What is a v mount battery bracket? It is a mounting accessory that holds compact v-type batteries on the charging device, also known as a holder, adapter, plate, clamp, etc. Usually, you can see them on the photographer's video camera rig, DSLR camera stabilizer, a photography setup, or the standing studio light. This blog is a buyer guide that helps you choose the best one for your work.

  • How many types of v-lock mounts are there?
  • How to choose a suitable plate for your camera gears?
With a v mount battery bracket, Moman Power 140 v lock power supply can be mounted on your stabilizer and charge for your cameras and recording devices.

    How many types of v-lock mounts are there?

    As we know that v mount li lithium batteries are a kind of external power supply for high-end devices. They all utilize the “V” mounts to fix the universal v-mount battery bracket, and this is also where they get their name from. However, the connection between the holder and the device being charged varies, so there are different kinds for you to choose from. Three common categories are introduced below.

    1. Small rigging clamps for rod or pole with a budget price

    We can use Moman VBC as a concrete example to understand it better. With a diameter of fewer than 1.65 inches, It comes in a crab form that fits any monopod, or tripod suchlike rod-shape. It combines the clamp with a v mount battery connector, which is an excellent method to steady a light stand and free up floor space.

    Moman VBC is a crab-shape v mount battery holder for poles, rods, ring grips of studio lights.

    2. Slim plate for more flexible mounting on kinds of camera gears

    The first kind is only applicable to poles, while the second one has a more flexible range of applications in the form of plates with different back connection designs. For instance, the Moman VBP v-mount battery plate for ring grip supports a simple connection with two cold shoe mounts of 15mm rod, which is ideal for the assembly of photographic equipment.

    It can stabilize the battery on the up or downsides of the shooting device. It not only will not block your view of camera monitors but also allows you to charge your panel lights, DSLR camera stabilizer, microphones, and more, in the center of the setup with the shortest wires and the easiest way.

    Moman VBP is a v mount battery adaptor as well as a power plate with a D-tap output. It can power up cameras like Bmpcc 4k, and Sony DSC-RX10, Canon 5D MarkIV, etc.

    3. V mount battery holder with inputs & outputs as an extra power supply

    As the title shows, this type is a connector and a battery plate as well. COLBOR VBS is a standard adaptor with a D-tap output, providing a wonderful storage and mounting option for a power source and transformer. Moman VBP mentioned above is equipped with more than one D-tap, two USB ports, and four DC Barrel outputs of 5V, 8V, 12V, and 15V too. This type of v mount battery holder is simple to attach firmly and unlock easily, and the outputs are provided for connecting accessories like BMPCC, Sony series, Canon series, etc.

    How to choose a suitable plate for your camera gears?

    Now that we know the different types of brackets, how to pick up the right one for our photography and videography?

    Comparison table of v lock battery mounting plate for sale at Moman


    Moman VBC



    Moman VBP

    Moman DVBP


    Crab-shape v battery mout (Sold out for now)

    V-mount adaptor for COLBOR CL60-serie

    VB Plate with an adjustable clamp

    Multi-outputs VB plate

    Mounting plate for dual power supply








    Poles of max. diameter of 1.65 inches/4.2 cm

    Only compatible with the COLBOR CL60 serie studio lights

    Poles of max. diameter of 1.66”/42mm

    Two 15mm rods

    Ring grips


    14.8V D-tap output*1

    D-tap output*1,

    USB port*2,

    DC Barrel output*4

    D-tap output*2

    Special features

    Spring-loaded design

    Quick slide and easy locking

    A D-tap male to Type-B 3-pin cable is delivered together

    Three DC cables, a DC-to-DC cable, and a LP-E6 dummy battery converter are included

    Dual plates with LED indicator for low battery warning

    This table leads to the most intuitive conclusion that the cheapest VBC is the simplest model. And as the first product to sell out, we can also see that it is the most popular choice. Up to 99 dollars, Moman DVBP dual v mount battery plate is expensive because it uses durable materials and can support two continuous v lock power supplies at the same time. For example, it can hold two Moman Power 210 batteries of 210Wh capacity to charge a high-end studio lighting setup of 400W. Also, DVBP intelligently has an LED warning light on the side for power monitoring. In addition, it has two d-tap ports. The other three styles also have different prices depending on the quantity of their output and special highlights.

    Moman DVBP is a dual v-mount battery plate for high-power device like pro camcorders, video lights, etc.

    Choose the appropriate budget according to the product features

    An accessory by itself won't cost much of a budget. The price is usually related to these things: whether it is made of strong and light materials, load-bearing capacity, ease of lock and release, and whether it has additional performance, such as acting as a power panel, etc. Below is a list of prices and features of several v-locks sold in the Momanx Online Store. You can also compare them and see what you can add to your v mount battery bracket kit.

    Selecting the v-mount battery adapter based on the equipment you have

    Before you buy v-mount batteries, you need to know how much capacity power source your equipment normally needs for consumption. And you need to figure out what charging interface is suitable for your camera or photography lights. Is it charging through D-tap, BP port, USB-A, or Type-C? Just as when you buy v-locks, you also need to find out the size of your equipment or the additional cold shoes, hot shoes, clamps, and grips you purchased. The outputs are also crucial factors that affect your choice.

    When you need a v mount battery plate for Canon C300 MK ii suchlike portable cameras, whether a mini clamp or one with output would be nice. Some Aputure video lights with v-mount design will not need to buy additional ones, like Aputure Light Storm 300x. COLBOR CL60 and CL60M RGB lights have customized VM2 mounts for their usage, in this case, a bracket for a standing pole is not the most appropriate solution.

    V mount battery

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