Video creators with Android smartphones, iPhone 15, or cameras with Type-C audio input, would need a USB C wireless microphone. The Lavalier type is mini, yet it packs a mighty punch for sound capture and reproduction. Get all the information you need to choose the best mic for your requirements with this guide from Moman PhotoGears Store.

  • Three Best picks: USB C wireless microphone for videography at Moman PhotoGears
  • Buying advice: What factors to consider when buying a USB-C mic for video recording?
  • FAQs: What should video makers know about the Type C wireless microphone?
SYNCO USB-C wireless microphone can be used for video chatting with friends, filmmaking, daily vlogging, and so on.

    Three Best picks: USB C wireless microphone for videography at Moman PhotoGears

    This audio device may be the greatest sound equipment as an external microphone whether you are recording YouTube vlogs, doing an on-the-go live stream, or others. We recommend three Type C wireless microphone for professional and amateur video creators, which are the best picks at Moman PhotoGears.

    • Comparison table of USB-C mics SYNCO P1T, Moman CP1X, and CP2



    Moman CP1X

    Moman CP2


    Wireless Lavalier

    Wireless Lavalier

    Wireless Lavalier





    Transmitter Channel




    Transmission Frequency

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Transmission Range


    164ft/50m(NLOS )



    Frequency Range








    Noise Suppression

    Voice Modes

    ✓(Nine Effects)

    Plug & Play

    Wireless Charging Case

    SYNCO P1T mini USB C wireless Lavalier microphone for phone video

    • Price: US$49.00 (Regular Price $69)
    SYNCO P1T wireless Lavalier microphone for Android phone feature USB Type-C plug for audio output. It is compact and versatile for video making.

    Overview: The receiver of SYNCO P1T small wireless lavalier mic for Android mobiles has a Type-C plug for connecting to the recording device, and it also has a Type-C port for charging. With the specially made P1T, creators can charge your phone while using it, eliminating concerns about running out of battery power while filming. You may use it for situations like podcasts, live streaming, video chatting, online classes, vlogging, and Zoom meetings.

    Key Features

    • Strong wireless signal transmission within 150m LOS distance
    • 9 special voice effects for creative video production
    • Plug-and-play design with automatic pairing and simple setup
    • 10 minutes of quick charge for 45min continuous recording


    • Transmission Frequency: Digital 2.4GHz
    • Wireless Connection Range: 492ft/150m(LOS area); 164ft/50m(NLOS area)
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    • SNR: ≥75dB
    • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
    • Working Time: 5 hours (TX)
    • Charging Time: 1.5 hours (TX)
    • Materials: ABS
    • Dimensions: TX of 49x19x19mm, RX of 49x30x9mm, Charging case of 70x43x37mm

    Moman CP1X Type-C clip on mic for Android phone

    • Price: US$29.99
    Moman CP1X is a dual-channel wireless Type-C microphone of omnidirectional Lav type. It features effective noise-suppression for clear audio in video recording.

      Overview: The Moman CP1X wireless lavalier microphone USB C for laptop, phone, and pad, can record audio and video hands-free by being fastened to the collar. With a built-in noise reduction chip that can provide a more stable transmission, it boasts a reliable audio signal and the largest transmission range of over 10 meters. You can record in loud areas with clarity thanks to the sophisticated active noise reduction chip built-in. It also produces more realistic, rich, and stereo sound for recording or live video.

      Key Features

      • Dual transmitters for two-person recording and one-on-one interviews
      • 360° omnidirectional polar pattern and intelligent noise reduction feature
      • Long battery life of 8 hours for on-the-go vlogging and live streaming
      • The 20Hz-20KHz frequency range for rich and clear audio


      • Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
      • Wireless Connection Range: ≥10m
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
      • Latency: ≤20ms
      • SNR: ≥75dB
      • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
      • Sensitivity: -38dB±3dB
      • Working Time: 6 hours (TX)
      • Dimensions: TX of 15x57x15mm, RX of 44x26x8mm

      Moman CP2 wireless USB C microphone with dual channels

      • Price: US$65.99 (Regular Price $79.99)
      Moman CP2 wireless mini microphone with Type-C is packed with a fast charging box. It can apply to filmming, live streaming, and so on.

      Overview: A USB-C connector on an Android phone enables this wireless Lavalier microphone to function. With its professional-grade clever noise reduction chips, it effectively identifies the original sound and records quality audio even in loud environments. Moman CP2 is compatible with Zoom, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, live streaming, and video recording.

      Key Features

      • Mini, lightweight, simple, and durable body for clipping on shirts
      • Noise suppression inbuilt chip and helpful windshields for pure sound
      • Battery status showed by 4-level indicators for real-time monitor
      • Packed with a fast-charging case for powering up one transmitter 5 times


      • Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
      • Wireless Connection Range: ≥10m
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
      • SNR: ≥75dB
      • Latency: ≤20ms
      • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
      • Working Time: 15 hours (TX)
      • Charging Time: 1.5 hours (TX)
      • Dimensions: TX of 42.3x32.5mm, RX of 36x13mm, Charging case of 106x65x33.5mm
      YouTubers use USB-C wireless clip on microphone for creative video shooting and daily vlogs with their Android phones or iPhone 15.

        Buying advice: What factors to consider when buying a USB-C mic for video recording?

        All things considered, type, noise reduction feature, sensitivity, and polar pattern must be carefully taken into account while selecting the appropriate USB-C microphone for Android. You can record incredible audio with the correct one, taking your video creation to the next level.

        1. Microphone type: Choose the ideal kind depending on your shooting need

        The three products described above are all mini clip-on types, but, when choosing, you can also consider another kind, such as the wireless USB desktop type, handheld type, or shotgun mic with Type-C plug. It’s all up to your needs. But why we recommend the Lavalier mic is that using a lav allows you to position it more comfortably about the source of the sound. Their advantage is to provide flexible movement in long-range while the disadvantage is unstable wireless connection might happen.

        2. Noise reduction: Select a USB-C wireless microphone with clean and natural video audio

        You must capture clean, continuous sound if you want to keep your audience interested. Noise may be detected by your phone's built-in mic from behind, side, and in front of it. This may be mitigated by using a Type C mic with a noise suppression chip, which can cut down on distracting background noise. Considering the possibility of capturing undesired noises when recording, an external microphone is essential to enhance your audio quality.

        3. Sensitivity: Look for a highly sensitive mic for videos to enhance the transmission signal

        How quiet a sound a USB C wireless microphone can pick up depends on its sensitivity. Therefore, to get a decent output, the one with lower sensitivity will require more pre-amplification. As one might imagine in a studio, the lack of a preamp lowers the final audio quality. USB-C microphones for cellphones SYNCO P1T, Moman CP1X, and CP2 are all designed to feature high-sensitivity sound picking.

        4. Polar patterns: Decide the suitable sound pick-up ways of wireless Type-C mic

        The polar pattern, or how the microphone takes up sound in various directions, is a key factor to take into account. There are several polar patterns available, such as omnidirectional, cardioid, and others. Selecting the best polar pattern for your purposes is crucial since each one has distinct qualities that capture sound. Omni wireless mics like Moman CP2 ensure less wind noise. popping from plosive sounds, and featuring other pros.

        SYNCO P1T or P2T wireless USB-C mic is designed to be plug-and-play. You can start record quickly and no need for adapter, cable, Bluetooth connection.

        FAQs: What should video makers know about the Type C wireless microphone?

        Getting to know the audio device better can help video creators use it for better experience and recording effects. Here we will talk about the steps to use a wireless lapel mic, and list its applications.

        How to use wireless microphone with Type C for video production?

        If you buy the plug-and-play type like Moman CP1X, which does not need for adapter, extra app, or Bluetooth, then three steps are all that are required to start recording.

        Step 1 Press the power-on switch key of transmission for seconds. The Moman CP1X two transmitters and receiver will automatically pair.

        Step 2 Simply plug the wireless microphone Type C receiver into your mobile phone, tablet, camera, or camcorder with the corresponding audio input slot.

        Step 3 attach it to your shirt to enjoy your recording. Wireless lapel lavalier mics allow you to record audio and video while freeing up your hands for more pleasurable and relaxing shooting or live streaming.

        Moman CP2 is mini and lightweight, yet powerful to provide clean audio for interviews, video shooting, podcasting, etc.

        Four applications of using the mini USB-C mic

        The Moman best wireless microphones with Type-C connection enjoy various applications. Filmmakers and vloggers can use them to record videos, interviews, podcasts, and live stream.

        1. Video recording: Conpact Type-C microphones wireless featured are a favorite among YouTube vloggers and mobile video content makers due to their easy, fast audio capture and neat appearance when captured on camera.

        2. Interviewing: It can be cumbersome to bring many pieces of equipment and a mountain of cords to an interview. You may avoid these problems and concentrate more on the information you learned during the interview by using a straightforward USB-C wireless microphone that you can put into your Android phone, iPhone 15, and video cameras with Type-C audio input.

        3. Podcasting: When using podcasts to spread your thoughts and messages, you should focus more on the content than the recording equipment. Podcasters would find wireless phone mics with USB-C type ideal because they connect to your device directly.

        4. Live streaming: You need a quick and easy way to go live, whether you’re a live streamer on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom meetings, or a news reporter starts broadcasting. With plug-and-play wireless microphones, you can connect it to your Android phone and livestream in only a few minutes.


        (Some images are from SYNCO)

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