The biggest benefit of having a home teleprompter is that it makes it possible for speakers to read fluently without memorizing the words. But why do you need one at home, for meetings, classes, recordings, or other scenes? This blog will tell you reasons to buy and how to use it properly.
  • What does a home teleprompter look like?
  • Why do you need it: Four possible applications
  • How to use a home video teleprompter?
Small teleprompter for iPhone Moman MT1 can be mounted on a tripod standing on the desk, or installed on a handheld stabilizer for outdoor recording.

    What does a home teleprompter look like?

    It can mainly be divided into three kinds, the camera-mounted type, the floor or stand type, and the presidential type. The latter two are used in circumstances on stage, facing your audience face to face. So when we talk about the one for home use, it’s probably speaking of the first type, which is utilized with DSLRs, BMPCCs suchlike digital cameras. They are more compact and easy-mounting, typically placed just below the lens so that you can still see them but they won't appear in your video or on your camera screen. 

    Why do you need it: Four possible applications

    1. Recording YouTube or TikTok videos

    Many bloggers and producers on online short video platforms bought themselves a teleprompter for home use for video production at home studio. By saving the time of memorizing scripts and recording over and over again because of nerves or mistakes, you will produce videos more efficiently while the content is becoming more cohesive and the quality of the video will improve. Moman MTR ring light teleprompter kit can make the portrait look good, and have a rich and clean image in the video.

    2. Doing live streaming and podcasting

    Similar to recording blogs and filmmaking, streamers, and podcasters on Facebook, Instagram, and Skype, who are doing one-chance live streaming and can't be re-recorded, show more needs of requiring an autocue to help them keep track of what they're supposed to be doing.

    Moman MT2 has a 10" large screen for holding ipad-sized devices as prompters. You can download Moman Prompter APP for free to control it and edit text on your phone.

    3. Having conference speaking in zoom meetings

    Many people have had the experience of working from home before because of the severe COVID-19 epidemic, and even now, there are many possibilities for such off-site meetings. If you often need to host online meetings or need to do speakings to your team or promotions to your clients, you need a home office teleprompter to get your work in order.

    4. Making presentations in online classes

    Online classes are a big trend. If you are a teacher, then an autocue can help you a lot. With a speech teleprompter, you can ensure the accurate delivery of information without the hassle of remembering jargon or complicated numbers. You can list your syllabus and important data and details on your scripts.

    How to use a home video teleprompter?

    Although it may initially appear to be a practice tool, professional-grade ones may greatly increase your presentation's efficiency and attention. But, without sufficient preparation, using a professional-grade device might lead to mistakes. To perform well, you will need to study how to use it.

    Moman teleprompters for home use are budget and functional. They are made from sturdy yet lightweight materials for easy carrying.

    How does it work?

    For the speaker's scripts to be seen by the camera as they are being read, the presenter must look squarely into the lens. To reflect the words, a clear mirror is put at a suitable angle to the display screen, which is horizontally positioned precisely beneath the recording devices. You may view the information and gaze into the camera at the same time because it is placed above the mirror. Also, some products like Moman MT2 feature a shroud for preventing lights from the sides and affecting the reading experience.

    How to set up a teleprompter at home?

    Here what we talk about is not building a DIY one, which is hard to have speed controlled and text edited, also difficult to assemble and set up, having inefficient and unsatisfactory performance when compared to a finished product. On the contrary, setting up a professional camera-mounted teleprompter is way simpler and quicker. Here are a few steps for you to set up and start recording.

    • Mount it on a stable monopod, tripod, or stabilizer
    • Use the lens adapters to install the camera that is placed behind 
    • Use the clamp to fix your tablet or phone as a prompter
    • Set up other video gears, like the panel light or microphone, through the hot shoe mount
    • Adjust the angle of the reflecting glass and the distance between the speaker and the work from home teleprompter until you can read words comfortably
    • Prepare the controller with a remote, customized phone app, and foot pedal
    • Upload your text, change the size, color, and rolling speed, and read it out loud for practicing

    How to read from it naturally?

    • Personalize the rolling script setting: Before delivering the talk, you might modify it to your preference, such as the font size, the word’s color, and size. Making these adjustments and getting used to them, could prevent your presentation from going well if you don't.
    • Be familiar with what you say: Some people will rely too much on home studio teleprompter and think they don't need to memorize their scripts. You are not required to memorize word for word, but you do need to be familiar enough with what is to be spoken and where to emphasize, and where to pause. You may have written certain words, but when the time comes for you to speak them, they may be challenging.
    • Make use of body language: It's ideal to smile so that your viewers won't guess that you might be utilizing a home teleprompter if you stay in one place and don't move to make them appreciate the content they're watching.

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