SYNCO G1 Pro is a wireless Lavalier microphone for camera, offering great sound quality with a digital 2.4GHz transmission. It has two transmitter options for 1-to-1 (G1A1 Pro) and 1-to-2 (G1A2 Pro) recording. You can easily clip this small lav mic on your collar for vlogging, filmmaking, interviewing, live streaming, online teaching, and various applications.

This blog will follow the steps of the review video from Youtube channel Vulcanworx Productions, and list three reasons to buy SYNCO G1 Pro for your videos, including the special charging case, high-quality audio, and long transmission range.


Video by Youtuber Vulcanworx Productions

Reason 1: SYNCO G1 Pro has a wireless charging case for your long-time outdoor recording

“It is not only a holding case, but also a charging case”, said Vulcanworx Productions. SYNCO G1 Pro is specially equipped with a wireless charging case for storage and easy replenishment. Many other brands of microphones don't have this design. When you unbox this wireless camera mic, the first thing that comes to your eyes is a compact carrying box with transmitters and receivers neatly stored inside.

“You can see some contact pins at the end in the slots. So once you plug in the TX and RX of SYNCO G1 Pro wireless lavalier microphone for DSLR, it will magnetically attach and start charging.”The use of this case is very simple and convenient, offering hassle-free shooting for 24 hours continuously.

SYNCO G1 Pro wireless lavalier microphone for camera has a wireless charging case for storge and powering up. It can last up to 8 hours and enable G1 Pro to shoot for 24 hours constantly.

Information table of SYNCO G1 Pro wireless charging case

SYNCO G1 Pro Wireless Charging Case

Battery Type


Battery Charging Time


Charging Port


Power Requirement

5V 1A





The handy quick-charging case utilizes a Type-C port for powering up. It’s built with a strong battery of 3400mAh and lasts up to 8 hours. This features makes SYNCO G1 Pro perfect for outdoor filmmaking, podcasting, and on-the-go vlogging.

Reason 2: G1 Pro wireless Lavalier microphone for video camera features a noise-reduction mode for your Youtube videos with high-quality sound

The reviewer of Vulcanworx Productions makes a few tests to show the audio quality of the SYNCO G1 Pro wireless lapel microphone for camera. Here are the results of the test presented in the video and the personal evaluation of the experience.

SYNCO G1 Pro wireless lapel microphone for video camera has a noise reduction mode for recording in noisy environment. It can reduce 6dB of the ambient sound and focus on the speaker's voice for Youtube vlogging, interviewing, etc.
  • When speaking in normalized mode indoors and outdoors, the recorded sound remained clear as the volume increased. The SYNCO G1 Pro is on par with another popular product on the market. The sound did not appear plosive or blurry even though the speaker’s mouth was getting closer to the transmitter.
  • When speaking outdoors with noise-reduction mode on, “The sound is more obvious” is the first impression of the reviewer. SYNCO G1 Pro clip on wireless microphone for camera takes down 6dB of ambient noise with this mode turn on. And reviewer said that he sometimes thinks it is a bit too aggressive and makes it sound robotic. But when you use it to record in a noisy environment, you will find it useful and effective to focus on the speaker’s voice and filter other unwanted sounds.

SYNCO G1 Pro Black is a lavalier microphone for camcorder and camera. It has two transmitter options. SYNCO G1(A1) Pro is of 1-trigger-1, and G1(A2) Pro 1-to-2 is for 2-person recording, video chatting, vlogging, and so on.

Reason 3: SYNCO wireless lavalier microphone for camera supports long-distance sound transmission for your flexible shooting

SYNCO G1 Pro has been improved to have a transmission range of 200 meters/656 feet in the LOS area, transferring a crisp sound with great clarity. You are free to move around while recording and are not limited by wires. When you connect the receiver of the wireless Lavalier microphone to camera, and attach the transmitter to your shirt, you can shoot from several meters away from the camera for interviewing, vlogging, etc.

When you conduct an online yoga class or exercise class, you can do large and strenuous movements to demonstrate for your students. In movie making, this greatly enriches the way the picture is presented in the video, which means that it can be filmed whether it's a close-up, medium, or long shot. However, when in the NLOS area, which means there are obstacles like people, trees, and buildings, there might be intermittent dropouts.

SYNCO G1 Pro wireless clip on microphone under US$200 provides high-quality audio and long-range transmission within 200 meters (LOS area).

Other reasons to choose SYNCO G1 Pro wireless collar mic for camera

SYNCO G1 Pro has two transmitter options: SYNCO G2(A1) Pro 1-to-1 at US$129 and G2(A2) Pro dual channel 1-to-2 at US$169. You can buy it depending on the situation and application.

Compared to SYNCO G2 Pro, the G1 Pro wireless lavalier microphone for camcorder doesn’t have an LCD screen for a visualized monitor. But it is designed to have a 3.5mm TRS port for real-time checking through headphones. You can adjust the gain control or modes during recording.

Audio specification table of SYNCO G1 Pro 

Wireless Transmission

Digital 2.4GHz

Polar Pattern


RF Frequency Band


Frequency Range



-40dB (±3 dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)



Maximum SPL

120dB SPL (at 1KHz)

Working Distance

656ft/200m (LOS area),

164ft/50m (NLOS area)

Audio Input

3.5 mm TRS Mic Input


3.5 mm TRS Mic Output

With SYNCO G1 Pro camera-mount wireless omni lavalier microphone system, you can produce YouTube films with clear and natural sound. It captures voice in the omnidirectional polar pattern and features a frequency range of 50Hz to 20KHz.

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