One of the greatest sensations in the world is being a cyclist. Using a bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercom to converse with other riders and listen to music can make your journey more delightful. Thus, you should read this if you haven't already made the decision to get a Bluetooth intercom.

  • What is a bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercom?
  • Types of Bluetooth communicators for cyclists
  • How to choose a bicycle Bluetooth communication for helmets?

    What is a bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercom?

    We can discuss this basic question in three aspects: definition, working principle, and benefits.

    Definition: What is it?

    It is a digital communication device to enables wireless communication between bicycle riders. In addition to having direct chat capabilities with several other cyclists or passengers, you can also connect it to your smartphone and make and receive calls, play music, and listen to GPS navigation directions.

    Working principle: How does a bicycle helmet intercom work?

    The most sophisticated bicycle helmet walkie-talkie establishes direct, smooth connections with other communicators by utilizing the same modern Bluetooth technologies. It sends a signal to a receiver on a different bike as the rider speaks into a microphone mounted on their helmet. Through earphones or a headset inside the helmet, the other rider can plainly hear from the companion.

    Benefits: what can bikers do with the communication device

    • Wireless communication with biker friends
    • Pick up crucial phone calls or make emergency calls
    • Play music via your smartphone or share music with friends
    • Listen to different FM stereo radios on the road
    • Utilize the GPS aviation function when get lost

      Types of Bluetooth communicators for cyclists

      There are mainly two kinds of helmet to helmet intercoms for bikes that a majority of bikers use: the inbuilt style in the smart helmet, and the universal external type you need to buy separately.

      Although there are differences in the specifics of each bike-to-bike communication system, they all function essentially in the same way.

      Inbuilt type: Smart bike helmets with communication system

      Smart bike helmets are those that are equipped with extra functions to add excitement to your cycling adventures. They often include features like Bluetooth units, indicators, lighting, speakers, and heart rate and speed tracking. Most essential, the greatest smart bike helmet will never drop safety requirements, just like any other helmet, because you can't let a fancy helmet make you compromise your safety.

      External type: Bluetooth bike intercom self-installed on the helmet

      Buying an Bluetooth intercom for bikers and protection helmet separately ensures flexible choices of different communication systems. You can more easily change to a new intercom with new features on the same helmet, or to a device adapted to different friends and groups. With this configuration, you may enjoy comfort and ease with the benefit of the extended range.

      How to choose a bicycle Bluetooth communication for helmets?

      Since helmet intercom systems come with kinds of capabilities, there are a few more things to think about before buying a communicator for cycling. We conclude the most important four considerations while selecting the best one.

      1. Sound quality is the key to getting clear communications with fellow bikers

      When choosing a new bicyclist 2 way Bluetooth communication, be sure to check for its particular features:

      • Audio transmission quality and gain control
      • Wind noise and engine sound suppression
      • Smart inbuilt chips of DSP(Digital Signal Processing) and CVC(Clear Voice Capture)

      Make sure the Bluetooth bicycle intercom you wish to purchase has good reviews for both voice and music quality before making your purchase. There are various noise sources on the road, and you may use the device for long-range conversation, phone calls, music streaming, and FM radio. Therefore, pay attention to the sound quality when choosing.

      2. Bluetooth version is the basic of wireless transmission

      The majority of bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms can link to other devices via wireless communication thanks to Bluetooth technology. This includes cell phones, so you can read your GPS directions aloud and take phone calls over the intercom system while riding. Bluetooth technology has now been developed to 5.0+. The more advanced version proof transmission speed is fast and stable. The same version of the wireless intercom and headset may be able to connect to each other.

      3. Operation method is an important factor in deciding the convenience of Bluetooth intercom for bikers

      Traditional communication devices adapt buttons or knobs to control, and the advanced modern types are becoming voice-activated as the technology developed. Moman H1, H2 Pro, and H3 wireless communicators for bikers all feature voice assistance for safe and secure riding. You don’t have to move your hands from the bar, just say “Alexa”, ” Google”, or “Siri” to wake up the AI on your smartphone for operation.

      4. Transmission range is an essential competence of a bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercom

      Cyclists will want greater range if you are riding with fellow bikers, or cycling with a group or club. If you want to make conversation with your pillion passenger, the range is less significant. Generally, a 500-meter connection range should be plenty if you are riding in small groups on the road. Here is the table of transmission distance of Moman H-Series helmet Bluetooth intercoms.


      Moman H1

      Moman H2

      Moman H3

      Moman H2 Pro

      Max. Transmission Range






      Objects can reduce the range of cycling helmet Bluetooth communication, which is one of its issues. Bikers should also consider the signal strength and anti-interference ability of the intercom.

      Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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