V lock battery mount is one of the necessary accessories for photographer that utilize v-mount power supply. A sturdy and stable mounting will benefit your shooting activities. Today we are going to introduce three common types, including the clamp, plate, and belt clip.
  • Small crab-shaped clamp mounted on rods
  • V lock battery plate installed in a camera setup
  • V lock battery belt attached to user’s waist
Moman Power 99 can be mounted on a photography rigs with a v mount battery mount for 15mm rods.

      Small crab-shaped clamp mounted on rods

      This kind of v mount battery clamp designed to be like a crab-shape, is the most simple and budget option for you to fix v lock batteries. It has a v-mount adapter for attaching the battery, and an adjustable clamp on the back for mounting on rods, rails, light stands, tripods, camera rigs, and stabilizers, and even table edge.

      Moman VBC small v lock battery clamp of crab-shaped is budget and simple. It can used to install kinds of v-mount power supplies.


      This kind of v lock battery mount is small and budget option for camera men to fix the v mount battery. If you are looking for one of the easiest mounting options, then this is the one. It can be mounted right on the video light stand and avoid the inconvenience of dragging the charging cable on the ground.


      The v lock clamp fits a variety of tube and bar mounts, but this limits its use. It doesn't fit well inside a complete camera system. Also, if you're after some features like an extra charging pad, it can't offer them.

      Two factors to consider when choosing a v lock battery clamp

      • Durability: You'll want to think about whether the material it's made of is strong and sturdy enough to carry a large, heavy brick battery without breaking at the joints.
      • Compatibility: This refers to adjustable range of the clamp, in other words, the maximum and minimum limits at which it can be tensioned. This factor determines how thick and thin a rod it can be installed on.

      V lock battery plate installed in a camera setup

      The v-lock plate is the more common type, mostly seen in a whole set of shooting system. For instance, Moman VBP v lock battery plate has 1/4 screw counterbores as well as 1/4 thread holes on the two sides to accommodate various mounting requirements. And you can use it to increase the DlY options. Additionally, this type usually utilizes rod clamps to connect to a 15mm rail system to provide electricity for your equipment.

      Moman VBP v lock battery plate has a D-tap output and two USB ports for charging diverse devices.


      There are types like Moman VBP v-lock mount with multiple d-tap outputs. They can be used to power a range of camera and production devices. Because its characteristics are more compatible with the installation of camera equipment, it can provide flexible and different arrangements.


      The price of this type of v mount battery plate will increase due to its versatility and is less suitable for people who do not want to invest too much in accessories. In addition, this type of adapter plate will usually have the battery on the front of the camera monitor for ease of operation. You may need an external screen display.

      Four steps to build a photography setup powered by v mount battery

      In order to maintain reliable power support for your equipment throughout extended shooting scenarios, it is intended to install the batteries firmly. Here lists four simple steps.

      • Fix the camera cage on your main shooting device.
      • Assemble the rails and install the top handle.
      • Attach the v-mount battery to the v lock battery adapter
      • Connect charging cables to different devices.
      Moman Power 99 v mount battery can use a adapter plate for mounting on a camera setup.

        V lock battery belt attached to user’s waist

        With a robust v-mount battery belt, you can power your camera and other equipment while you're on the go. It changes where the battery is attached and hangs the power supply from your waist. The adjustable belt has a standard V-mount battery plate and accommodates waists up to a size that most photographers are compatible.


        It's friendly for photographers who don't have very good arm strength, or who have had shoulder arm and wrist injuries. Because it divides the weight of the batteries to the waist, it reduces the burden of the whole camera system. It helps a lot when powering devices by a high-capacity power supply like the Moman Power 210 v lock battery of 210W.


        This v mount battery holder is not suitable for photographers with more than one device to be charged, as it creates a tangle of wires and interferes with normal operation.

        V mount battery

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