When you shoot in 4K instead of 1080P, your photography device will burn out faster because of the higher resolution. What 4k camera battery should you use? Here we introduce three power solutions for you, including the internal type, external v-mount power supply, and the dummy battery charger.
  • The internal battery is the essential part of a shooting device
  • The external v-mount power supply is a strong battery backup for the camera
  • D-tap dummy battery charger is the adapter for wall outlet power
  • What to consider when buying a 4k ultra HD camera battery?
Moman Power 99 is a v mount battery with D-tap. It can be used for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, and other photography gears.

    The internal battery is the essential part of a shooting device

    Electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, camcorders, etc. will have a built-in battery. Digital shooting equipment like 4k cameras usually uses the branded NP-F series or LP-E6. It is an integral part of the camera components. Even if you purchase an external power supply as a backup, you still need an internal battery as a place to store your internal ones.

    • Pros: They are small and easy to carry. You can buy more than one for replacement use. And using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K battery from the same manufacturer as your camera, such as the Sony LP-E6, ensures that its voltage and current are compatible with your camera.
    • Cons: Their biggest drawback is that they don't have enough capacity to support the output of high-consumption HD shooting devices or long hours of outdoor shooting. In addition, original batteries from well-known brands such as Sony and Canon are expensive when purchased as replacement packs. But you can also buy third-party batteries, which just can't be well guaranteed in terms of quality.
    Moman Power 140 can work with cameras, camcorders, and various filmmaking devices. It has four kinds of output ports, consisting of BP, D-tap, USB-A, and Type-C interface.

      The external v-mount power supply is a strong battery backup for the camera

      Because of the small capacity of the built-in power, there is often a problem with the 4k action camera battery draining quickly on the way to a photo shoot, so many photographers will purchase an additional power bank like BMPCC 4K v-mount battery. Higher frame rates and resolutions might cause the battery to discharge more quickly. For lengthy video recording sessions, it is advised to bring extra batteries or to use external power sources.

      • Pros: Their biggest highlight is their small size and large capacity, which perfectly solves the problem of power consumption. At the same time, they are easy to install. Whether it's for a single camera or a whole setup of rods and rails, it just takes a v-lock plate and it fits right in.
      • Cons: They have very few drawbacks and may be a little out of budget for some, but it's definitely a great value for the money.

      Next, we will introduce the two best v-mount batteries for 4k cameras under US$200 at Moman PhotoGears Store.

      Moman Power 99 is of 99Wh capacity and 14.4V voltage for constant shooting activities.

      Moman Power 99 for standard 4k digital cameras of $139.00

      Moman Power 99 v mount battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K features 99Wh capacity and 14.4-Volt nominal voltage. It has three kinds of output ports, including the BP electrode interface, D-tap, and USB-A ports. It can be used to power mirrorless cameras, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K As a lithium-ion rechargeable spare battery under 100Wh, Moman Power 99 is a travel-friendly power source that you can carry on the plane.

      Moman Power 140 can power up Blackmagic 4k, 6k, 6k pro, and even 8k. It can provide stable and fast charging for diversed videography devices.

      Moman Power 140 Blackmagic 4K external battery for high-power video cameras

      Moman Power 140 of 140Wh capacity is surely enough for your photography rigs. Thanks to the sufficient power output and ports, it is not only perfect for charging BMPCC 4K, 6K, and even 8K, but also it is suitable for your wireless transmission, microphones, panel lights, and other devices in the camera setup. Additionally, Moman Power 140 can supply power for Red Kmodo, and Canon C300 suchlike video cameras and high-end studio LED lights. Compared to Moman Power 99, the Power 140 is designed to have a USB-C charging interface for widening the usage area.

      D-tap dummy battery charger is the adapter for wall outlet power

      A dummy battery charging cable can be considered as a battery accessory as well as a power solution as a 4k camera battery. There is a dummy battery between the two connectors, which is capable of adjusting the voltage and current in order to adapt the wall power to the standard of your camera's battery. The Gimpro Tap50 d-tap charger, for example, is full of features, not only visual indicators to show the real-time charging status but also a dependable protection system.

      Gimpro Tap50 us a D-tap dummy battery adapter cable for 4k cameras. It features an internal protection system against over-charge, over-heat, and others.
      • Pros: As an adapter, it can provide a suitable and stable current and voltage. A high-quality battery charger has a very high charging efficiency, which greatly reduces the charging time required. Even when shooting events
      • Cons: It has limitations and can only be used for indoor charging. And a cord usually has only one port and does not charge multiple devices at the same time.

      What to consider when buying a 4k ultra HD camera battery?

      After understanding the three 4k camera power options, how should we pick the right kind of battery according to our actual situation?

      Is the capacity sufficient for your recording or shooting?

      How long does a battery last? The lifespan of the battery increases with battery capacity. The capacity of the battery, the type of camera being used, and the shooting environment all have a role in the response to this question. When filming the video, camera batteries typically have a range of 30 minutes to several hours.

      Is the output voltage and current suitable for your 4k cameras?

      Some cameras now come with options like USB charging and interchangeable battery packs for longer shooting sessions. But different interfaces have different voltage and current ranges, and you need to be careful that the batteries you buy are suitable for your camera.

      Moman Power 99 with high density energy and 99Wh capacity, is ideal for 4k ultra HD camera battery. It has D-tap, BP port, and a USB-A interface for charging.

      Is the battery has a self-protection system for various usage scenarios?

      4k camera battery life might be impacted by shooting circumstances. Photographing in a cold environment might make the battery drain more quickly while shooting can make the battery overheat and perhaps harm the camera. Manufacturers of cameras have been attempting to extend battery life in recent years by creating more energy-efficient batteries and enhancing camera software to use less power. Moman Power Series BMPCC v mount batteries are customized to have internal protection system, preventing over-charge, over-recharge, over-heat, and other problems.

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