COLBOR CL220 is a continuous studio lighting with 220W full output power, bi-color temp, 10 special modes, and a durable and lightweight body of aluminum alloy and ABS. It is compact and versatile enough for whether studio or outdoor shooting.

Let's get to know this constant studio light through Youtuber NO limits ON's video above! It contains a detailed description of the accessories included in the product package, and tests the light intensity and other performance, compared with several other products. In addition, the video also contains how to use it, as well as presenting the actual picture shooting effect.

What kind of continuous studio lighting is COLBOR CL220 ?

COLBOR CL220 can be divided into the lighting kind of constant or continuous studio lights, which remain on and give forth consistent illumination until they are either switched off or the battery runs out. Standard torches, ceiling lights in a room, and even the sun are examples. Here it refers to continually operating artificial lights that photographers utilize to illuminate their subjects.

LED, tungsten, and fluorescent are the three main types of studio continuous lights. And COLBOR CL220 is the LED kind of illuminating solution. Even some may switch between different color temperatures. A wide variety of light may be produced with LEDs and they have very low power consumption costs and longer average life span, since they may be powered by batteries or conventional AC power sources.

COLBOR compact studio lighting of constant LED type, is made of robust yet lightweight Aluminum Alloy and ABS.

What specifications does COLBOR CL220 have?

COB Output Power



250W (Max Power)

Color Temperature Range

2700K-6500K (±200K)

Color Rendering Index


Beam Angle

≈∠ 120° Reflector ≈∠ 15°

Light Working Voltage

DC 48V 5.2A

Body Material

Aluminum Alloy+ABS


Three core cannon head

( 2 for active, and 1 for negative)

Cooling Mode


Operating Temperature


Light Dimension (mm)

212*128*219mm (Light Base Included)

Light Weight

1570g (Light Base Included)

What features of COLBOR CL220 make it the best lighting option for you?

As a hot-selling product in Moman PhotoGears Store, COLBOR CL220 certainly has unique features to attract buyers. We have already shown the difference between it and other products in the video, so here we will focus on its reliable parameters and other useful features recorded after repeated testing.

1. 220W COB output power for a wide range of brightness

COLBOR CL220 is named after its 220W steady and powerful output, and its maximum power can be up to 250W. It can burst out a max. 9430 lux of lighting without the reflector.

2. Adjustable color temperature and 10 modes for different image atmospheres

With CRI of 96+ and 2700-6500K changeable range of color temp, CL220 is a considerable option as continuous studio lighting for portraits, product, food photography, and video producing. It can vividly represent the details and outline of the model’s face or body, making the portrait in the photo lively. What’s more, it is designed to have 10 unique lighting modes for creative video production.

You can mount COLBOR LED continuous studio lighting on a light stand on a handheld bar for charging the illumination angle. It is portable for carrying outdoors for shooting.3. Intelligent quiet cooling system for a long time operating

The problem of heat dissipation about constant light has always been a problem and its drawback. After all, if you need to maintain the energy output for a long time, it is bound to generate heat, and the self-noise of the built-in fan that comes with it is another problem that needs to be solved. Fortunately, the continuous lighting for studio photography COLBOR CL220's smart cooling system can effectively minimize this noise and will not affect video production.

4. Wireless control through the customized app on phone

COLBOR CL220 Tiktok LED light adapts wireless Bluetooth networking of mesh for you to connect the light with your smartphone. Thanks to the customized and free COLBOR Studio App, it is able for you to adjust the brightness and color, monitor the current status, and change modes by simply operating on your mobile.
COLBOR CL220 LED video continuous lighting can be charged with the v mount batteries. It is designed to have a three core cannon head for being powering up quickly.

What's in the product package of COLBOR CL220?

There are two package versions for flexible choosing according to your need. COLBOR CL220 continuous studio lighting has four types of plugs, US, UK, JP, and EUR, which are suitable for different country specifications. In addition, it is divided into "Standard" and "Lite" two product configurations for you to choose from. As the main body of the CL220 video light is included in both packages, in addition to the COB cover, 3m plum tail cable, and NATO expansion bar, the user manual is also common to both versions of things. The difference is that the Standard one has a Bowens mount (reflector) and a carrying bag than the Lite one.

COLBOR CL220 has two package versions, the standard one with an extra bowens mount reflector and a carrying bag, and the lite version which is cheaper.

A photo studio continuous lighting kit can usually also contain a light stand, umbrella, softbox, external power source like v mount battery, and so on, and these two are also important components.

Bowens mount can make your light even and soft, producing a different effect. Configured carrying bag can be just the product package to store well, into a compact handheld bag for outdoor shooting. If you have these two things themselves, then choosing the Lite version is enough.

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