Do you often feel that the picture presented on the camera screen is very different from what you see with your eyes? You need a 4k camera monitor. This blog would be a use and buyer guide for you.

  • What is a 4k camera monitor?
  • How to charge field monitor and what do you need?
  • How to connect an external screen to your devices?
  • What should you consider when buying a 4k video camera monitor?
Moman M5 on camera monitor with 5.5-inch touch screen, supports a custom 3D LUTs and 4k HDMI output.

      What is a 4k camera monitor?

      A camera monitor is an external screen display that may be used with a digital camera to help in photography and videography. Compared to the built-in ones on consumer cameras, the external ones often feature bigger screens, as well as being brighter and better at recreating color for showing the scene as your eyes can see. And 4k uses 4840 x 2160 pixels to indicate an image's horizontal resolution. 

      How to charge field monitor and what do you need?

      Learn how to charge the external camera field monitor can make your shooting activities more smoothly. So which kind of battery for it is more ideal for your work?

      1. V-mount battery can charge an entire rig more than one monitor

      • Pros: This is a type of battery named after the v-lock installment method and have a wide range of mounting applications. They are cost-effective and have a large capacity while being designed for compact construction to fully meet the charging needs of high-power photography gears you want. For example, Moman Power 70 v battery can keep the power consumption of the audio lights running for hours through the adapter cord DF550, not to mention for 4k HDMI camera monitor. They usually have a variety of interfaces and Power 70 comes with a USB-C, a USB-A, a BP, and a D-tap port for charging several devices at one time, like BMPCCs, DSLRs, camera stabilizers, and so on. Thus it can a stable and strong power source for your equipment.
      • Cons: They are relatively expensive, and not too necessary for photographers with short shooting times and small charging needs. And despite the compact, it is still heavier than other small batteries. Sometimes when taking the plane consider the rules of carry-on restrictions on battery specifications.
      Moman Power 70 of 70Wh mini v mount battery offers stable and quick power supply for on-camera monitor of 4k like M5

          2. NP-F series and E6 batteries which work for cameras also apply to the screen

          • Pros: Both of these two are built-in batteries used in general cameras and a 4k camera monitor. NP-F series have different capacities and sizes to meet different needs. They are small and easy to carry, commonly one full charge can be used for about half a day. And they are inexpensive, many newcomers or budget is not enough to afford the 4k camera battery. They are highly used and purchased in the market today because they don't put too much of a burden on your overall equipment.
          • Cons: They have lower capacity and shorter life span. And they do not have the relatively complete internal protection system of v-lock batteries to prevent problems such as overheating, short circuits, and so on. You can only buy these batteries for one device at a time, which is very restrictive.

          3. Which is better between the two types of power sources?

          To sum up, these batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a variety of high-end devices or are engaged in large professional photography activities, long-time video shooting work, professional filmmaking, etc. We recommend the purchase of a high-capacity v lock batteries for more than just your monitor. And if you are the kind of person who picks up a camera and starts shooting, and simply rests a monitor 4k for a mirrorless camera on top, then the mini and cheap NPF and E6 batteries are more appropriate. Or you can combine the two, using Moman DE6 suchlike a standard power adapter that has a d-tap connector on one side and an LP-E6 dummy battery on the other side for your powering.

          You can charge Desiview R6 external HDMI screen display with Moman Power 99 small v mount battery.

          How to connect an external screen to your devices?

          • They can be used not only for cameras, but also for camcorders and other shooting equipment, and how should they be connected and what are the differences between them? External monitors as well as HDTVs can be connected directly to the camera using an HDMI cable to connect the two. External recorders can also be connected to the camera via the HDMI interface.
          • Take Desview R6 external 4k camera monitor as an example, its product package includes a mini HDMI cable and a micro HDMI cable, which is the Type-C and Type-D plug. Both of them are different variations from the USB-C depending on diverse use. The mini C cable is for handheld devices such as camcorders and cameras like DSLR, mirrorless, bmpcc, and the micro D connector is for smaller equipment like mobile phones, GoPro action cameras, and other media players. With these two cables, you can connect your monitor to a majority of shooting devices on the market.

          What should you consider when buying a 4k video camera monitor?

          Here we list five choosing ideas for you to think about what features should a good screen display have.

          Desview R6 professional field monitor has a 4k HDMI input and output for a crisp, clear, and rich image display.

          1. Compatibility: Can it pair with your shooting devices?

          When selecting an external monitor, this is the most important thing to take into account. Some displays are only compatible with a few types of cameras. Therefore, check to see if the display is suitable for your camera before making a purchase. Moman M5 5.5-inch touch screen with 1920*1080 full display is compatible with Canon 5D Mark Ⅳ, SONY A7 Ⅲ, Nikon D810, Panasonic GH5S, and more.

          2. Size: Will it be too big and too heavy for your photography rigs?

          Which one do you prefer more, a huge screen for precise focus and framing, or a portable, tiny one for an easier holding experience? Select a size that will work with either your gimbal or tripod setup for shooting.

          3. Durability: Will it break after one accidental dropping?

          Choose a sturdy and scratch-resistant Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k monitor because it will be subjected to a variety of dangers and factors. In some circumstances, the waterproof characteristic

          4. Low latency: Can it transfer real-time images when recording videos?

          When we speak of latency, one of the important things to think about is refresh rates and frame rates for video. A slow reaction time external screen will reduce screen stuttering and display picture stuttering, whereas a 4k on-camera field monitor low latency and featuring a quick response time will reduce image distortion and lagging.

          5. Cost: Is it worth buying a 4K that is out of your budget?

          The cost of an external monitor might vary from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand. Just because it has many functions doesn't mean you should overpay for it. Select a screen that offers the functionality you require at a cost you can bear. If a 4k display is more expensive than it is worth, then you can consider a higher configuration of 6k or 8k, as long as the suitability is taken into account.


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