Wireless devices for riders are essential when riding on the road. If you wish to make phone calls, you'll need a half helmet Bluetooth headset for safe and convenient communication.This blog will tell you what is it, and how to find the best one.
  • What is the best half helmet Bluetooth headset?
  • How to build up a Bluetooth half helmet setup for riding?
  • What can be used as alternatives to wireless headsets for half helmets?
  • Three factors to consider when choosing the best motorcycle communication systems for half helmets
Moman H4 half helmet Bluetooth headset can provide great audio with high-quality. It can be used with biking, motorcycle riding, skiing, and so on.

    What is the best half helmet Bluetooth headset?

    Bluetooth headset for half helmet is a reliable tool for cyclists and others who join in intense sports activities, like skiers, climbers, and jumpers. They are versatile and worth riders to buy for the benefits as follows:

    • Safe communication: Bikers can communicate and exchange information with other riders and passengers they are driving with.
    • Available navigation: Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets may guide other riders while using Google Maps or Waze to navigate.
    • Increased enjoyment: Motorcyclists can enjoy music streaming, pick up phone calls, and listen to FM radio while riding without taking off their helmets.

    Best half helmet Bluetooth communications for two-way speaking: Moman H4

    Moman H4 is the best Bluetooth headset for half helmet. It is compatible with kinds of helmets, including the half-face, full-face, motocross, modular helmets, and so on.

    Most headsets support helmet-to-helmet communication in two-way. Moman H4 can connect to two mobile phones at one time, offering secure and stable speaking with great audio quality. You might be able to converse with your riding partners if you wear this Moman H4 Bluetooth headset. You don't have to fiddle with another gadget because of these headphones.

    Best group communication systems for multiple-channels: Moman H3

    Moman H3 Bluetooth helmet intercom can pair six pieces of devices for group talking. It supports stable and clear audio within a long distance of 2000m.

    Larger groups frequently include a mix of slower and quicker riders of various ability levels. This often makes it considerably harder to navigate and maintain the group's cohesiveness. Helmet Bluetooth intercom like Moman H3 makes traversing the terrain easier. Six pieces of Moman H3 intercom can pair together for group riding or racing.

    How to build up a Bluetooth half helmet setup for riding?

    When we talk about Bluetooth half-face helmet setup for riders, it refers to the helmet and the Bluetooth headset intercom for half helmets. It can be divided into two categories: smart helmet with an inbuilt Bluetooth communication system, and common helmet for protection, and external Bluetooth devices for speaking. Here are two steps to build a suitable setup

    • Firstly, you need a strong and lightweight helmet to protect your head.
    In case you get into an accident while riding or are against the usual rain, snow, or hail, you need a robust helmet. For bikers, they usually choose a half face helmet that is more breathable and perspiration permeable. While for Motorcyclists, usually choose a full helmet with a streamlined design that is more windproof. And then mount the best Bluetooth headset for full face helmet on it.
    • Secondly, you need a wireless communication device for handsfree operation.

    Some cyclists choose the motorcycle helmet intercom systems for direct transmission, others choose the simple earphone that can connect to your smartphone for calls. Usually, they are already designed to have an expanded boom mic or speaker and don't require you to buy anything extra gadgets.

    Moman H2 Best wireless communicators for motorcycle helmet is designed for two-rider speaking. It has a convenient knob design for easy operation on the road.

      What can be used as alternatives to wireless headsets for half helmets?

      Here we find two alternatives for you, inlucluding the motorcycle intercom and wireless earphone.

      Half helmet Bluetooth intercom

      The difference between an intercom and a headset is the ability to communicate directly through the device, the rest of the features regarding listening to songs, answering calls, etc. are pretty much the same. They both connect to your phone for voice control and so on. So intercom is a perfect replacement for the headset. However, many helmet intercom designs do not support installation on half-face helmets, which is something you need to be aware of.

      Pair earphones for mobile phone

      The reason Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle half helmets are singled out as a special category of headsets is that they are designed to be fitted and operated exactly as helmets and cycling require. But common earphones like the Airpod Pro can be used to some extent, except that you'll need to equip them with some kind of windmuff or sponge pads to work with them, given that their noise protection is likely to be poor.

      Moman H4 half helmet communication system is a reliable Bluetooth device for cyclists. It is compact and durable, featuring a continuous working time of 5 hours.

      Three factors to consider when choosing the best motorcycle communication systems for half helmets

      The purpose of riding for some people is to disconnect from the outside world. It would sound like a nightmare to consider taking a rider and having them be able to converse with you. However, communication on motorcycles is easy to use because of the abundance of technology.

      • Bluetooth version

      The Bluetooth version you have affects how many Bluetooth devices your headset can connect to. You'll need to go elsewhere if you want a headset that can simultaneously connect to any Bluetooth communication device. The Moman H1 intercom and Moman H4 Plus helmet headset both use BT tech of 5.0 version, so they can wirelessly link to each other for a two-way conversation.

      • Audio quality

      Sound quality is important while using a Bluetooth headset, especially if there are other riders around or a lot of background noise from traffic. So you need to find yourself the best noise canceling wireless headset for motorcycle half helmet. Check the audio quality of the headsets you choose to make sure you can hear from your phone. Thanks to the advanced noise cancellation smart chip, which is an option on certain headsets, wind and engine noise may be decreased.

      • Transmission range

      The variety of communication channels should be considered initially. If you want to ride in a remote area, take the transmission distance into consideration. When your signal is being blocked by a lot of buildings or other cars, it's a good idea to check into a headset. The kind and power of a headset's battery, as well as the distance it can go before detaching from your bike, all affect how far the Bluetooth headset for motorcycle half helmet can travel.

      Moman H3 Helmet Bluetooth communication system has a sharing distance of 2000 meters. It is ideal for motorcycle riding and racing, jumping, skiing, biking, and other intense sports.


      A different viewpoint on personal freedom is provided by riding a motorbike than by driving a car. It's a different type of thrill to feel the wind on your skin while wearing a half-face helmet. Hope this guide can help you find the best half helmet Bluetooth headset that is perfect for you.

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