Moman Power 99 Pro v-mount camera battery is “the most perfect piece of camera gear that I own”, said Youtuber Mark Bennett. It is a compact and powerful 99Wh external power supply, which can be used to charge types of cameras, video lights, phones, and even laptops. Today’s blog will follow Mark’s video review of Moman Power 99 Pro at US$169, and tell you why it is a great power solution.

Four key features of Moman Power 99 Pro v mount-camera battery

What makes Moman Power 99 Pro so special and makes it the one that you may want to use over any of the other kinds? Youtuber Mark Bennett listed four key elements of this v-mount battery for digital cameras below, including the size, the current, portability of travel, and the screen design.

Compact size: Mini v-mount camera battery Moman Power 99 Pro is portable and lightweight

Moman Power 99 Pro is of dimensions of 73mm*55mm*100mm and weighs only 540g. Mark Bennett called it a “Tiny little brick”. You can easily hold it in your hand and mount it on the photography rigs with rails and rods. It won’t take up many places.

Moman Power 99 Pro v-mount camera battery for Blackmagic 4k is compact and powerful. It can offers 15 amps currents, charging for high-end photography rigs.

Legal for Airlines: You can take 99Wh external camera battery Power 99 Pro on the airplane

“Many airlines will still have a stipulation that you can’t have a battery over 100-watt hours”, said in the review video. But with this high-density Moman Power 99 Pro of 99Wh that is under the line of 100Wh, you can travel with the small and light lithium camcorder battery, which likely there’s no quantity limit.

Output current: The v mount li-ion battery can provide a 15 Amp continuous draw.

“Basically different devices will require different amounts of continuous power.” The video cameras, monitors, or wireless transmissions require small amps that Power 99 Pro is fully able to cope with. In this premise, It also supports a constant draw of 15 Amps to fulfill the needs of high-power LED studio lights as well, which require 13, 14, or even 15 Amps of currents. “That’s why I like it. I can plug it into anything and it will work”, said Mark.

Screen with useful information: It has a clear OLED display for real-time status

Moman Power 99 Pro has an OLED screen display with useful information. It can show you the real-time voltage, current, remaing time, and so on.

This might be Mark Bennett’s favorite feature, and it indeed makes the Power 99 Pro v-mount camera battery special. The important numbers can be found on the OLED screen, including the battery voltage, real-time amp draw, and time remaining.

Mark uses the Godox UL-150 studio lighting he uses in the recordings as an example. When plugging Power 99 Pro into this video light, it shows on the OLED screen that the draw is about 8 Amps at 100% power. And Power 99 Pro offers about 40 minutes to run this 150-watt lighting. Normally Mark only uses 18% of the energy of this photography light, which already presents enough brightness in the video. So the Moman Power 99 Pro v-mount battery with display can support at least 5 hours of continuous recording regularly.

What output ports does Moman Power 99 Pro v mount video battery for cameras have?

Mark introduces the construction and charging ports as well. Moman Power 99 Pro enjoys wide compatibility with diversed camera rigs because it has four types of output ports, including:

  • Two D-tap interfaces
  • One BP port
  • One USB-C port
  • One USB-A port
Moman Power 99 Pro v-mount battery for digital camera is portable and lightweight. It can be used for camera gears, studio lights, monitors, smartphones, laptops, and other devices.

    From the form below, we can get to know the voltage and current of each charging method.

    Output parameter table of Power 99 Pro: BP, D-tap, USB-C, and USB-A





    Output Power


    14.4V ⎓ 15A (Max)


    14.4V ⎓ 15A (Max)


    14.4V ⎓ 15A (Max)

    14.4V ⎓ 15A (Max)

    5V / 9V / 12V / 20V(Max) ⎓ 3.25A, 65W


    1.BC1.2, IOS and SAMSUNG






    5V ⎓ 2.1A


    As Youtuber Mark Bennett showed in the video, you can charge Moman Power 99 Pro through D-tap and also use the D-tap for output. It is suitable for kinds of cameras, such as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 6K, 6K Pro, or digital mirrorless cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Red, and so on.

    Compared to the original Moman Power 99, the Power 99 Pro Blackmagic v-mount battery is designed to have a USB Type-C output as a plus. Mark said, though charging through D-tap is faster, using USB-C can save you money to buy an extra charger and cable. Also, it is more universal for other camera devices in the photography kits. You can charge your smartphone or laptop using the Type-C interface on Power 99 Pro.

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