Having a v mount battery for Aputure 120d ii means you have a strong power backup, so you can freely go about your shooting, video recording, live streaming, and filmmaking. In this article, we'll talk about why most photographers chose v-locks as the power solution for high-performance studio lights, and how to choose the right one.
  • What batteries do Aputure studio lights use? 
  • Why do we buy an external v lock battery for Aputure lights?
  • How to choose a v-mount power supply for Aputure? 
Moman Power 140 external v-lock battery for videography can be mounted on your camera rigs. It can charge your DSLR, monitor, wireless transmission at the same time.

    What batteries do Aputure studio lights use? 

    The different output power of video lights means different sizes of power requirements. When we speak of the Amaran series, a battery pack of around 150Wh would be enough. As to the developed and professional ones, such as 120d ii with 350W maximum power consumption in the Aputure Light Storm series, they might need two common 14.4V/14.8V v mount batteries.

    Why do we buy an external v lock battery for Aputure lights?

    As a popular choice in the photography industry, this kind of external power source has more than a convenient installation ship, but other benefits that are worth your investment.

    1. Portable and durable

    They are made to be mini and compact for carrying and outdoor recording. Most of them have a lightweight bodies built of sturdy and robust materials. Individual differences exist, so please look at the measurement and weight in the specification table when purchasing.

    2. Extremely long run time

    Featuring a large number of recharge cycles in the ranges of 300~500 times and even more, for long-term use in your photography career. Rechargeable batteries are reported to have a shorter shelf life than the main kinds. Rechargeable types have greater lasting life than most disposable ones, but, if you consider the long term. The run time, shelf life, and cycle life of the external v lock battery for Aputure 120ds which is rechargeable are the most important factors in this situation.

    Moman Power 140 of 140Wh for charging video lights like 120d ii and 300ii, is of a compact size and sturdy body. It has a Type-C, D-tap, BP ports and so on.

    3. Expensive yet cost-effective

    Professional and high-quality batteries are sometimes expensive. Unlike small lights with a single v battery is more than enough, in the face of power up to 300 or even 400Wh lights, you need to buy two strong batteries to withstand a large amount of power consumption, so the cost is not less, but overall in all available options have been considered cost-effective. Two packs of Moman Power 210 external v lock battery for Aputure 120d, which has a capacity of 210Wh/14.6Ah and a nominal voltage of 14.4V, would come to around five hundred dollars including the current discount. Two of it can perfectly solve the power solution for high-performance studio lighting with 400W output.

    4. Safe and environmental-friendly

    Some of the v mount battery replacement for Aputure light storm LS C120t LED light would have intelligent circuit control, protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, outside circuit short, and non-equilibrium or an unusual circumstance built into their devices. These contemporary lithium-ion rechargeable power packs are safe for the environment because they contain little to no toxic substances like cadmium and hydrargyrum.

    5. Broadly compatible

    Compared with gold mounts, v-mounts are more adaptable for installation, and it is the choice of most professional photographers. Because of its high popularity, so much supporting equipment will also be designed for v-lock. You will also have more freedom in the choice of other accessories.

    How to choose a v mount power supply for Aputure? 

    Before buying a power solution for your lighting setup, it’s important to know what features the best one should have. Here we list three main factors.

    Moman Power 99, 99S, 140 all are high-capacity and high-density v mount battery for videography. You may charge your Aputure studio lighting with MP 140 of 140Wh output.

    1. Enough capacity and high outputs for lights with fast battery consumption

    Amp-Hours, or Ah, specifications are frequently found on V-Mount batteries. Watt-Hours, or Wh, is another way of writing the unit of measurement used to describe the battery capacity. For maximum results and durability, we advise using battery power supply for LED lights that can generate at least 14–15 Amps of continuous discharge with our high-powered lighting setup. The discharge rate gauges the amount of energy a battery can deliver from itself to the device that is using it. Greater discharge rates are needed for devices with larger wattages.

    2. Compatible charging interface and stable current transmission

    Usually, a v-mount is designed to equip with the common ports that are suitable for most shooting devices. For example, Moman Power 140 has a BP and D-tap ports for digital cameras like DSLRs and BMPCCs, and the quick charging USB-A, Type-C port for studio lights, microphones, 4k camera monitors, and so on. Look beforehand to see if the v-lock battery kit for Aputure 300d ii 120d ii you want to buy has the output port to match your device, and it is necessary to purchase the appropriate charging cable or converter.

    3. Easy mounting for your videography rigs

    Assembling your unique photography equipment is an exciting thing for every professional or amateur cameraman. You can easily install your v-lock power supply on the Aputure Amaran tri-8c bi-color led light with v-mount battery bracket firmly. If your fixture does not come with such locks, you can also purchase a simple crab-shaped mounting plate to connect it to the poles which are budget and portable.

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