Communication presents a particular issue for motorcyclists. Since road noise drowns out screaming, using hand or arm gestures to talk to each other is limited. The 2 way motorcycle intercom is a great method for rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger to communicate while on the road together. Come find the best one for your riding:

  • Best 2 way motorcycle intercoms at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • Six types of motorcycle helmet to helmet intercoms in comparison
  • What features should a motorcycle 2-way communicatior for riders have?
Moman H3 2-way motorcycle intercom has a wireless sharing distance of up to 2000 meters.

Best 2 way motorcycle intercoms at Moman PhotoGears Store

Here are three Moman intercoms for two-way communication that we believe to be the best after testing, which are the Moman H1, H2, and H3.

Moman H1 best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom

  • Price: US$35.99 for Single pack, US$64.99 for Two Pack
Moman H1 motorcycle to motorcycle helmet intercom features voice-assistant for hands-free control.

Moman H1 driver to passenger motorcycle intercom supports connection to two units across a distance of more than 500 meters. It is IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and has an amazing continuous battery life of 32 hours of conversation time and 360 hours on standby.

Although Moman H1 would be tempting to assume that audio quality would degrade when transmitted across such long distances, the sound clarity is superb. A built-in CVC chip handles outside noise, efficiently canceling it and preventing interference when you talk into the microphone.

Moman H2 best motorcycle to motorcycle intercom

  • Price: US$48.99 for Single pack, US$89.00 for Two Pack(Regular US$99.00)
Moman H2 Bluetooth helmet communicators supports a stable and clear communication between rider-to-rider, and rider-to-passenger.

Moman H2 wireless helmet intercom makes use of Bluetooth version 5.0, which is strong and provides a passable connection. Full-face, motocross, uncover, and retro-style helmets may be used with this motorcycle rider-to-rider communicator. And it has a good 1000-meter range.

Thanks to the DSP and CVC intelligent noise-reduction chip, Moman H2 with knob-control features excellent music playback quality and all the typical Bluetooth compatibility with phones and sat navs.

Moman H3 motorcycle communicator for up to six riders

  • Price: US$69.99 (Regular US$89.99)
Moman H3 wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets can work 2-way speaking, or communication in a small riding groups of 6 people.

Moman H3 2-way motorcycle intercom has a sharing range of up to 2000 meters and the capacity to link six riders is considered typical. It features exceptionally clear, high-definition audio made possible by cutting-edge echo cancellation and noise suppression by DSP.

Moman H3 is simple to install on various helmets, and its 500 hours of standby time and 30 hours of talk time are respectable. It is made to promote fluid and dynamic communication among riders in a group.

Six types of motorcycle helmet to helmet intercoms in comparison

We have made three sets of comparisons based on three aspects: wireless vs. wired, Bluetooth vs. mesh, and manual vs. voice operation. Let's see which type is more suitable for you to choose!

Moman H4 is a wireless helmet earphone for motorcyclists.

Wireless motorcycle intercom and headset vs wired, which is better?

  • Wireless motorcycle intercom: Helmet communciation devices like two way headsets for motorcycles, typically use wireless Bluetooth or Mesh to link to other communication units, as well as to phones and sat navs.
  • Wired helmet intercom: It couldn't support long-distance contact and could only provide two-way communication between rider and pillion passengers. Although they had some stability, they were gradually phased out given the limitations of their use.
  • How to choose: For a more comfortable experience, choose a wireless intercom. With the popularity of wireless technology, the use of wired ones is gradually decreasing. If you want to have real-time talking with your fellow riders or riding group, then go for the wireless type that has a wider range of applicability.

Bluetooth vs Mesh, what motorcycle 2 way communication is more suitable?

  • Bluetooth intercom: It is the most common wireless transmission tech for helmet communication systems based on the antenna. It is said to have an effective distance of 1 to 1.5 kilometers and can manage talks two-way or with numerous riders.
  • Mesh intercom: Mesh is a new kind of communication technology that was created for motorcyclists. This is an automated system that smoothly couples and keeps track of groups of riders such that, should one become separated from the group, they will immediately re-connect when they return to range.
  • How to choose: Both of the two techs are acceptable for long-range wireless contact with 2 way motorcycle intercom or for multiple riders. While Bluetooth is the more widely-compatible and budget-friendly, Mesh technology may be effective for larger groups or areas.
Moman H1 (old version) adapts button-control design and can be easily mouned on your helmet.

Manual control vs voice activation, which kind of communicator should you choose?

  • Maunal-control communicator: Most Bluetooth intercoms use buttons to operate. Some are convenient to control while some are not. Moman H2 adapting a knob design can work well even with riders or skiers with thick gloves on.
  • Voice-activated communicator: This type of motorcycle helmet intercom 2 way headset can activate voice control on your device, functioning with Siri, Google, and other digital assistants. It takes advantage of human voice recognition tech to enable spoken commands to be used to control the intercom.
  • How to choose: The majority of motorcycle helmet two way communications support both manual control and voice control, thus you don't have to worry about which one to choose. Using manual operation can be potentially dangerous in that it prevents you from fully hands-free communicating. Using voice activation will run the risk of the function being activated by misrecognition of ambient noise, so it's still up to you to weigh the tradeoffs and use it.
Moman H2 motorcycle bike to bike intercom has four color options, including Black, Blue, Silver, and Carbon Fiber.

What features should a motorcycle 2-way communicatior for riders have?

After choosing the right type of intercom for riders, there are several characteristics to look for when purchasing, including but not limited to sound quality, transmission distance, continuous working time, and compatibility with your helmet.

High-quality sound

Whether a 2 way communication device for motorcycles can transmit clear sound for talking or music streaming is important. You won’t want to let wind noise and engine sound fill in your headphones. Moman H-series intercoms are all equipped with smart noise-suppression chips for high-quality sound.

Long-range tranmission

Motorcycles make it simple to drift apart by a mile or more. This distance alone can put you out of reach for many two-way radio intercoms if one member of the party gets stuck at a stop light. The most important factor to take into account while utilizing radios for communication while riding a motorbike is range.

With the back clips and velcro clips, you can install Moman H3 compact Bluetooth communication system for two-way speaking on your full-face helmet.

Lasting battery life

If you're planning a long travel, keeping your communicator charged is important because power outlets are not always accessible. Look for devices that can run on those with exceptionally extended battery life. Moman H1 2 place motorcycle intercom of 32-hour working time can meet your needs.

Wide helmet compatibility

The motorcycle helmet intercom you buy should be compatible with the helmet you wear. So which kind of helmet do you have, full-face, half-helmet, modular, motocross, or other types? Moman H1, H2, and H3 can't be used on half-face helmets, but other than that they will fit other helmets that are capable of fitting back clips and velcro clips.


A 2-way motorcycle intercom is necessary to provide secure communication between rider-and-rider, and rider-to-pillion. For the safety of both you and other riders, keeping control of your motorbike is crucial. Hope you can be the best communicators on the road after reading this guide.

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