Video camera battery varies in type, and so as performance, lifespan, and charging time. This blog will introduce three common kinds and the way of using and charging your device for a longer shooting activity.
  • Three video camera battery types for photographers
  • How to use the battery and camera properly to prolong your shooting?
  • FAQs about camera power supply charging and charger
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    Three video camera battery types for photographers

    Instead of dividing the batteries into lithium, li-ion, or nickel-metal hydride by type, we can categorize the following three common charging methods according to the type of use and design.

    Inbuild camera power source: The original pack

    The main body of the camera holds one original battery pack. Popular Canon models would use the LP-E6 and LP-E6 series, the Sony will use the BP series or NP-series power pack. They are all lithium-ion type, which is rechargeable, high-efficient, stable, and expensive.

    External video camera battery: V-mounts or Battery grip

    • V-mount camera battery: It is a compact external power source for outdoor photography and videography. It is named because of the way it installs, which looks like the letter“V”. It is easy to attach and features high capacity in a small body, allowing you to take pictures continuously for a long period. Moman PhotoGears Store here offers you video camera battery for sale at a budget price, like the Moman Power 99 Pro of 99Wh capacity.
    V mount video battery is a type of external power source for photography and videography. It ensures a long on-the-go outdoor shooting.

    • Battery grip: It is an add-on for a digital video camera and occasionally other cameras that extends the operating life of the camera by allowing the camera to accommodate several cells. Commonly, It will add a vertical grip with an additional shutter button and other controls. The result is a two-fold increase in the camera's battery life without having to worry about running out of power.

    How to use the battery and camera properly to prolong your shooting?

    Without considering the preparation of many spare batteries, there are two directions to make your shooting time longer, one is to ensure the life of your existing batteries, and the other is to save power consumption in the use of the camera.

    Use and store appropriately to increase video camera battery life

    • Don’t overcharge and over-discharge it. Its lifespan might be damaged in such an extreme situation of consumption and absorption.
    • Prepare to change the digital camera batteries on time with a spare one if you are aware of the typical life of your power supplies in advance.
    • Take out your digital video camera battery if you don't use your camera device for a long time. V-mount batteries, an external type of power backup, don't have this trouble, but they do need to be checked regularly as well.
    • Store them in a place with suitable temperature and humidity and away from direct sunlight. It is also best not to place flammable and explosive objects around them.
    If you have a camera setup with shooting device, fill light, wireless transmission, stabilizer, and others, you might need a v-mount battery of multiple output ports.

      Save unnecessary electricity consumption of your shooting device

      • Avoid deleting or examining camera photographs, and only use the LCD Display when required.
      • Reduce the checking time on your camera. By doing so, you will speed up the process of loading images onto the LCD after snapping a picture. The setting can be turned off after two seconds, which is the minimum.
      • speed up the shutter. Longer shutter speeds will consume a lot of electricity. Depending on the sort of shoot you are having, decide which shutter speeds you require.

      FAQs about camera power supply charging and charger

      A video camera battery charger is one of the must-have tools in your rig. Selecting a good one is as important as finding the right power supply, and they are often sold as a special package at a more budget price, like Moman Power Max Series v mount batteries and the D-tap charger cable.

      Use and charge your v-lock camera batteries rightly, and you can enjoy a continuous recording activity with your cameras.

      How long does it take to charge camera battery?

      The rechargeable li-ion type should not be completely discharged since this would cause permanent damage. So how much time it takes to charge one from zero to full is very difficult to determine. There is no definitive answer to the general question of how long it takes to charge a D-tap video camera battery. But based on the experience of some photographers in actual use, we can tell that the LP-E6 series takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge. And the V-mount battery of higher power will take more time.

      Can you overcharge a camera battery?

      It is best not to do so. When the battery has finished charging, you should ideally remove it from the charger. Avoid charging it for longer than 24 hours since this can shorten its durability. However, if it is left in the charger for a long period, the battery can sustain some harm. The charger will cease charging the videography camera battery once it is completely charged due to the overcharge protection it has built-in.

      How long does a camera battery last?

      If you thought about purchasing a second Li-Ion battery in case the first one runs out of energy, it might be beneficial. The lifespan of your digital camera generally relies on how it was constructed, how often you use it, how long you leave it on, and how many still photos it can shoot in a second, which means the burst mode.

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