Biking or riding is a lonely activity without a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom. It's an excellent method to unwind or collect your thoughts while you're riding by yourself. But, you will undoubtedly want to chat with them if you are traveling with another rider or have a passenger. This blog would give you the choosing tips and recommendations to find the best one, also ways to set it up in your helmet.
  • How do Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms work?
  • What is the best Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system at Moman PhotoGears Store?
  • What to look for when choosing a Bluetooth system?
  • How to set up intercoms in your helmet?
Moman H3 Wireless Intercom for Motorcycle Helmets has a biker-to-biker sharing distance of 2000m

    How do Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms work?

    Definition and applications

    An intercom system is an electrical tool that facilitates two-way communication between individuals. It is a perfect solution for you if you're one of the many riders who like listening to music, hearing sat-nav directions, making or taking phone calls, and chatting with passengers or other riders.
    Common wireless technology that  used.

    In the United States, Bluetooth intercom for half helmets, full type, or reto type, employs one of four radio kinds. These are Bluetooth, FM, GMRS, and FRS. The frequency modulation (FM) radio used for motorbike intercoms uses a narrower frequency than the FM radio you now listen to. As with FM radio, these systems may create crystal-clear audio when placed somewhat close to one another. When there are no obstacles like hills between the transmitter and receiver, FM radio performs at its best. In order to eliminate wired connections across short distances, Bluetooth was developed. Several items have been produced as a consequence, one of which involves incorporation into motorcycle helmets. A helmet and smartphone may link through Bluetooth, allowing the user to listen to music and communicate while riding.

    What is the best Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system at Moman PhotoGears Store?

    Moman H3 helmet Bluetooth intercom has a convenient one-button control for picking up phones, listening to music or radio FM, etc.

    Moman H3 Bluetooth bike to bike motorcycle intercom


    $79.99 Regular $89.99

    Bluetooth version


    Transmission range


    Working & standby & charging time

    30H & 500H & 2H

    Available channels

    6 pcs could be paired

    Connect with mobile

    ✓( < 20m )


    ✓( IP65 )

    Moman H1 motorcycle two-way intercom has a clear sound output and DSP noise reduction tech, to prevent wind noise or other unwanted background sound.

    Moman H1 two-way motorcycle intercom


    $49.99(Single Pack) Regular $59.99

    $89.99(2-Rider Kit) Regular $99.99

    Bluetooth version


    Transmission range


    Working & standby & charging time

    30H & 500H & 2.5H

    Available channels

    2 pcs could be paired

    Connect with mobile

    ✓( < 50m )


    ✓( IP65 )

    What to look for when choosing a Bluetooth system?

    How a cyclist rides and what they wear while doing so greatly affects their safety. Here are three factors you should consider when making knowledgeable choices regarding the protective equipment you purchase.

    Does it use the right tech and can it be installed on your helmet?

    Unless each member of your posse has their own Bluetooth intercom system for motorcycle helmets, you cannot communicate as a group. In order for these gadgets to function successfully, they must also be compatible with one another. As much as possible, you should ensure that everyone in the group is utilizing the same type of technology. A unique motorcycle Bluetooth intercom headset with a boom microphone that may be fitted to the helmet is required if any of your traveling companions use half-face helmets. Everyone should be able to utilize the same device if they so want because the Bluetooth communicator should be compatible with a variety of helmet brands and models.

    Is it versatile enough to work for most of your application activities?

    Choose the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that can be utilized for other hobbies, like skiing, riding and mounting a bike, snowboarding, or motorcycling. if riding motorcycles is only one of your many interests. Any full-face helmet, including those worn for a variety of leisure sports, should be compatible with the device. If you can use the smartphone almost wherever you go, you will definitely receive your money's worth.

    Is it made of strong, drop-resistant, and waterproof material?

    Motorcycle riding may be nasty. If you and your pals enjoy off-roading, mud, rain, and snow may cause havoc on your communication equipment. Because of this, you must guarantee that your speakers are completely weather- or water-resistant. It shouldn't lose its charge when exposed to common dampness. Use this equipment with the respect it deserves because it may easily cost several hundred dollars per person. The tool should be able to endure some deterioration. You could accidentally leave it on the side of the road. To keep safe, get an intercom with a sturdy protective casing like Moman H3, which is built of sturdy materials and also waterproof as well.

    A Bluetooth intercom for motorcycle can also be used in climbing suchlike intense sports, and skiing, riding MTB, and others.

    How to set up intercoms in your helmet?

    You must know how to install these the rider to passenger Bluetooth intercom motorcycle properly if you want to reap their advantages and ensure that they are secure to use while riding. We'll provide you with some fundamental instructions for installing a motorbike helmet intercom in this short article.

    Four steps for easy installment

    • Check and analyze the structure of your helmet and disassemble the internal parts. If you have a full-face helmet, when you do not understand its composition, it is difficult to see the inside of the installation position and structure. This time you better take out the parts that can be disassembled first, to facilitate the subsequent operation. You need to remove the chin curtain, cheek pads, and poppers, completely.
    • Install the bracket outside your helmet. Many products come with the appropriate accessories inside the package for you to install the intercom on. All you need to do is follow the instructions. For example, the Moman H1 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom comes with a quick-release clip, a screwdriver, and two screws in the box.
    • Place the cable and microphone. You will need to secure the speakers, foam pads, and cable according to the design and direction of the parts in your helmet. The premise is that you want to make sure the cable doesn't get tangled in your hair and make you uncomfortable.
    • Check if it is fixed and safe. The intercom must also be able to be secured to each individual so that it doesn't slip off. The majority of intercoms are designed for full-face helmets. They often attach to the side so the object stays close to the user's lips without getting in the way of vision.

    Two details to pay attention to

    • Make sure that it is comfortable and fits your helmet

    Never undervalue how important it is to feel comfortable when traveling. It will discourage you from using the gadget in the first place if it digs into your neck or presses up against your face. It should be simple to place the gadget so that anyone can do it. Nothing that could hinder your view of the road should be hanging down, including cords and wires. Everyone should feel inclined to stay connected if it is pleasant to wear and simple to operate.

    • Make sure that it is safe for easy operation

    Your health and safety are more crucial than anything else when riding a motorbike. Your bike helmet intercom as the communication device shouldn't put your safety in danger while driving. Rather, the best motorcycle Bluetooth intercom should enhance it. Someone may easily be involved in an accident if the mounting is inappropriate and talking on their phones or speaking while driving can put people in danger.

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