When you are traveling with your group, a motorcycle helmet intercom system may be a really helpful tool because it is easy to install and much easier to use. There are benefits to riding with other people or alone to be tranquil adventures. This blog is a guide to tell you what and how to choose, and how to use.
  • Three best motorcycle helmet intercom systems recommended at Moman PhotoGears
  • Three steps to select a suitable helmet communicator for motorcyclists
  • Three tips to have better audio with the motorbike helmet intercom system
  • FAQs about the intercom systems for motorcycle riders
Moman H3 motorcycle helmet comms are easy to operate during riding. It supports button and knob control with gloves.

Three best motorcycle helmet intercom systems recommended at Moman PhotoGears

Here we introduce the top three motorcycle helmet intercom systems for sale at Moman, which are the Moman H1, H2, and H3. Let’s check the specification table first.





Bluetooth Version




Transmission Range








Charging Time




Working Time




Standby Time








Moman H1 2-way motorcycle intercom with HD speakers at US$35.99

Moman H1 helmet communication system for bikers has a sharing distance of 500 meter and a working time of 32 hours.


Moman H1 is a versatile helmet to helmet motorcycle intercom system for two-way communication for rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger. Through the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, it can connect to the Moman H4 helmet earphones for real-time contact directly.


  • Clear audio thanks to the CVC noise cancellation and 40mm graphene vibrating
  • Extremely long battery life of 32 hours for speaking or music streaming
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof helps to resist rain and water.


  • The transmission distance is its short board, which only supports the transmission of 500 meters. If there are obstacles in the middle of two riders, it may cause the connection to be unstable.

Moman H2 hands-free motorcycle helmet intercom system with voice assistant at US$48.99

Moman H2 Bluetooth intercom system for communication provides clean and crisp audio output. It is for sale at US$48.99


Moman H2 is designed to be compact, functional, and easy to operate. It can not only be used in motorcycle rides and races, but also in climbing, jumping, skiing, and so on. It supports wireless speaking, listening to songs, receiving FM radios, and getting GPS aviation from your phones.


  • Special knob control is easy to operate even when wearing gloves
  • 1000-meter transmission range with stable and clean sound
  • DSP and CVC noise-reduction smart trips bring you Hi-fi stereo


  • Not suitable for half helmets

Moman H3 Bluetooth intercom system for motorcycle helmets with 2000m communication range at US$69.99

Moman H3 intercom with 6-rider communicating channels are IP65 waterproof. It share wireless transmission of up to 2000 meters.


Moman H3 is a wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets of 2000m transmission distance. When you are biking, skiing, skydiving, or any other intense sports, you can use it to share real-time joy with your friends or groups. It has effective noise suppression and convenient control for a great riding experience.


Transmission channels for up to six riders to communicate with each other
Button and knob operations for phone calls, music audio play, FM radios
High-level resistance for using from -20 to 50°C


  • Intelligent voice assistance function is not supported
  • Not compatible with half helmets

Three steps to select a suitable helmet communicator for motorcyclists

How to choose an intercom system that can perfectly meet your needs? Here are three steps to select the best one:

Moman H4 headset can connect to your mobile phone and enable you to use the function on it, such as phone calls, music streaming, GPS, and so on.

Check to see if the dirt bike helmet communication systems work with your teammates’ devices

Different intercom systems may not be able to pair and talk wirelessly with each other due to different manufacturers, product settings, Bluetooth versions, and so on. If you join a cycling team or club or have several friends who often travel together as riders and passengers, then it is recommended that you and your friends purchase the same type of product. In other words, you need to check that the communication systems of you and your teammates are compatible. In addition, we recommend that you always have a two-way intercom system for you and your pillion.

Determine the type: External or integrated intercom systems

Intercoms can be integrated or external. The integrated intercoms are made particularly for one or more helmets whereas the external intercoms are made to fit any helmet and are normally mounted with the control unit outside the shell. The former type like motorcycle intercom system for half helmets will probably match better, while the latter is more versatile, though you'll need to learn to install it on your own.

Consider five factors: Audio, operation, construction, transmission channel, and range

The best intercom devices should have five main features for a convenient and enjoyable riding experience. They are high-quality audio output and input, easy control methods for operation, durable and waterproof construction, long sharing distance, and enough transmission channels for your specific requirements. Before buying a communicator of intercoms or headset, consider these five factors to see whether it is the ideal one.

Moman H2 compact Bluetooth communicator is compatible with motocross helmet, full-face helmet, retro style, and the modular type.

Three tips to have better audio with the motorbike helmet intercom system

Almost most motorcyclists experience this problem - wind noise is always filling your headphones. Even with the most advanced noise cancellation features in motorcycle intercom equipment, wind noise still gets into your headsets at high speeds. Below we offer three ways to improve your audio quality for better real-time communication and music streaming.

Place the speaker of the wireless motorcycle communication device close to your ears

Even some of the costly Bluetooth setups have subpar standard speakers. They are too tiny, which limits the bass and makes them frequently distorted at maximum volume. You can the extra speakers that increase loudness, enhance the bass, and are less distorted.

Wear filtered earplugs while using the motorcycle helmets with built-in intercom systems

Even if you don't listen to music while driving, you should always have earplugs in. Even the loudest exhaust systems pale in comparison to wind noise, which is far louder and more harmful. The earplugs still enable riders to hear music and vital things like sirens and road noise. The music is really even clearer, and you don't need to play it as loud to block out the distracting wind noise.

Adjust the audio settings on your phone or get an app for sound-enhancing

Your device's music settings can be changed. An equalizer, which may enhance sound but may also lower loudness, is frequently seen on smartphones. It equalizes the volume of both loud and soft music. It implies that you won't need to adjust the Bluetooth volume control.

FAQs about the intercom systems for motorcycle riders

Moman H3 bike helmet intercom system is robust and waterproof. You can mounted on the exterior of your helmet and connect it with the speaker or headphone for talking.

What can riders do with the motorcycle helmet communication systems?

  • It enables real-time communication between rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger.
  • The motorcycle helmet's multiple intercom system supports music streaming while riding alone.
  • It helps riders to deal with phone calls by hands-free operations.
  • It provides GPS navigation for determining the location.

How does an intercom system work on motorcycle helmets?

An intercom, which has a microphone, a speaker, and a wireless link, enables communication between passengers. Even certain phones, GPS devices, and music players may be used with some intercoms. Bluetooth technology is used by the helmet intercom system to communicate amongst riders.

A motorcycle helmet intercom system enables communication between residents and guests by sending audio and visual signals to substation devices and allowing riders to reach occupants in a building. The base station transmits audio and video signals to the substation while recording them.

Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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