Helmet radio communication is a practical tool for rides and sports. Before buying one, you need to know its concept, features, technology, and how to go about choosing the most suitable one for different situations. Also, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing one. This article is a detailed buyer's guide to solve your queries on these aspects.
    • Best helmet radio communications recommended for rides, skis, and football
    • Four advantages of having a radio communicator for helmet in rides and sports
    • Three things to consider when choosing a helmet to helmet radio communication
    • How does a helmet radio device for communicating work?

    Moman H1 Bluetooth helmet intercom for communication can be used for 2-way speaking, pickinig up phone calls, receiving FM radio.

    Best helmet radio communications recommended for rides, skis, and football games

    We know that helmet communicators can be used in many scenarios. However, various applications have different focuses, and we'll introduce the best choices for motorcyclists, skiers, and football players.

    Moman H4 Plus motorcycle helmet radio communication with great audio and easy operation


    Wireless helmet headset (Single Person use)


    Single pack: $23.99

    Bluetooth Version


    Phone Connection

    Two phone connection at one time within 20m

    Battery Life

    1000mA, 32 hours

    Temperature Range



    The Moman H4 Plus is a Bluetooth helmet headset that has a variety of features. It supports simultaneous connection of two phones and has a voice assistant feature with one press. That means you can activate the voice AI in your phone, such as Siri, to answer calls, adjust channels, and more. You can place both hands on the handlebars and then operate the intercom, which greatly improves the safety of your ride.

    Moman H2 Ski helmet radio communication with resistance to low temperature


    Wireless helmet intercom


    Single pack: $49.99

    Two packs: $89.99 (Regular price$99.00)

    Bluetooth Version


    Transmission Range


    Battery Life

    900mA, 20 hours

    Temperature Range



    Moman H2 ensures a stable long-distance sound transmission within 1000 meters (LOS). It is designed with a knob control for easy operation, you can safely adjust the FM radio channel, change songs, change volumes, etc. Moman H2 dirt bike helmet 2 way radio is perfect for skiers with thick gloves. Sometimes you don't have the convenience of taking your gloves off, and it makes you unable to control the normal button design.

    Inbuilt football helmet headset of high comfort and impact resistance

    Do football players wear helmets with speakers and microphones? As technology advances, we're seeing coaches use speakers and microphones to connect directly with their players. Only professional football players are permitted to wear football helmet radio communication. Some helmets are lightweight, thin, and padded on the inside. The speakers and microphone inside the helmet can put pressure on your ears and cheeks, causing discomfort.

    In general, helmet intercoms like the Moman H4 Plus and H2 mentioned above don't apply to football games, as they are mostly external communicators. In a violent physical collision, they may receive damage, or fall off, which is not safe. Most of the ones used by athletes nowadays are specially designed with built-in microphones.

    Moman H2 is a motorcycle helmet radio communication. It features a knob design for safe and easy operation duing riding or other sports.

    Four advantages of having a radio communicator for helmet in rides and sports

    Helmet communication solutions might provide a lot of unexpected benefits. Here we list four reasons for you to get one.

    The motorcycle radio intercom provides safe and convenient two-way speaking for riders

    Normal discussions are impossible to have when you and your friends are wearing helmets that completely enclose you. However, if you both have a Bluetooth communicator, just set it up and utilize the intercom option to communicate with each other plainly instead of yelling. One of the finest aspects of motorcycle riding, in the opinion of many riders, is riding with other people.

    It supports music streaming and FM radio stations on the road

    The helmet radio communication can assist you in solving the wind-noise problem. If you have a smartphone, you may transfer any product that is in line to the helmet and enjoy it. Some Bluetooth intercoms have an FM radio. By just pushing a button, you may enjoy a variety of FM stations. You may also share music with your friend to show your inner joy when you and the passenger have Bluetooth connections.

    The voice-activated communicator helps you to get help in emergencies faster

    Calling emergency services in case of an accident is one of the most important things you can do if it occurs in riding or skiing. But what if you are unable to remove your helmet or connect to your phone? Your life may be actually saved by the ski helmet 2 way radio with a voice-assistant function. The Moman H4 Plus helmet radio headset provides voice-activated features. You can make a totally hands-free phone call if you are handled or unable to move.


    Moman H2 ski helmet radio communicator is budget and compact. It provides a clear sound audio for talking, listening to music, and phone calls.

    Three things to consider when choosing a helmet to helmet radio communication

    If you want to buy a communicator, there are three factors you’d better think about before purchasing: The compatibility with your helmet, the control design, and the wearing experience.

    Helmet applicability: Can it be mounted on your helmet?

    There are some communicators that can only be applied to some helmets, such as full-face helmets, modular helmets, and so on. You need to see clearly in advance whether the one you choose can be mounted on your helmet, especially since many types don't support the use of a bike half-helmet.

    Convenient operation: Can you use the racing helmet radio communication easily?

    We have to consider its operation design, such as the knob design adopted by Moman H2, and voice control of H4 Plus half helmet radio communication, which are very convenient operations for gloves, high-speed riding, and so on.

    Comfort mounting: Does it burden you in intense sports?

    No matter what kind of sport or riding we do, we all want the gear on our bodies to be as light as possible, ditto when choosing a walkie-talkie. In addition to looking for a lightweight and small helmet 2-way radio, the wires inside the helmet, boom mic, cheek pad, and the like should also ensure comfort.

    Moman H1 helmet radio intercom supports wireless communication between two riders within a long distance of 800-meter(LOS).)

    How does a helmet radio device for communicating work?

    Radio is a communication medium, and Bluetooth is a communication standard. For example, Mesh, Bluetooth, and FM used in motorbike intercoms are through radio communication, only the standard protocol is different. Wireless helmet intercoms and headsets mostly use the Bluetooth communication standard that covers the complete communication protocol core specification.
    From being able to speak with friends and family without difficulty to enjoying your favorite music and audiobooks while traveling. The helmet radio communication can save lives if you pass out on an empty road in addition to keeping you from getting lost. These systems are worthy of every dollar.
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