Bluetooth helmet communication is a wireless tool for communicating, which can be used in motorcycle motorcycle riding, biking, skiing, and other activities. It uses Bluetooth tech, and it commonly features long distances up to hundreds for clear audio in talking, phone calls, music, and receiving GPS or FM radio. This blog will tell you how to choose the right one from the next four parts.

  • What to look for in a Bluetooth helmet communication device?
  • Which is the best, Moman H1, H2, and H3?
  • What benefits does the motorcycle helmet intercom have?

What to look for in a Bluetooth helmet communication device?

Moman H3 Bluetooth helmet communication supports a 2-person talking in 800 meters. It can connect to your mobile phone for calls, music, etc.

1. Adaptability decides whether it will make you feel comfortable during riding

Bluetooth motorbike devices are made to be ubiquitous and fit practically any helmet type available today. And these days, almost all manufacturers provide you with a recessed place on the inside of the EPS to put those Bluetooth speakers, so it's likely that you'll be all set. Make sure the motorcycle helmet intercoms & Bluetooth communications you use are suitable with the helmet. The stress on your ears, the quality of the helmet's fit, and ultimately its primary purpose, which is safety, can all be impacted by a poor fit.

2. Noise reduction and insulation features of helmet communicators ensure a cozy journey

A silent ride is more relaxing and less strenuous. And when utilizing Bluetooth devices to converse while riding, filtering out extra road noise is very crucial. It allows you to receive accurate messages from your teammates, have pleasant phone conversations, and enjoy music in low-noise conditions.

3. The powerful battery supports a reliable and continuous communication

Important factors include battery life, recharge times, and charger alternatives. Consider how long you typically spend riding, and if you go for several days, consider if the gadget is simple to charge, for instance using a powered micro USB charger.

Moman H-series motorcycle bluetooth intercoms not only can be used in riding and racing, but also it can apply to sports like snowboarding, climbing, and so on.

4. The communication range of the Bluetooth helmet communication is important in races

Intercom range is yet another differentiator. This asks how distant you can be from others and yet have a clear hearing when communicating. If having a wide range is crucial, make sure you review the specifications of the devices you are considering.

5. The user number or group size determines the type you should choose

How many people you require to talk with is the crucial thing to think about. A dual pack or two suitable devices will work for you if it's only two of the users, especially if you just need rider-passenger helmet radio communication. It's important to consider how many other riders you need to connect with and whether they already have a Bluetooth device if you ride in a large group. Many versions have a universal pairing mode, allowing you to connect to products made by different companies.

Which is the best, Moman H1, H2, and H3?

As mentioned above, the number of users and the scale of the team play a decisive role. We will present below three products from the H-series best Bluetooth helmet communication system for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store, applying to 2-way speaking and receiving, and communication among bigger groups that contain six riders.

Moman H1, H2, H3 all are budget and versatile wireless intercom system for communicating. Here we will make a comparison and review of the three products.

Parameter form of three top H1, H2, H3 for comparison






Single pack: $49.99

Regular price$59.99

2-Rider Kit: $89.99

Regular price$99.99


Regular price$89.99


Regular price$89.99

Bluetooth Version




Transmission Range

1500 Meters

800 Meters

2000 Meters

Connection Distance with Mobile

50 Meters

20 Meters

20 Meters





Working Time

30 Hours

20 Hours

30 Hours

Standby Time

500 Hours

300 Hours

500 Hours

Charging Time

2.5 Hours

2 Hours

2 Hours


Through the above table, we can see the same characteristics and different characteristics of these three products. And Moman H4 as H-series is not recommended in this article. It is because H4 as a Bluetooth communication headset does not have the function of communication between two riders. When you buy, you should also pay attention to identifying.

Moman H1 and H2: Rider to rider motorcycle communication of 2-way transmitting

Select a setup made for smaller groups that place more emphasis on other aspects like audio clarity, water resistance, and usefulness instead of one that employs wide mesh tech.

Moman H1 features simple design of four buttons for operation yet it is powerful enough to deliver pure and clear sound, suppressing the wind noise on the road.

Moman H1 is one of the hot-selling products at Momanx. It has wide compatibility with Bluetooth communication for half helmets, full-face types, modular types, etc. The single pack is priced at US$49.99, and the 2-rider kit would be a budget US$89.99. With one of them, you can enjoy calls and music of high-quality captured sound thanks to the DSP noise reduction in H1. It can continuously run for 30 hours and allows for 500-hour standby time. It is a product well worth buying, both from the point of view of price and functionality.

Moman H2 helmet to helmet Bluetooth motorcycle communication is a 2-way device. It has a working time of 20 hours and a standby time of 300 hours.
      • Moman H2

Moman H2 2-rider communicator, which uses the advanced BT 5.0 version and has versatile functions, is only sold at USD$79.99 now (Regular price $89.99). It is designed to have the best audio that provides sounds with great clarity, thanks to the big speakers of 40mm and the microphone frequency range of 2.4GHz. It supports a two-rider communication within 800 meters, certainly enough for motorbike riding, parachute jumping, mountain biking, and other sports. For further understanding of this device, you can read this review of Moman H2 Bluetooth communication for helmet.

Moman H3: Bluetooth helmet communication system for a group of 6-riders

Moman H3 wireless intercom utilizes Bluetooth Tech of 5.0 version, allowing a stable communication within 2000 meters.

Compared to H1 and H2, Moman H3 has increased the number of connectable and communicable channels from two to six riders. It is perfectly suitable for some small motorcycle-riding teams. And its 2000m real-time contact range is also very outstanding. Accordingly, its price is also a little higher. But US$69.99 is very reasonable. Its performance is very good compared with other products in the same price range. It is the same as H1, H2 with effective noise suppression and high-level resistance, features IP65 waterproof and fast attachment.

What benefits does the motorcycle helmet intercom have?

Why do you need Bluetooth communication for motorcycle helmets? Is it necessary? Are there any alternatives? Since its functions, features, and usage scenarios have been described above, we will then demonstrate the advantages of this tool by comparing it with two different kinds of devices.

Moman H3 has a compact size and light weight to make your riding comfortable. It can be easily and firmly attached to your helmet.

The external communication is more flexible compared with the helmet inbuilt one

      • You can use the external motorcycle intercom system with different helmets

The cutouts for installing your system are already created on other Bluetooth-capable helmets. System pre-installations are simple. As opposed to a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, there is no work to be done here. And since the helmet is made to fit that particular system, it may be more comfortably and cleanly incorporated into the helmet. But the external type can be applied differently the type of helmets, like full-face, modular, motorcross, half helmet, and others. You can change it according to the different needs of the use scenario.

      • You can change your equipment as products and technologies are updated

Pre-installed Bluetooth systems have the limitation of being rigid. No matter what your buddies are using, you are confined to that system and are unable to change your headset as technology advances. This is where the benefits of external intercom of full face helmet communication systems come into play. And out of the new generation of advanced systems, you do not need to replace the helmet again and invest more costs.

Moman H1 motorbike intercom system enjoys a 800-meter communicating range. With the DSP noise-suppression feature, you are able to talk with your teammates or passenger in a clear sound.

The intercom system is more versatile and convenient than the wireless headphones

      • The former is more versatile for kinds of needs and applications

With an intercom like the Moman H-series, you may speak with other riders who also have a communication device, listen to FM radio, take calls, hear voice guidance through GPS or smartphone, and much more. They can let you change tunes, or interact with other riders or passengers.

      • The intercom system features convenient operation for a safer ride

Thanks to the easy-use operation design, the majority of the most recent Bluetooth devices on the market, like ski helmet communication, and MTB intercoms, enable you to maintain your attention on the road and avoid becoming sidetracked while trying to bike while using your smartphone. However, it might be dangerous to use headphones when wearing a motorbike helmet. When you try to put your helmet on, they frequently fall out, and even if you manage to settle them once it is on, several head checks later, they are either about to come out or they have changed.


There are several reasons to wear a Bluetooth helmet communication while motorcycling. Some people prefer the quiet of the open road, yet others want to talk with their fellow riders. With this one tool, it allows you to sometimes enjoy riding alone with the music, and sometimes have the pleasure of being with companions. Through this buying guide, I believe you have a certain understanding of its performance and selection methods.

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