What are Tiktok LED lights? They are the illumination tools for online video content production that make you seem better on camera, improve surroundings, or give your films unique effects. This blog will introduce the best four lights that were chosen by Tiktokers.
  • What are the best Tiktok LED lights?
  • FAQs about Tiktok LED lights: Why, what, and How
COLBOR best portable video lights like CL60 and CL100, is lightweight and compact enough to be packed in a carrying bag. They can be used for Tiktok videos, commercial shooting, and others.

    What are the best Tiktok LED lights: Four picks to promote your video

    Today’s blog will introduce four LED light products for Tiktok recording different kinds. From the comparison table followed, we can get to know more about the COLBOR CL60 and CL100 video lights, the Moman ML8A-RC camera light, and the RGB ring light from the Moman MTRX teleprompter kit.



    COLBOR CL100

    Moman ML8A-RC

    Moman MTRX

    Price (USD)





    Regular $109.99


    Video Light

    Video Light

    RGB Camera Light

    RGB Ring Light in Teleprompter Rig

    Color Rendering Index





    Color Temperature Range





    Output Power

    80W (Max)

    100W (Max)




    (At 1m 6500K)


    (No Reflector)


    (With Reflector)


    (No Reflector)


    (With Reflector)


    (105 LED Beads)


    (168 LED Beads)

    Cooling Mode






    Type-C, supports PD3.0 20V 4A

    GX16 3-Pin Connector

    Type-C/ Type-A

    USB Plug-in

    COLBOR CL60 Best LED lights for online video for constant illumination

    COLBOR CL60 is a LED video light for Tiktokers and Youtubers. It has strong power output for brightness up to 2888Lux.

    COLBOR CL60 is the best portable LED light at US$139-$169.00 with a powerful COB output of over 60W. It is suitable for vlogs, product introductions, educational films, and other types of videos on online platforms like Tiktok and Youtube. It can light up your images with constant output and helps create various color moods.

    COLBOR CL60 LED lights for Tiktok videos can provide continuous illumination of 2888Lux and supports wide range adjustment of bi-color temp. It is portable and lightweight, packed with a light base for easy handheld use. The bright and constant illumination helps to accentuate your product presentation or provide you with the best lighting conditions for shooting your video. Because in a TikTok video, you need to highlight your best items.

    Key features

    ✓Universal Plug Options of US, UK, JP, and EUR
    ✓Changeable Brightness and Bi-color Temperature
    ✓Robust Body Materials of Aluminum Alloy+ABS in 550g
    ✓Smart Cooling and Noiseless System runs at less than 20dB
    ✓Tiktok LED lights with remote through the COLBOR Studio App


    COLBOR CL60 sale at US$149 is a little too expensive and too professional for people who want to use Tiktok as a daily sharing and entertainment platform. In addition, it can't decorate a room with a colorful effect like LED strip lights.


    Tiktok video producing, gaming live-stream, product introduction videos, daily vlogging, field recording, and so on.

    COLBOR CL100 Best Bi-color Tik tok video light for professional filming

    COLBOR CL100 Best Bi-color video light for Tiktok has a wide color temperature range of 2500K to 6500K. It is ideal for vlogging, interviewing, filmmaking, and so on.

    COLBOR CL100 is a Bi-color video light at US$199 for diverse productions. Compared to COLBOR CL60, it makes a great promotion in terms of brightness and output. The high-quality lighting is ideal for professional filmmaking in Tiktok, which separates exceptional material from inferior content and maintains a high level of audience attention.

    With the adjustable color temperature of 2700K-6500K, the COLBOR CL100 Bi-color LED lights that Tiktokers use are able to give a more natural and realistic look to the target figure. If you want viewers to stay watching, then you need a LED that is bright and white to maintain the video's interest.

    Key features

    ✓Color Temperature Range of 2700K-6500K
    ✓Strong Illumination of 10123Lux With Standard Reflector
    ✓10 Special Lighting modes including lightning, explosion, etc.
    ✓Intelligent Heat-Dissipation System and Quiet Mode
    ✓ Best light for Tiktok videos that can be Remote by a Customized App


    The price of COLBOR CL100 is under US$200, which may be beyond the budget of some Tiktok beginners.


    TikTok video recording, professional filmmaking, outdoor weddings, evening shooting, and commercial photography activities.

    Moman ML8A-RC Best budget Tiktok RGB light for beginners

    Moman ML8A-RC is a RGB LED camera light with CRI of 98+ ang dimmable brightness. It can provide different lighting modes for various atmosphere in Tiktok.

    Moman ML8A-RC RGB LED panel light can provide various colors of lighting for your shorts. It is versatile and cost-effective at US$59.99. Its color selections allow for kinds of RGB effects and create the ideal atmosphere for any kind of Tiktok video you're making.

    Moman ML8A-RC budget color changing LED lights for room in Tiktok is friendly to beginners. It features easy mounting on the cameras and simple operation for adjusting color temperature between cold and warm. Compared to COLBOR CL60 and CL100, the advantage of the Moman ML8A-RC is that it has an adequate range of brightness and color options at a cheap price.

    Key features

    ✓Popular LED lights on Tiktok with Dimmable RGB Lighting with a Free Diffuser
    ✓CRI Rating of 98+ and Wide Color Temperature Range of 2500K-9000K
    ✓10 Illuminating Effects including Strobe, Fire, TV, Welding, etc.
    ✓OLED Screen Display and Phone App Control for Real-time Monitor
    ✓Power Bank Feature Acting as a 5000mAh Portable Battery Source


    The performance of the Moman ML8A-RC is far from adequate for complicatedTiktok video shooting needs that seek brighter and wider lighting ranges.


    Daily vlogging, creative and interesting Tiktok videos, romantic films, Selfies, game streaming, product introduction, etc.

    Moman MTRX Best ring light for Tiktok video in teleprompter rig for excellent portraits

    Moman MTRX teleprompter rigs with ring light is suitable for live streaming and recording.

    Nowadays teleprompter plus lights and microphones this kind of 3-piece live streaming kit has become a trend. The combination allows you to have a good lighting effect while talking smoothly. The Moman MTRX teleprompter rigs come with the best LED ring light for Tiktok, which provides even and soft lighting with striking effects for different shooting circumstances.

    It reduces shadows and spread light evenly throughout the topic. It is ideal for close-up images in both photography and video because of its ability to disperse light so evenly.

    Key features

    ✓3000K-6000K Changebale Color Temperature
    ✓35 kinds of Lighting Modes
    ✓Dimmable Brightness is the best type of Tik Tok selfie light
    ✓Three Main Color Modes of White, Warm, White Warm
    ✓Compact body of Diameter of 26cm/10inch


    It is purchased with a teleprompter tool, and for those who do not need a teleprompter, it may be a better choice to buy a more full-featured LED ring light separately.


    The LED ring light for video in the Moman MTRX teleprompter kit is ideal for macro photography, portraits, video tutorials, still photography of tiny objects, and social media posts like selfies.

    COLBOR CL60 constant video light for Youtube has four plugs options of US, UK, JP and EUR. It supports remote by a phone app, which can adjust brightness, current lighting modes, color temperature, etc.

    FAQs about Tiktok LED lights: what, why, and how

    This section looks at some of the most important questions about TikTok lights. The answers will help you find the best TikTok lights to maximize your online reach.

    What LED lights do Tiktokers use?

    • Camera light: It can produce even and continuous lighting by combining thousands of tiny LED beads.
    • Ring light: These halo-shaped fixtures are used by many TikTokers, notably makeup artists, to improve their image on camera.
    • Strip lights: Hang these LED light strips for room in TikTok can give your videos a moody dusk glow.

    Why does everyone on Tiktok use LED lights?

    The Tiktok lighting setup will require a lot of illumination if you want the image on the screen to look natural.

    • For brand promotion on Tiktok, the best LED lights help to show products better and build a great impression of the brand.
    • For Tiktokers that want to build their accounts and gain a larger audience, they should get one for better video outcomes.

    How to choose the best Tiktok LED lights for bedroom?

    • Check for the adjustable brightness range: To get the ideal impression, you'll want to be able to change the brightness of your lights. Some smart LED strip lights and ring lights can be adjusted for brightness more than others, despite the fact that most of them can.
    • Make sure the LED lights have suitable color effects: RGB Tiktok LED lights for room can only show one color at once, however RGBIC effects lights may show several colors on a single strip.
    • Look for plug- and-play Tiktok lights for easy setup: You'll probably want to spend less time putting up your lights and more time utilizing them to have fun. Look for plug-and-play LED lights or ones with minimal setup requirements that may be utilized straight away.


    On the social media platform TikTok, individuals from all around the world may showcase their abilities. For online videos to be interesting to viewers, they need to be lit properly. Giving the movies taken adequate lighting arrangements is one method to make them beautiful, and the Tiktok LED lights on this list are fantastic options for your videos.

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