For photographers, energy storage comes first. The majority of cameras include a main battery. DSLR camera battery Moman Power 140 of external v mount type is an ideal option. To ensure that you can continue snapping photos even if you don't have a charger or other power source close at hand, it is a good idea to get extra batteries.

What are the benefits of using a v mount battery for DSLR?

Camera battery packs recharge more quickly, have a larger charge capacity, and last longer as battery technology advances. While many digital cameras used to be powered by disposable types, the majority of cameras now include rechargeable power sources as an environmentally and financially responsible alternative.

1. It can provide a long shooting time

Compared with the inbuild camera battery, v mount battery especially like the Moman Power 140 of 140Wh capacity, is much more powerful and lasting. How long does a DSLR camera battery last? Most like the NP-F last more than two hours, and the v-lock is far more than that. 140 has 1000 times of running cycle charge. when charged alone for the camera, it may last nearly a day of shooting during the day.

2. It can charge various photography devices

With Moman Power 140, it is able to power DSLR monitor and camera on one battery. It is designed to have one USB-C connector that can be used as a charge input or a 65W PD fast charge output, as well as one D-Tap port that may be used for charging or charging output. One 5V, 2A USB-A outlet is also provided for charging small gadgets. Monitors, lighting, and compact cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K may all be powered by the video camera battery's 150W, 12A maximum output.

3. It is stable and safe with the built-in battery management system

An integrated battery management system controls discharge and current while guarding against problems of overheating, over-self-discharging, overcharging, and so on. As a DSLR camera battery backup, Moman Power 140 incorporates an LED indication panel to track the amount of charge left in it; it is rated for more than 1000 recharge cycles.

Moman Power 140 external video battery for DSLR


How long can Moman Power 140 external camera battery last?

Are DSLR camera batteries lithium? The majority of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras use lithium-ion batteries to their advantage because digital cameras need a reliable power supply to work. These rechargeable packs, also known as Li-ion type, are more compact than other kinds of power and have a greater power capability. You'll get a lot of usage out of your Li-ion battery purchase. For several generations of photographic equipment, many manufacturers of cameras remain with the same lithium-ion battery architecture. This suggests that you might be able to keep utilizing your current lithium-ion batteries even if you change your DSLR.

What accessories you may need to buy with Power 140?

Here at Moman PhotoGears Store, we not only have high quality and powerful v-mount external batteries but also a wide variety of accessories for sale together. Must-have accessories in your v lock battery kit can be divided into the following two categories, plates and cables.

V lock mounting plate

This is the best way to attach an external battery pack for DSLR cameras, and there are now many types of mounting plates to choose from. For example, a simple and inexpensive crab clamp like the Moman VBC, a multi-output battery plate like the VBP, or a dual v lock mounting plate like the DVBP for two power supplies.

DSLR camera battery charger and cable

Moman Power 140 supports D-tap and Type-C charging. You can charge the Power 140 with the same USB-C charging cable you normally use for your phone or tablet, or use the Moman DF550 D-tap cable of maximum 24W output power.

Moman DF550 D-tap charging cable for v mount battery

Camera batteryV mount battery

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