V mount battery vs gold mount, many photographers have struggled to choose between the two power sources. These two terms describe how the external battery is connected to the device it powers. They are the two main mounting options available on the market for high-capacity power supplies used in cinema applications.

Here we will talk about the pros and cons of each kind, and help you to make your choice.

Moman Power 140 is an external v mount battery for charging your camera gears. You can use rails and rods to mount it in your photography rigs.

V mount battery

V-Mount batteries get their name from the fact that their locating mechanism resembles a large letter “V”. You can slide them downward onto the adapter plate to install them to your camera rigs. They were invented by Sony, and have developed into a popular kind in the battery industry with various manufacturers. For now, high-capacity v mount battery is extremely well-liked and has been shown to be an effective method of mounting batteries.

Moman v mount batteries all have a v-lock on the back for mounting on the adapter plate firmly.
  • Pros

V-lock mount external battery provides a significant benefit in the increased power capacity as well as adaptability with diverse equipment. Many installations are well suited to the use of v-mount battery plates. For example, the COLBOR CL60-series video light is designed to have a slide rail for the v-mount adapter COLBOR VM2 to install. Also, even some products are designed to have a v-lock plate on them for convenient powering, such as the Aputure LS C300d II LED light.

  • Cons

This power source dismounts by sliding up, which is a cause for worry. Many filmmakers are concerned about how secure these batteries are when mounted into a camera system, according to several internet forums.

Moman Power 99 is a high-capacity v mount battery for BMPCC. It is compact and has two d-tap ports for quick charging.

Gold mount battery

Large gold locating pins are the reason why gold mount batteries got their name. They attach by sliding from left to right onto the battery plate. Gold Mount was made by Anton Bauer, therefore sometimes it’s referred to as AB (Anton Bauer) Mount.

  • Pros

Many people consider the gold mount to be the most secure way to keep your batteries in place when mounted to the camera since it has a safe three gold-stud mounting mechanism. This is partly because the battery must be removed from the battery plate by sliding it out in a sideways motion. In return, this reduces the likelihood of an unintentional dismount.

  • Cons

Although the Gold Mount batteries are less widespread globally, they are a frequent option in the United States. As a result, where you are will determine the decision you make. Additionally, because most manufacturers put a V-Mount in its place, the Gold Mount might not be immediately compatible with your other accessories, such as an external screen and LED lights.

With rails, rods, and adapter plates, you can install your v mount power supply into your photography rigs for shooting on the road.

V mount battery vs gold mount, which is the best for you?

It might be difficult to decide which mount option to choose when you want to buy your own batteries and, in essence, invest in one of these mounting platforms. Here is our point of view about choosing between v-mount batteries vs gold-mount:

Choose the v-mount battery if you prefer a broader compatibility

In a broad range of areas, it appears that the v-mount battery bracket is the preferred mount for cinema applications. If you are considering purchasing a unit that is more compatible with your equipment and the complete set of photographic rigs, you can go for the v-mount battery for Blackmagic and other digital cameras. Wider applicability means more options, and for long-term investment and use, this is your best bet.

Choose the gold mount if you are concerned about safety more

The v-mount is the up and down mounting and unlocking structure while the gold-mount is the left and right sliding structure. If you're always carrying a camera on your shoulder, it's best to choose a gold-mount battery, not that the v-type is insecure, but the gold-mount is more secure against slipping.

Purchase a gold-mount to v-mount adapter if you want to use both of them

It's usually advisable to buy all your batteries in just one of these formats to keep things simple. Nevertheless, it is also a way to buy adapters to convert a gold mount to a v-mount, or may be done as a workaround.

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