What is a motorcycle helmet microphone? In contrast, we may be more familiar with a recording device for videos, interviews, and live-streaming. The former type is not unfamiliar to experienced riders. While newcomers, if you do not yet have this practical tool, we would advise you to pick one up after reading this buying guide, which will be divided into three points to make a comprehensive introduction, including what it is, why you need it, and how to pick it.
  • Basic introduction of Helmet microphone about the definition
  • Why do you need a motorcycle helmet microphone for your ride?
  • What features to consider when you want to buy one?

    Basic introduction of Helmet microphone about the definition

    Moman H3 with DSP noise cancelling is a budget motorbike communicator for you to contact your group during races.

    1. What is it?

    A motorcycle helmet microphone is a tool that you can use to communicate with your teammates, listen to songs, use GPS, or connect with your mobile phones while riding. And it refers to an intercom as well. In reality, the majority of these kinds of speakers on the market are Bluetooth kits that resemble automobiles kinds in terms of features and functionality. They may wirelessly link to one or more Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your phone, mp3 player, GPS, or other gadgets, via your phone.

    By tapping a button, you may quickly switch between several devices. So you can make calls, use all of your gadgets while wearing your helmet, and ask your GPS for directions. It's not necessary to stop driving to answer a call or configure your GPS because the majority of motorcycle intercom systems have built-in microphones and voice prompts, but it's still a good idea to do that. You just need to talk after pressing the button. Additionally, if you're traveling in a pack, you may use the Bluetooth microphone for motorcycle helmet to talk to the other riders.

    2. How does it work?

    Early motorbike intercoms essentially consisted of an earphone lead connected to a cell phone or satellite navigation system. As a result, communication was confined to listening or calling through an integrated microphone. Additionally, communicating with the pillion necessitated that both people be physically connected to one another, which made dismounting a coordinated process. Bluetooth wireless networking and smartphones have transformed intercom systems. The Bluetooth helmet communication may now be done wire-free and safely without the use of a phone by the rider. Depending on the brand and model, the system could merely have basic speaking functions or it might include extra functionality. You may be able to converse on your phone while getting GPS by using dual channels, a built-in radio receiver, or separate volume settings.

    Why do you need a motorcycle helmet microphone for your ride?

    Moman H2 Bluetooth helmet communicator enables two riders to speak and exchange message with 800 meters, which is a stunning transmission range.

    1. Communicate with your group daily or on the racing track

    They make riding safer and more pleasant whether you're a solo, pillion, or group rider. We can communicate while riding and warn each other of potential hazards if the other hasn't yet seen them thanks to helmet intercom system. Therefore, if you ever ride with others, it's a great way to remain in touch without using hand signals or having quick discussions at stop signs.

    2. Listen to music conveniently to make the journey more enjoyable

    And a lot of motorcyclists enjoy playing music as they ride. Nothing is more exciting, freeing, or energizing for a biker than traveling across the nation while taking in the sights and sounds of the landscape with the motorbike helmet microphone. It's even better if you can play your favorite music as you ride. You can use wired or wireless earphones, but doing so would be uncomfortable, especially if you choose to utilize the former. Even wireless earphones are uncomfortable and might cause your helmet to malfunction. The most practical answer you could possibly discover is to use a device that was specifically created for the motorbike helmet, such as a Bluetooth speaker. And among the benefits of purchasing it is that.

    3. Pick up and hang up phone calls safely

    You may link your phone to a motorbike intercom system to make or receive phone calls. Consequently, it's not only about enjoying music. Bluetooth speakers for riders' helmets provide a lot more than simply sound. They are really basic, simple to use, multi-purpose gadgets that may improve your ride's enjoyment and, more significantly, make it safer by allowing you to keep your hands primarily on the handlebars.

    What features to consider when you want to buy one?

    What is the best microphone for motorcycle helmet? Besides the budget, what kind of performance should it have? The following is a list of six features that a product should have, and I hope you will not forget to consider them before buying.

    Moman H4 headset which can connect to your phone truly free your hand when riding, climbing, skiing. It makes your rides more safe and convenient.

    1. Compatibility with helmets

    What type of motorcycle helmet do you have? Full helmet, uncover helmet, motocross type, half type, or retro type. Before you buy you need to see if the product will fit your helmet, otherwise, you will need to buy a new one if it doesn't fit. It is best to buy one for each type once and for all so that you do not need to buy another one when you change helmets later. Make sure the system is compatible with the style of helmet you use. Additionally, wherever feasible, look at the customer reviews to get first-hand input from riders who have used it.

    2. Available pairing channels

    Since the intercom uses a Bluetooth communication system, there are limited communication channels, some support six channels, and some are eight. So please find out in advance how many motorcycle helmet headset with microphone it can pair with, which, the ski helmet intercom would work the same way. Additionally, keep in mind that certain Bluetooth motorbike helmet intercoms will only link with other products from the same company. A universally connected intercom, however, may couple with others of any brand.

    3. Live communication and noise suppression

    Half helmet Bluetooth headsets make it simple to communicate with a pillion or another rider while on the move. Before you start your journey, you must couple the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom systems that are installed in the helmets of both parties. It's difficult to do while biking. You'll be able to hear each other after you're partnered. The majority of them are always "live," allowing you to hear exactly what the other person is saying at any given time. It is possible to configure some systems to only be "live" when a button is pressed and to be one-way.

    What’s more, how to stop wind noise on a motorcycle helmet microphone for MTB is a common problem that almost every rider is asking. Here we can tell you, in addition to adding a wind muff or covering it with your own cut form packing, it is also important to have a smart noise suppression system built into the mic itself. This is the same as when you are picking a microphone for video recording

    4. Run time and charging time

    The running time of electronic products is a big consideration for purchasing, and this is especially true for motorbike microphones. If you run out of power in the middle of a race or riding, you will lose the fun of listening to songs on one hand, and on the other hand, you will not be able to continue the happy journey with your friends to be able to communicate, and you may get separated and take the wrong road because of the untimely transmission of information, and more seriously, the poor information leads to the lack of understanding of road conditions, making accidents happen. Of course, this is only the worst guess, in general, we still hope to have a lasting helper. For example, Moman H1 can work for 30 hours constantly and be fully charged within 2.5 hours. You may need motorcycle helmet speakers and microphone which is lasting like this.

    5. Transmission range

    The range is a crucial consideration, it must be kept in mind. You will lose contact and cease to be able to hear each other if you go too far away from the other rider. When you get back into range once more, certain systems will automatically reconnect. Some don't. The Moman H3 allows two riders to communicate and engage with one another in real-time across a distance of up to 2000 meters. You may feel free to experience the thrill of adventure with your friends when skiing, riding, riding a motorcycle, parachuting, and other activities if you have a long communication range.

    Moman H3 allows riders to conduct real-time discussions within 2000 meters with clear sound transmission and strong signal.

    6. Waterproof feature

    It is inevitable that you will encounter extreme weather on your ride, such as the most basic rain. Many commercially available helmet microphones are now designed to be waterproof and this has become one of the most essential features. However, the level of waterproofing may vary and you need to read the specification table. And here, our Moman H-series motorcycle helmet microphone system is recommended for you. Due to their wide operating temperature range of -20 to 50 °C and IP65 waterproof feature, they can survive harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain, storms, and snow.

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