An iPad teleprompter can improve your video production efficiency, save you time memorizing texts, and be perfect for live broadcasts, classroom presentations, and online meetings suchlike applications. But how do you choose between a finished product and a downloaded app? This article will tell you in four ways why we recommend the low-cost and practical former choice.

  • When do you need to speak with an iPad teleprompter?
  • Can I use my iPad as a teleprompter?
  • Three kinds of prompters for best sale at Moman
  • Why buy a finished product instead of downloading an app?
Moman teleprompter for iPad has a portable and duarble body for recording Youtube videos.

When do you need to speak with an iPad teleprompter?

An iPad teleprompter usually referred to as an autocue, is a tool that gives speakers visual access to their scripts while they deliver their speeches. Today, teleprompters are used by vloggers, live streamers, speakers, trainers, singers, and even stage actors to help them avoid forgetting their lines or going blank. Therefore, employing a teleprompter might give you the confidence you need to engage your audience if you're stepping into the realm of videos but have always preferred to interact with people away from the camera. A teleprompter may help even seasoned speakers avoid veering off subject and keep their discourse on target.

Can I use my iPad as a teleprompter?

The answer is yes, you can surely use your tablet like iPad as a teleprompter by downloading an App. But the situations can be divided into two ways.

1. Preparation mode in third-party Apps

Compared to cell phones, tablets with larger screen sizes are often used as the best equipment for autocue, which can be turned into your teleprompter by installing an app that enables text to scroll automatically. Even a separate device is not necessary. Instead, you may utilize them as iPad teleprompters for talks, preparation, and class to add professionalism to your on-screen presence and give those notepads and cue cards a breather. You can have a video conference on zoom meeting while watching your presentation slide on the app's floating window, and by importing the text into the app, you can adjust the speed and font size, and successfully turn it into a teleprompter. The free app you download from the website might have a lot of fancy ad page limitations on the functionality. For example, it will set a limit on the length of the demo text.

2. Customized App developed for the corresponding product

Some apps are specially developed and prepared by brands for their corresponding teleprompter products. Take the Moman Prompter APP for example. It is specifically for the MT series, including MT1, MT2, MT12, MTR, MTRX, and so on. You can download it from the product page or the manual by scanning the QR code, or you can find it in the app store. It supports both ios and android systems, so you can pair it with your device no matter what type of smartphone you use, and have a remote control for iPad teleprompter through this app. It supports text management like changing font size, the script, the background color of the page, the scrolling speed, and more. To this day, it is constantly being updated and developed with new features to enable a better user experience. As for Desview T2 and T3, what they use is the DESVIEW app that you can find and download from the Playstore or Appstore.

Three kinds of prompters for best sale at Moman

Use the Moman Prompter App for MT1, MT2, MT12 iPad teleprompter. It supports scripts editing, rolling speeds, etc.

Specification table of Moman MT2, MT12, MTRX





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Moman Prompter App

Phone or Pad as prompter

Phones only

The three Moman teleprompters are sold on a budget and reasonable price of 100 or 150 dollars. They all support phone and tablet prompting and the main difference would lie in the size they can hold. The following will introduce you to the distinct features and designs, and the main advantages of each of them.

1. MT2: Portable size for recording on the handheld stabilizer

As the form above shown, MT2 portable iPad teleprompter is much lighter than the MT12. Compared with MT1, the mini type for smartphones only, the devices MT2 supports have expanded from phones to tablets, yet are still lightweight and portable. It includes a vlogging tripod kit in the package, which has a 360° movable ball head and 1/4” thread. When the tripod legs are covered up, it can turn into a handheld grip for you to hold MT2 in your hand and start recording, which MT12 can not do. In addition, You can install the panel fills light and shotgun microphone on top of its shroud by two shoe mounts, making it become a functional yet portable recording setup in your hand. Here’s a tutorial video for you to know it better.

2. MT12: Large screen and wide angel for holding 12.9-inch tablet

If you are a video producer, and often have a large speech content video recording, then this MT12 video teleprompter for iPad is the most suitable for you among the three. because it is the most professional is also the most adaptable teleprompter. It adopts a one-piece construction, being a bit heavy than the other two while more sturdy and durable at the same time. It has a big beam splitter glass for a 15' wide reading range with a 12-inch HD display and can hold big-size tablets up to 12.9-inch like the iPad Pro series. Speaking of its benefits, it would be the metal structure, bearing design, and adjustable angle for the mirror.

You can use Moman MT12 to record with cameras of different types of lens, smartphones, and even tablet.

3. MTRX:iPad teleprompter setup with ring light for beautiful image

MTRX and MTR are combined with ring lights. MTR only supports bright light, warm light, or white warm light, while MTRX can offer 35 kinds of RGB effects and dimmable brightness, helping shape your videos with a more ambient feel and softer portraits. Furthermore, it’s mostly small among the three that only weighs 800g. You can take it like a piece of cake. But it can only use the phone as a prompter, and that's its limitation.

Why buy a finished product instead of downloading an app?

We will cover this in two parts. One is how it works so you understand how it works, and the second is a list of three specific reasons to show you why we prefer a finished product.

How do iPad teleprompters work?

Even the most skilled improvisers often veer off course. A statement that isn't clear and concise also doesn't effectively make its point. That’s when you need a hint of what you are going to say, and read it word for word in case of forgetting words or other accidents that would drag the process of video filming down. A reflecting screen and monitor that are mounted in front of the camera lens make up a real teleprompter. Reversed versions of the text that the reader will be reading are displayed on the monitor, and these versions of the text reflect on the glass panel in front of the camera. The teleprompter beam splitter glass separates the light beam so that the user may see the words reflected on the lens, but the lens will not reflect them.

Moman MT12 is built of a metal body which is sturdy and wearable. It provides a wide reading angles.

Three reasons why you need actual equipment more

  • Actual prompter offers professional performance and humanized function

Your ability to communicate effectively on screen is crucial. Every element of your on-screen presentation affects its overall worth, from the order in which you offer your ideas to the breaks you take. To improve your on-screen appearance, we advise using a separate teleprompter. However, as mentioned above, using a free app from the website alone still has many shortcomings, so it is better to use the finished product and then control iPad teleprompter with iPhone or your Android phone.

  • Staring at a digital screen for a long time causes eyestrain easily

Your eyes may be dry, tired, and even sore when looking at the iPad screen for a long time. If you are using the iPad for meetings or classes, adding a web teleprompter won't make much difference. But if you are using the teleprompter for video production, broadcasting, etc., you will find that you need a clear glass for prompting that does not ghost and does not make you feel dizzy. You do not have to worry about the brightness of the screen being too high and blinding, or too low to see as the former. Looking at the text in the mirror, your eyes will be more comfortable and more adaptable to long hours of shooting work.

  • iPad teleprompter makes you look natural while reading in front of the lens

You don't need any additional equipment to utilize your iPad as a teleprompter. We would refer to this as the novice way. The primary drawback of this is that you can't keep eye contact with the camera. This could turn off and mislead your audience, though it accomplishes the job. A finished product of teleprompter for iPad or tablet, however, can greatly reduce this unnatural situation when reading, because the lens is mounted directly behind the mirror, not left and right side nor up and downside, so that your eyes and the lines, and the lens in the same straight line. It assists in maintaining direct eye contact with the audience since it eliminates the need for the presenter to glance down while giving their speech. When you read the script, your eyes do not move particularly much, and in the eyes of the audience, you are looking directly at them behind the camera.

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