wireless microphone for live streaming enables speakers, presenters, and performers to move freely without being constrained by a limited cord. It is most frequently utilized in online broadcasting or live sound applications. There are situations where a wireless system is required, such as in theatrical plays when each actor may need to wear a covert microphone on their body. This blog will assist you in selecting the best one for your purpose and using it for better audio.
  • Four reasons why you need to buy a wireless microphone for live streaming
  • Four types of wireless microphones for different application scenes on live
  • Six factors to consider when purchasing the best wireless mic for live streaming
  • Four trouble-shooting to get good audio with a wireless mic during lives
SYNCO G1 wireless Lavalier microphone for live streaming is portable, durable, and easy to use.

    Four reasons why you need to buy a wireless microphone for live streaming

    Live streamers now use wireless mics as standard equipment because they allow speakers, interviewers, and performers to move freely about the stage and concentrate on their work. There are several reasons to use a wireless external microphone in your live broadcasting. 

    Flexible movement

    You always need to be aware of the cables while moving your cameras during a live-streaming event. Making sure you're still within range and that there aren't any objects blocking the signals is all that's required for a wireless setup.

    Hands-free operation

    To avoid distracting your audience, the best wireless Lavalier microphones for live performances are discrete to activate. Essentially, the collar-clip style frees up your hands. It is one of the most well-liked options among live broadcasters because of both.

    Portable size

    Most wireless mics for live streaming on smartphones are compact and lightweight, which is perfect for live broadcasters who want to minimize their awareness of the audio recording device. All they would have to do is attach the transmitters to their clothing to enhance the sound quality of their live broadcast. Speaking does not need you to sit down at a microphone stand. Being adaptable is a given.

    Comfort-using experience

    You don't need a boom stand when using the best wireless microphone for live streaming. It is rather heavy to carry these items during a live broadcast or recording. Here's where the wireless Lavalier type shines: it travels with the speakers, saving them from having to hold the ENG mic the whole live broadcast.

    Moman CP2 wireless mini microphone for Facebook Live is able to attach to iPhone or Android phones with Type-C interface. It produces clear sound for both lives and videos.

    Four types of wireless microphones for different application scenes on live

    We've created a tutorial to go over the fundamentals of the four main kinds of wireless microphones for lives and how to pick the best one for your scenes.

    Wireless lapel microphone for live streaming on phone

    This type is an excellent hands-free option for your presentation requirements. They are mini and may be mounted in a variety of ways, which makes them ideal for smartphone live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Furthermore, because they are so noticeable, the person wearing them frequently forgets it is there, which makes them feel much more at ease throughout their speech, presentation, or performance on live

    Wireless USB mic for computer live gaming

    These mics are simple plug-and-play devices that provide a direct USB connection to your computer. And the wireless mic for live streaming of USB desktop type offers more flexibility for PC game streaming. They are appropriate for novices and people on a tight budget, providing reliable and steady sound transmission.

    Wireless shotgun microphone for live broadcasting

    These extremely directional microphones are frequently utilized for on-location or outdoor live broadcasting and filming. They are excellent for eliminating background noise and recording sound coming from a particular direction. This kind of wireless microphone for live is widely used in professional TV broadcasting, presentations, speeches, and so on.

    Wireless handheld microphones for live interviewing

    A classic wireless handheld microphone is a great option if you don't need to use both hands very often. Because of their large diaphragm, it provides the highest audio quality available. Given their great versatility, durability, and dependability, it comes as no surprise that portable ones are a great choice for musicians and live performers, street interviewers, and any situation in which a wireless microphone needs to be passed around.

    Moman CP2 wireless clip-on mic for live streamers can works with a variety of applications, such as TV broadcasting, interviewing, and so on.

    Six factors to consider when purchasing the best wireless mic for live streaming

    There are a few things you should take into consideration before buying a wireless live mic, such as the budget, microphone polar pattern, transmission distance, frequency range, and some additional features.

    Your budget

    Selecting a wireless microphone for Facebook Live ultimately boils down to financial considerations. It is advisable to go with a budget option if you only need to livestream one event. However, if you plan to be a pro live streamer, you need a trustworthy wireless mic that lets viewers hear everything in real-time.

    Microphone polar pattern

    The three most prevalent polar patterns are bidirectional, omnidirectional, and Cardioid. You can choose the most suitable one based on their characteristics.

    • Cardioid cordless mics for live events are a fantastic option for podcasters or solo performers since they reject sound from the back and only pick up sound from the front and sides. 
    • Omnidirectional wireless mics for live streams pick up sound from all directions. The 360-degree sound capturing is ideal for group living and recording.
    • Bidirectional wireless live mics are an excellent option for interviews or duets because they can capture sound from the front and back while rejecting sound from the sides.

    Wireless transmission range

    The wireless transmission has a range that varies from 10 meters to 200 meters or more. For example, Moman CP2 only supports a transmission of about 20 meters while SYNCO P2L wireless mic for live streaming on iPhone has a long-distance connection of up to 200m/656ft in the LOS area. Although most content creators would be more than satisfied with ranges on the lower end, the distance you require will mainly rely on how you generate content. 

    Frequency range

    Signals between the transmitter and receiver of the wireless mic for live sound are often sent via a 2.4GHz frequency range, which is the way that mainly the Moman and SYNCO wireless mini microphones for lives. They feature a high-level capability of anti-inference for stable broadcasting, podcasting, and live interviewing. It is improbable that they will experience interference unless a large number of other devices in the vicinity of the microphone also broadcast at the same frequency.

    Extra features for better sound

    Certain wireless mini microphones have extra characteristics that might make living and recording more enjoyable. For instance, SYNCO P2S has an effective noise cancellation function for you to go live in a noisy environment, greatly cutting down on background noise. SYNCO P2L wireless microphone for iPhone Facebook Live comes equipped with volume controls or headphone connections that let you monitor your sound in real-time. And there are some types designed with pop filters or shock mounts to enhance audio clarity.

    Warranty and customer service

    Examine the warranty and customer service provided by the manufacturer. If your wireless live microphone has any problems, a solid guarantee may provide you peace of mind.

    SYNCO wireless shotgun microphone for Phone live streaming is designed to be mini and flexible. It can capture human sound in front of it directly and precisely.

    Four trouble-shooting to get good audio with a wireless mic during lives

    There might be some issues while using wireless mics in the live event. Since there isn't a cord between your transmitter and receiver, using them for the first time needs some instructions. Typical issues you may experience include:

    Why is there no sound from the wireless microphone during the livestream?

    Make sure your wireless microphone for Instagram Live is switched on and connected correctly if it isn't producing any sound. Verify whether the batteries are charged, and check whether the receiver is plugged into the live streaming device. You need to make sure the cable or adapter you're using fits your smartphone or camera.

    How to adjust when the wireless live mic has a low gain level?

    On one hand, you should ensure that the gain is properly adjusted and that the audio levels are not too low if the sound coming from your microphone is too low. Verify that the best wireless microphone for live performance is in the proper location and that no external noise is causing the audio levels to decrease. 

    On the other hand, live streamers should verify that the gain is not set very high, since this may result in clipping. Additionally, make sure the wireless mic is not too near to your lips, since this might produce a "popping" sound.

    You can keep an eye on the audio levels during your live-streaming events with an external app by just glancing at the meter located on the left side of the screen. 

    How to deal with the interference that affects the audio in live broadcasting?

    If you're having problems with interference, such as dropouts or static, consider relocating the receiver and microphone away from other electronics. This issue can occasionally be resolved by simply separating the transmitter and receiver farther apart. If none of those solutions work, try switching to a different channel if you can. Also, it is suggested to buy a wireless microphone for live streaming that features strong anti-interference.

    How to connect the transmitter and receiver of the wireless microphone for live?

    After attaching the receiver to your recording device, and clipping the transmitter to the speaker’s collar, you can turn them on and make them wirelessly connect. It is usually automatic, and you can do it manually as well. 

    Live streamers need to make sure they are linked if you're experiencing problems connecting your best wireless microphone for singing live. Confirm that no obstructions are blocking the signal and that the mic is within the receiver's range. This problem can occasionally be resolved by just reconnecting the audio jack or changing the cable.

    SYNCO P2L wireless external microphone for Instagram Live features plug-and-play, long-distance transmission, and 2.4GHz frequency range for stable audio capturing.


    In conclusion, choosing the appropriate wireless mic for your live sessions may significantly enhance the audio quality and raise the level of engagement for your viewers. Make sure it works with your smartphone or cameras, think about how long the battery will last for continuous streaming, and don't forget about comfort for extended broadcasts. When you purchase a wireless microphone for live streaming that meets your unique needs, you'll see an increase in viewer interaction and feedback.

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