Whether you're recording for a work project or a personal project, the digital video camera battery is a need for every videography production. Your camcorders wouldn't function without them, therefore you must make informed investments. To ensure that your gadgets perform to their full potential, we recommend three high-quality power sources at Moman PhotoGears Store.
  • Three digital video camera battery top picks at Moman PhotoGears
  • Four reasons to buy Moman 99Wh video battery with V-mounts
  • Three applications for videographers to use the digital camcorder battery
Moman Power Series digital video camera batteries Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S are all 99Wh-capacity lithium-ion power supplies.

    Three digital video camera battery top picks at Moman PhotoGears

    The quality of Moman batteries for digital camera is well-known, and the Power Series of Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S are no exception. Reliability of power supply is critical in the fast-paced world of cinema external power, where every second counts. Here we introduce these three top picks for you.

    Spec. Table of Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, 99S digital video camera batteries


    Power 99

    Power 99 Pro

    Power 99S

    Price (USD)



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    Output Ports

    5 Ports: Dual D-taps, USB-C, USB-A, BP

    4 Ports: D-tap, USB-C, USB-A, BP

    4 Ports: D-tap, USB-C, USB-A, BP

    Battery Status Display

    Five-level Indicator lights

    OLED Screen

    OLED Screen









    Moman Power 99 lithium ion battery for digital camera at US$149

    Moman Power 99 BMPCC battery with v-mount is small, reliable, and easy to mount and use.
    • 99Wh capacity allowed to carry on flights

    The rules governing lithium-ion batteries differ throughout airlines. But in the US and lots of countries, spare video camera battery under 100Wh is allowed to be carried on the plane. That means you can take Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S 99Wh external batteries on flights. However, Always inquire about particular guidelines and limitations from your airline.

    • Grade A inbuilt cells

    Moman Power 99 v-mount li-ion battery is built with 18650 Grade A cells for stable and powerful charging. Whether you're using your BMPCC or camcorders to film on location or take breathtaking aerial photos, it offers the dependable power you need to realize your artistic vision.

    • Five various charging ports

    Filmmakers will find Moman Power 99 to be a flexible option because it has five charging ports on the surface for many power sources, which include dual D-taps, USB Type-C, USB-A, and the BP output. Its diverse output interfaces enable it to charge digital cameras, LED video lights, monitors, and other devices.

    Moman Power 99 Pro digital video battery with display at US$169

    Moman Power 99 Pro has an OLED screen display for showing real-time battery status.
    • OLED screen display for monitor

    Compared to Power 99, the highlight characteristic of Moman Power 99 Pro is that it has an OLED screen. The display on the side of the surface shows real-time of battery status like voltage, current, and percentage of electricity remaining. It helps in visualized monitor and management.

    • Intelligent Battery Management System

    Moman Power 99 Pro is designed to have the BMS, which is short for Battery Management System. It represents a stable and safe core for preventing overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and other problems. Also, this rugged mini battery for digital video cameras is designed to withstand the rigors of on-location shooting.

    • Compatibility with various photography devices

    Moman Power 99 Pro provides reliable power and comes with a convenient D-Tap port, USB-A, and USB-C for multiple gears and accessories on the go. You can use it to charge high-end video cameras and studio lights, but also power up your mobiles like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    Moman Power 99S external power supply for filmmaking at US$169

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    Moman Power 99S digital camcorder battery has three input ports for quick charging, including BP, USB-C, and D-tap.
    • Mini body with powerful 190Watt output

    This mini but mighty Moman Power 99S battery pack for JVC digital video camera is perfect for lightweight camera setups since it provides remarkable power output in a small container. It has a palm-size dimension of 110*75*56mm and a light weight of 550g for easy daily carrying.

    • Three input ports for fast replenishment

    What amazes you is the PD fast charging of the Moman Power 99S video battery with v-lock. It only takes 1.5 hours to be full charged. And it has three input ports for quick replenishment, including the PD 45W USB-C input, and the conventional D-tap and BP ports.

    • Charging cycles of 3000 times

    Known for its reliability and robust build, Moman Power 99S provides a stunning 3000 times charging cycle for lasting uses. It is a powerful option worth buying for both professional videographers and amateurs since it can deliver consistent power to your equipment.

    Moman best digital camera battery can be utilized in outdoor filmmaking, TV drama producing, live streaming, and so on.

    Four reasons to buy Moman 99Wh video battery with V-mounts

    Why do we recommend Moman Power Series batteries? The three best cutting-edge power supplies for digital video cameras at Moman effortlessly combine the long-lasting lithium-ion technology's high energy density and extended runtime characteristics with the recognizable v-mount style. Here are four main buying reasons.

    1. Moman digital video camera batteries provide high capacity for continuous filmmaking

    Carrying one fully charged Moman external v-mount power source in your camera bag enables you to record or capture an extended event, lecture series, or entire presentation with minimum downtime. Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S have recharge cycles of 1000 to 3000 times, which means the digital video camera battery life can long served for vlogging, live streaming, and other shooting activities.

    2. They feature multiple ports for charging various devices and accessories

    Moman Power Series digital camera and camcorder batteries with v-mounts are designed to work particularly with devices made by kinds of manufacturers, such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, and so on. You can be sure that the one you select will suit your photography device exactly. Moman Power 99 has been upgraded recently to have five charging ports of two D-Taps, a BP, a USB-A, and a new-added USB-C interface. Power 99 Pro and 99S have one less D-tap slot.

    3. They have the aviation-friendly capacity for convenient carrying on airplane

    Video producers who are constantly on the run must comprehend the intricacies of flying with camera batteries and navigate air travel laws with their equipment. Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S all have the same 99 Wh capacity to meet all the US airline requirements, including size and capacity limitations, which greatly simplifies your travel experience. When carrying lithium-ion power sources of external or built-in types on flights, it's important to pay close attention to airline limitations and safety procedures.

    4. Moman Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Batteries have compact and durable constructions

    Filmmakers that prioritize mobility above power efficiency are often drawn to small power sources for digital camcorders. Moman v-mount camera batteries are perfect for handheld rigs and mobile filming settings because they strike a balance between size and capacity. They are all designed to be plam-size construction with sturdy materials

    You can install the compact Moman v-mount video battery on your photography setup, and use it to charge your cameras, monitors, LED light, and other devices.

    Three applications for videographers to use the digital camcorder battery

    When do you need these reliable power supplies? You may require them in many situations for outdoor filming, video recording, and live streaming.

    Filmmaking and TV drama shooting

    Professionals who operate in settings like television or film studios need a superior digital video camera battery that they can depend on at all times during the long days of production. High-load batteries like the v-mounts are the perfect solution for cinemas and TV drama production. They are clever, affordable, and reliable to meet the needs for hours and days of video camera operating.

    Daily vlogging for YouTube and Tiktok videos

    Not only does the cinematography industry have power requirements, but also a majority of people who love to record daily life need the mini DV digital video battery. With the growth of online video platforms, more and more people are trying to make videos and upload them to YouTube and TikTok. Whether you are in a position to share your life or aim to create a personal channel, you may need to use a strong battery for filming that can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

    On-the-go live streaming and broadcasting

    Live streaming is changing as a result of the best rechargeable batteries for digital cameras, which are revolutionizing how people power their gear by offering a portable, dependable, and long-lasting option. Live streamers can mount the mini external power supply on their lightweight setups for live shows and street interviews. Therefore, how people charge their equipment has been transformed. These power supplies have become essential to the broadcast process.

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