogging, live streaming, etc.


    SYNCO D2 long distance microphone for sale at Moman is made of a special body of brass materials for sturdy construction, lightweight, and higher sound-capturing performance. You will have greater noise and interference immunity with equal XLR output signals. Also, if your camera has a stereo micro interface, you'll need to purchase an XLR video converter in able to utilise high-quality mics.

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